Friday, July 31, 2009

The Test

So I went in this morning at 8:30. I had to fast from midnight on. Nothing but water. Not too bad beens I go to bed pretty early. The hard part is not having my morning cup of coffee, but anyways, they drew blood...there is one poke (Well actually 2 pokes...lost the vein the first poke). I drank the nasty orange sugar drink. This time it was twice the strength as the drink from Monday. YUUUUUCKY!! Then I had to wait an hour, and they drew blood again...3 pokes. They look for a blood glucose level under 180 after the first hour. Then I had to sit and wait another hour. So I sat and stared at the walls, did some eaves dropping, and burped yummy orange sugar. 10:35 came around and time for poke 4. Not sure what the level should be after 2 hours, but back to staring at the walls for 1 more hour. My last poke was at 11:35, and I was finally able to leave...and eat!! I will not know the results from today's screening until Monday, but I am sure I will look like a heroin addict for the next week.

I told Marcus I thought I should be processing sugars pretty well considering my diet consists of one soda a day, coffee with cream and sugar, anything you can put maple syrup on, or any breakfast food that goes well with 2 tablespoons of sugar, a bowl of Ice cream at least once a day, yummy 7-11 Slurpees, and lots of cookies. Every meal needs a desert! I just can't help myself! Well we will see if my glucose screening was a fluke on Monday. Hopefully I passed today with flying colors. I think I might almost rather take insulin then give up chocolate ice cream!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

26 weeks...

So, I missed 25 weeks. Very sorry. But no worries, here I am in my too small T and my way too big boy shorts or as Hayden would call them, Markie pants. This has become my daily attire. Now that I am not able to work anymore, there is no need to spend any more $ on maternity clothing just to lay on my couch everyday. I will try to find something some what presentable to go to the doctor in as I still do have some self conscious tendencies.

So the first two weeks have not been too too bad so far. I do look forward to doctor's appointments since this is nearly the only time I get to leave my home. I keep trying to tell myself that I just have to make it 5-7 more weeks. This is all for the babies. This is all for the babies. This is all for the babies. Thankfully, I do still have permission for some limited mobility. I can go to the restroom and make myself a quick meal. So, at this point I am not completely confined.

My appointment on Monday was fine. I had the glucose screening, which I just found out earlier today that I failed. This screening is to test for gestational diabetes and what they look for are sugars under 140. I was 146...Seriously?! So I go in tomorrow morning for a 3 hour screening to retest my blood sugars. Nice!! Other than that, I had no contractions show on the monitor and it still doesn't appear I have dilated any.

The bad news for right now is I have began to develop stretch marks. Can you believe it? I was sooo disappointed. I have religiously put on the magic belly potion for 25 weeks and had not seen any sign of them. Then beginning maybe Saturday or so, my skin kept hurting off and on all day. So of course, trying to look and see if I could tell why it was hurting, I found them! The only way I can explain the pain is...You know how you have set on a leather (or pleather) seat and ripped your skin off of it after sitting there for a while. Ouch! So off and on throughout the day I have this aching tight belly skin...I knew weeks ago I didn't have much left to accommodate three little growing babies in there, but I was still being completely optimistic. I am sure once they arrive, all of the pain and marks they leave me with won't matter at all.

I will let ya'll know how it goes tomorrow. I am going to have her check for contractions again while I am in there. Yesterday I had some weird pains along my side

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok Momma!!

Ok momma. You wanted to see yet another profile pic of the babies. The sono of Mia is from the beginning of July because the appointment on 7/13/09, all I have is a shot of the spine. The sono's of Deuce and Jevin are from 7/13/09 and too cute. It appears that there are little tiny bubbles in front of their faces but these are their finger tips. You can count them, one, two, three, four, five little fingers. So anyways, you can check out the noses on the boys. Possibly mine...maybe won't be long before we will know.
Well, the appointment yesterday went well. Things look better. My cervix has lengthened a bit so that is good. The bad thing however, is that when you put pressure on my belly you could see the top of my cervix start to open. I am not sure whether I should be worried or not. Of course I know that I shouldn't worry and create undo stress on myself, but the doctor did mention she was worried about me last week. Like I mentioned earlier, Dr. Brown-Elliot was very composed last week, and it was a surprise to me to hear that she had mentioned the hospital to my OB. So, who's to say she isn't worried this week and just very professional. Never the less, it proves that I don't need to be on my feet more then I have to.
So, one weeks of bed rest down, hopefully about 8 more to go. (I can't believe I am saying that.) But truly, no matter the mental state I will be in from hardly leaving the house, and horrible day-time television, it is what is best if we want the healthiest babies possible. It's not about me at this point. It's all about the babies and giving them the best start at life we possibly can given the circumstances. I am hoping to keep myself in good spirits for the duration of the bed rest thing. When I had knee surgery, I did feel like I was going a little crazy looking at the same wine colored walls for over a week and nothing but bathroom privileges. I would get slightly emotional here and there...but so far so good. It hasn't been too bad. I have found ways to occupy my time. It has given me some time to reflect on the reality of the whole situation.
My next appointment is Monday. I will be doing the glucose screening to check for gestational diabetes. I think I am good there...We will find out. Well, that is all for now. I will have a 25 week pic for ya'll in a day or two.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

24 Weeks

So here it is. 24 weeks...whoa! It just doesn't look right does it? You will have to excuse my appearance, I am bed resting! Don't care to wear normal cloths or make-up at this point. Just be glad I have showered because that it getting uncomfortable too.
Well we had a tiny little itsy bitsy scare today. The OB called and wanted me to come in today. Well the OB's secretary called...she didn't know why the doctor wanted to see me. She said she was just told to call and see if I could show up today at 1 or 1:30. We could only assume that Dr. Brown-Elliot had forwarded the information to Dr. Silver from Monday's appointment. We arrived and Dr. Silver had heard the news about the incredibly shrinking cervix and bed rest, and she wanted to monitor for contractions and check if I had dilated. So, I was hooked to the monitors for about 45 minutes, and thankfully there were no contractions and I haven't dilated. Dr. Silver informed me that her and Dr. Brown-Elliot had discussed the steroid injections and I might be taking those as early as next week, but if we can hold off until week 28 and there are no more negative changes in the cervix, that will be better. Then, Dr. Silver said that the high risk doctor also mentioned possible hospital bed rest. I am not so sure that we need to go there... I told Marcus that Dr. Brown-Elliot was pretty composed, and never mentioned the hospital to us on Monday so it didn't seem so serious. I know it is a little bit of a concern since this is the first time anything abnormal has come up, and the doctors are just trying to stay a step ahead of the triplets, which is a reassuring, but just pray Tuesday, there are no more surprises. I now have both Dr's appointments on Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, I have officially been eliminated. Monday my perinatoligist put me on bed rest. I made it to 24 weeks and 2 days. As usual, the doctor checks my cervix. My cervix started out around 4.5 cm. Two weeks ago it measured 3.8 cm. Monday it measured 2.3 cm. In the last 4 weeks it has shrank over 2 cm. I asked the doctor what that means...she said "It means your cervix is not as long as it used to be." So to keep the pressure off of it, I have been ordered to bed rest... I could sense that it was coming. I told Marcus I didn't think they would put me out Monday, but I would be surprised if I made it past my next appointment and not have been placed on bed rest. I can definitely tell things are changing. I have been asked how I feel. Truth is, I am not sure how I am supposed to feel so I don't really know that I am feeling bad. This past weekend did wear on me a bit. I wasn't all that active and Sunday evening did not feel well at all. Such small amounts of activity really tire me now. I have 8 to 11 more weeks before we want the babies to be here, preferably 11, but I am a little apprehensive of what is to come.

Other than that, the babies are still doing good. Mia weighs 1lb 9oz, Deuce weighs 1lb 12oz, and Jevin weighs 1lb 10 oz. Their weight is very good. We were not told which percentile this is, but Dr. Brown-Elliot said this is very good. The heart rates were all in the 140's, also good.

I have to say, the babies are moving like crazy! Last night when Marcus and I went to bed, Mia was kicking up a storm. I told Marcus she was kicking and any minute she would wake the other two up. Sure enough, before we knew it, the other two were in there kicking. They seem to be pretty active at night. Maybe because I have to move around to get situated in bed, but I hope this doesn't prove to be there favorite time to be awake when they come. There are definite patters when they are awake and moving. Usually in the mornings around 8am, then 11ish, 2 ish, 6ish, and evenings around 9ish. Don't ask me why I have paid attention to this. I couldn't tell you. I usually do the same things everyday, drive to work, Glenda goes to lunch, time to go to the bank, my drive home, and bedtime, so I guess I have related it to when I am doing something else.

In addition to all the movement, I has been difficult to eat for a few weeks now. I can tell they are restricting the size of my stomach. After I eat, I feel at any moment, if I breath too deep, I might just throw up. Rather annoying, people have told me to eat smaller meals, but most times I can't help myself. Food is yummy!

Well stay tuned for the 24 week picture. I will get one posted in a day or two. I have an OB appointment Monday, and high risk appointment Tuesday.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


23 Weeks!!!!!!!!

My Neighbor Amber & Grandma Pat

Marcus' Mom & My Mom

Keisha & My Mom...Cheating!

Don't know ???? & The Cake! Cute!!

Ana--I think she won...
Ok so it has been nearly 2 weeks, if not 2 weeks, since I posted. So So Sorry! And honestly, I don't think I can remember what has happened in the last 2 weeks. I have had a few doctors appointments, baby showers, and just life as we know it now. My doctor's appointments have went well. I saw the high risk doctor on the first. The babies still are doing very well. The fluid on the boys was a little high again, but the doctor said better to be too high then too low. I did have a little episode. For a while the doctor has repeatedly asked me if I am feeling ok, do I feel dizzy, light headed, anything. Each time I replay, "No, I am fine." and watch my little babies on the screen. The only thing that had been uncomfortable was laying on my tale bone for so long. Keep in mind, most of my sono's are about an hour long or more. Well, on the last appointment, the doctor ran through all of the symptoms, and asked if I was warm or any of that. About 30 seconds later the back of my neck started to get warm and I almost fell out! It was so crazy! The doctor had to roll me to my side, and bring in a cold towel. After a few minutes, all was well, but I learned there is a blood vessel along you spine that returns blood to your heart. The combination of pressure on my belly and laying on my back cut off the circulation. A little scary! I will definitely have to pay more attention to how I am feeling and not try to be so "strong" from now on. I did think it odd about a month ago, the nurse said, "You haven't felt dizzy or light headed yet?" "YET?" I replied. I was certainly sure at that time that I would be the exception to the YET question. I was going to make it through all 7-8 months and never pass out! After all, my pregnancy has went so well so far and there haven't been any problems at all, so why would I have any reason to think that I would experience anything common?
I had another appointment on Monday the 6th. At this point I feel as though I am on some kind of maternity game show. Each week I make it through elimination, and move on to the next round. I was checked to see if I was dilating---Nope! I will mention, I would like to go back to the just peeing in a cup, weighing myself and letting the Dr. measure my belly appointments. They weren't so bad after all. So, anyways, I will go weekly to check if I am dilating, and the next appointment they will check for contractions. In 2 weeks I will be tested for gestational diabetes, and in 3 to 4 weeks I will take the steroid shots for the babies lungs. It is getting sooooooo close. I have 9-12 more weeks and we will meet our new little people!
Then, I had the baby showers....I can't believe these little people in my belly are taking over my house! Swings, bouncers, cloths everywhere, nursery bedding, bibs, onsies, socks, towels, diapers....oh my goodness! Like the Marcus and I still do pay the mortgage, and little by little we are being pushed into our one little room in the house, our bedroom. This is the only thing left that is still only ours. it is soooo crazy. After the baby shower, we got home, unloaded the cars, had a room full of baby paraphernalia and I had to stop and realize...I am having a baby! (x 3)...I still don't think of myself as a mom, but it is weird to think that I am about to give birth to these three little babies that will soon be using all this stuff that took us a week to put away, well move out of our living room anyways.

I do want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! I can't express how truly thankful I am. Everyone who has reached out and given us a gift of any sort, hand-me downs, gift cards, baby gear, etc. It is so so much appreciated! From everyone at Marcus' job, Erica, Jenny, Connie, Ernest, the Paris office, Tim, Michelle, Carrollton, Gaby, Isela, John & Tara, Luck & Nataya, Dad, Grandma M & P, Mom, Julie, and everyone that I will probably never have a chance to personally say thank you to. Thanks Ana and Dan Weaver for opening their home and hosting the shower. You guys are such great great awesome wonderful friends!!! To CeCe for doing so much work getting all the stuff ready, sending the invites, getting a special cake, and collaborationg with my family to make the day very special!! So enough of that, I don't wanna cry... Just thank you so much!
Enjoy the pics.
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