Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We're Making Progress Every Day!

The Thompson Trio .........................................................Mia and Deuce. She loves him...

The boys. Swaddled together..Precious...............................Mia and Deuce. Shhhhhhh!

The babies Sleeping with the Dandle Dolls.........................Mia and Deuce. Ahhhhhhh

I am glad to say the kidos are making progress every day. Jevin gained 3 ounces yesterday. Seems like a lot when they were only gaining tenths of an ounce here and there. All of them are back to their birth weight or better which is unusual for one week of age. Most babies, from what the pediatrician says don't reach birth weight until around 2 weeks old. Mia has been holding her body temp. really good. They have all increased from 3 to 4 bottle feedings a day. If they do well at 4 a day for the next day or two then they will be increased to 6 a day. Once they can take all 8 feedings by bottle for 2-4 days then they will be able to come home. The doctor sounded as if one of them could be home in about a week. Simply amazing! It does change day to day though. Just 2 days ago the doctor felt it would be at least 2 weeks before anyone would be able to leave the hospital. If I had to pick, based upon what I have seen, I think Jevin might be the first one home, but that is just my educated guess. Deuce is the smallest so I don't expect him first. It's hard to say...I just can't wait until they are home with us.

They nurses are all surprised at how well they are doing. I am thankful of their health and development this far. I do have some remorse for those babies that are in the NICU who have been there months or who are so sick or tiny and on CPAPs or Nasal Cannula's, etc. When the nurses complement the progress of the trio I sometimes wish they would whisper. Here we are 34 weeks gestation, no oxygen, breathing on their own, gaining weight, doing well at nippling, and there are babies fighting for their lives...so sad at times...Hard to take the praise on occasion.

I have some pics from yesterday the 28th. When I arrived, a nurse had made name tags for the babies. In my emotional state, it almost made me cry. Then the cutest thing of all, they has swaddled the boys together. They were just so lovey! They tube fed for the 11am feeding so then Mia and Deuce were swaddled together so that I could hold all three of them comfortably while they were eating. Mia wasn't too happy at first. Deuce loved it. Once they both fell asleep it was beautiful. The Dandle dolls are little dolls the mom sleeps with so they have the mom's scent on them. The picture of the boys really shows how much they look alike. I know they are identical, but to me they didn't resemble each other as I would expect. The weight difference, to me, changes their features a bit.

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Day at a Time

Jevin Sleeping

Mia With Her Eyes Open

Deuce Sleeping

Deuce, Jevin & Daddy


Good morning all. I thought I would post a quick update. I am home now. I was discharged Saturday. That was a very difficult day! It was so hard leaving knowing my babies had to stay and some nurse would be holding and spending time with my babies that I wanted to be my time.

The babies, however, are doing good! Each day is an improvement. They will stay in the hospital until they are gaining weight and taking all their feedings by bottle. Right now they take 3-4 feedings a day by bottle and the rest are tube fed. Jevin is doing really well with the nipple feedings. Deuce has made improvements, but Mia just doesn't want to spend her time working at eating. She wants to look around and listen to you talk. She has inherited the nosey gene...

All of the babies are gaining weight, so one requirement of being released is being met. Now they just need to bottle feed. All babies lose weight in the first week or so and I am proud to announce that all of them are back to their birth weight as of yesterday. Mia did lose some weight yesterday but she was moved from the islet to the crib with her brothers Saturday and the nurses say that it is expected that she will lose some weight the first few days because she has to use her own energy to maintain her body heat.

They are all so beautiful! When we go to feed they are usually awake and the feeling of them looking at you as if they know you and love every word that comes out of your mouth is so awesome.

Here are a few pics. I will post updates as I get time. Headed to the hospital!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Few More Pics

Mia & Daddy ........................ Mia with her new hat

..............Mia..............................Deuce............................Jevin ...........

Mia ....................................Jevin & Deuce

Here are a few more pics for ya'll. I had to censor a few so their junk wasn't showing, but as you can see they were all screaming their faces off when they were first born.
They are all still doing very well. I will update everyone after we visit them today. Hopefully Mia is doing better with her body temp. Also the boys are not holding down their food as well as they were at a lower volume of feeding so they are getting their feedings over an hour period to help them digest better. Every 2 feedings they try to increase the amount they give them until they get them to the desired volume. Jevin is too funny. Yesterday he threw-up after his feeding and he was soooo mad...he cried for at least 10 minutes & at the top of his lungs at that. Deuce threw-up at almost the same time and could have cared less. He fell right back to sleep without a squeek.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


My 2 boys

Deuce Jay Thompson

Jevin Shamil Thompson

Mia Kay Thompson

The 3 of them 9/22/09

Well as most already know, The Thompson Trio has arrived. They were born Tuesday, September 22, 2009 @ 12:30 and 12:31. Mia first, then Deuce, both @ 12:30. Jevin arrived at 12:31. No amount of words can explain the experience. They all came out just screaming to the top of their lungs...Good news since they are all able to breath without any assistance. All of them are able to breath on their own. They are having some troubles sucking, swallowing, and breathing at the same time so they do have feeding tubes, but they are bottle fed each feeding for practice really. As of today the boys are in a crib together and Mia is in an incubator because she is having a hard time holding her body temperature. Other then that, they are very healthy and I can't ask for a better out come health wise.

Well, I am sure everyone is wondering what happened... I had my regular OB appointment on Tuesday morning and I felt fine that morning. I got up, took a shower, and got ready with no worries. Then I got to the doctors office waiting room and felt...weird. Not really like I was in labor, just odd. So, I go back and they hooked me up to the monitor and low and behold there were contractions on that thing! Then the doctor comes back to check me and I am dilated to a 3...maybe a 4! Off to labor and delivery I go. This all happened in a matter of 3 1/2 hours and I had 3 really cool babies.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Miss Mia's Room

I decided since the boys got their own post, Mia deserved to have her own. Her room is as finished as it can get until she arrives. Cute, cute, cute. Also, thanks to CeCe for all her help!!

Might as well call it 34 Weeks

Well a week and 3 doctor's appointments later, I guess I will post something. Who would have guessed, but word on the street is that I will be delivering at 36 weeks unless by some total freak accident, the triplets decide they would like to come before then. I had high risk appointment last week (which if you ask me we can discontinue at this point because obviously this is not a high risk pregnancy) things were Great! Had OB appointment Wednesday...things were Great! Had high risk appointment today...things were Great! I sound disappointed huh? I am and I am not...First I just am so dang impatient. I never expected to make it this far, and I just want to meet my babies something terrible. However, I know that deep down, I really want to make 36 weeks too. It's hard to explain. I truly truly with all my heart, mind, soul, and crippled body, want the healthiest babies I can have. It does give me great excitement that I can and probably will be able to bypass the NICU if I make it to 36 weeks. We found out today, the babies all weigh approximately 4 to 4 1/2 pounds with the margin of error. GO BABIES!!! 2 more weeks and they should be about 5 pounds. Is that not a miracle? I can't imagine how I will feel physically. This last week has been bringing new and uncomfortable pains into the picture. The boys seem to always be laying on top of my lower two rib bones. I have noticed considerably more back pains. I am also realizing the incredible abilities of the human body...well, my human body in particular. Being 5'3" and pushing 170 lb. I have managed to deal with this really well.

So long story short, my delivery is scheduled for 10/6/09. I have no reason to think they will arrive before then the way things have went so far. Minimal contractions here and there, no dilating...I can't even get a 1 or 2 on the dilation scale...looks like they will be Libras.

I posted a pic of the 33 week belly...might as well call it the 34 week belly...I will be 34 weeks tomorrow. No close up though...I decided it is too yucky and someone might zoom in on my stretch marks...yuck!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

No girls allowed!

Here are some pics of the boys' room.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

32 Weeks and strong

Well, I have made it another week. Pretty amazing. All this time I have been told I just need to make it to 32 weeks so my expectations were that I would struggle to get 32 weeks in. It is kind of a bummer because 32 weeks is here and I don't have any babies, but I really want 34 weeks.

I had a doctor's appointment last Thursday and last Friday. All was well. No contractions, no dilating, etc. I had a doctor's appointment today and dito. I am happy that nothing has changed, but it is slightly frustrating that week by week there is nothing exciting to blog about. I can just log on every week and say for an update see week 27, or 28, or, 30. Or I guess I could explain how I am this close to itching my belly skin off...(driving me crazy!!!!) or how last night I could not go to sleep for nothing and I needed to cry about it, or how, I had a doctor's appointment at 11:15 and had to sit in the waiting room until 11:45 and I probably would have cried if I didn't have Marcus sitting next to me to explain that I didn't know why, but I wanted to cry for waiting so long, but I was able to laugh it off. I don't know if I am getting close to the end and my hormones and emotions are changing or what, but how ridiculous!

We have the boys' room finished. I will take some pics tomorrow and get them posted. I did post a belly pic of 32 weeks. The other pic is me at the doctor today hooked to the monitors. There is one for each babies heart beat, and one to monitor contractions. Look at all the wires. I told the nurse by the time she got done hooking me up, I was going to feel like a science project.
Oh yeah! I got the results back from the fetal fiber something test that is supposed to predict if I will deliver in the next 2 weeks. It was negative!!!! The doctor told me today the results are more accurate when they are negative in a multiple pregnancy. So I have a 90% chance that I will not deliver in the next 2 weeks. Well, acually 2 weeks from last Thursday 9/3/09. Good news right!

Till later.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

31 Weeks!!...(and 3 days)

Oh my gosh ya'll! We have made it to 31 weeks with no complications! I think I have 2 or 3 more weeks in me. 35 weeks would be awesome but 4 weeks sounds like such a long time. I am not sure I can handle 4 more weeks. I would do it for the kiddos though. Whatever it takes to give them the best possible chances of being completely healthy. Well nearly whatever it takes...I am sure I could be more confined to the couch then what I have been. However, let me clarify, I have done pretty pretty good sitting on my butt for the most part. It is hard to be strong willed enough to follow doctors instructions 100%. Especially because I want so badly to help Marcus manage our life, our home, etc.

I also heard from the doctor's office Monday about the test that the doctor did Thursday. Turns out the lab was not able to run the test, and the test was time sensitive so they could not run the test Monday because too much time had passed. I will see a different doctor this week just to meet the other doctors at my doctor's office in case my OB is not on call when I deliver. Then next week I will see Dr. Silver again and her nurse said she will rerun the test next week...However, if you think about it, next week I will be close to 34 weeks when I go in for my appointment. I am pretty sure I will be delivering within 2 weeks from next Thursday.

Our furniture finally finally FINALLY got here. After a month...We were originally told we would be receiving our furniture July 16th, if not no later then July 29. Our furniture arrived August 29th. The furniture store did deliver and set up the cribs for us so that was one less thing that Marcus needed to plan for. The furniture is beautiful! I love it. It kind of finalizes this whole adventure in some odd way. I can't keep myself out of their rooms. Just to imagine little babies in their cribs. Our 2 other bedrooms finally feel like our kids rooms. I will post pictures soon...once everything is situated and the bedding is on (way cute by the way).

High risk and OB appointments Thursday. Talk to you later this week.
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