Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back by Popular Demand

Allllmost 9 Months...
One of my Faves!! Deuce on the left, Jevin on the right.
Mmmm Hmmmm... Can you tell? "It is MISS Mia! Thank You!"
Jev-J.T.-Jevin "chubby bubbers" Thompson
Deuce Man!

So, my apologies! Been a long time! All is well though. The triplets are growing and getting out of control. Everyone is crawling. I thought I would love it, but turns out they are incredibly hard to keep up with. One is trying to climb the stairs, Mia is playing in the dog's water, one is stuck on the coffee table after pulling himself up and can't get down. Mommy runs to save all the babies, then one is banging my candles on the middle shelf of the entertainment center, one is whining to be picked up, and one pooped and needs a diaper change. Mommy to the rescue! Then one thinks they need to be held, Mia is steeling the other's toy that she had no interest in until someone else was playing with it. Then she realizes Mommy is holding a baby and she needs to be held, then the third one needs to be held. All is calm. One wants down, he or she is having a good ol' time, the next one notices all the fun the other is having and wants down. Next thing I know, Jevin is pulling things off the side of the fridge. Mia is playing with the fireplace poker, and Deuce is ripping pages our of my school book. Minutes later, someone is pulling things off the coffee table, changing my TV channel and there is more poop wafting across the room from another baby, or maybe it is the same baby...whew!! This all most likely happened in 30 minutes. Is it nap time yet?

Mia has been a little ahead of the boys for the last few months development wise...she started Crawling first, pulling herself up first, cruising around the table first. She is getting really close to walking in the next month (maybe 2). Deuce followed a week or so behind Mia, and Jevin a week or so behind Deuce. Jevin still struggles a tiny bit to get down after he has pulled himself up, but developmentally, they have caught up to their gestational age. Deuce, however, was the first to sit up, and the first to get teeth. Mia was last to sit up by herself and still has no teeth. At least the boys have something they can tease Mia about. It will be well deserved too...she steals their bottles and toys all the time. Everything in the house that is "baby" is Mia's. She will drink half of her bottle, wait for the boys to find interest in something else, then she will crawl around and finish off every one's bottle. Then she will go back and finish hers.

Our last doctor's appointment Stats:
Mia: 14lb 8oz (1%tile) 25 1/2 in
Deuce: 17lb 4oz (9%tile) 27 1/4 in
Jevin: 18lb 9oz (25%tile) 28in

Mia's head circ. was 23rd %tile, Deuce 50th %tile, and Jevin 69th %tile. Yikes! Dr. Reyes said this is good. Means they will have a growth spurt coming soon. (Please let them learn how to walk first!!). We will be required to move to big baby car seats before long. I don't know if you've lugged a 9 month old around in an infant car seat, but it can cause aches, pains, and fatigue! Then add two more to that!

Happy reading and enjoy the picks. Till fall... Joking...but it is quite possible I will go weeks and months before I post again, but in the near future, I will have plenty of time to blog given I will be a stay at home mom for (hopefully) a short period of time :)...I have recently been forced into the "actively seeking employment" club, along with the millions of other unfortunate, out of work Americans. Lovely!

Can Somebody invent me a gate that will fix this mess!!! (They travel in packs!) Tried the "normal gate". My fix...hand cuff them to the coffee table!

Oh Yeah...Keep the hair comments to yourself!!! The boys are going Lyle Lovett style! It will get better! You think this is bad...I'll post a pic of my sis Melly at 9 months!

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