Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Deuce, The Thumb Sucker

So I have been collecting these cute little photos of my middle man Deuce. I swear he is psychotic about his thumb! He sucks it while drinking a bottle. He sucks his thumb through a burp cloth. If his thumb grazes his little mouth he sucks it. He sucks his brother's thumb (who by the way just can't figure it out for himself...). He would probably suck your thumb if you let him. I don't know what has gotten into him. Although I was a little weary of him being a thumb sucker, it is do dang cute! It is also a HUGE help in pacifying him. Some mornings I go in to get him from his crib 2 or 3 times, and by the time I get to his room he has put himself back to sleep. Crazy little Deuce man...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photo Shopped?

This is what I expected to get the whole session...Still cute though.

How 'bout them "enhancements"?

Well, we did family pictures this last week...Good news is the babies did fairly well...the photographer, not so well. We went to the photo studio at Super Walmart expecting to get some little photo package like we would get in grade school, you know like the 1-8x10, 4-5x7, and 196-wallets for $38. Really we didn't expect the session to be all that productive with three 4 1/2 month old's so we didn't plan to pay a lot. The longer I sit and analyze the experience, the more I go through the photos we did get, the more I sit and feel we were ripped off. Hmmmm. Yes...I said Super Walmart, and maybe my expectations were a little too high...but I have to say, not even worth $38. For the price we did pay we could have went somewhere much more professional, and with photogs willing to have a little more patients with getting a good shot. Then the effects...are you kidding me! After our photog in training, exceptional customer service, and professionalism, three other germ infested, bacteria carrying, unsupervised, and poorly disciplined animals show up hovering dangerously close to the triplets. Anyway. I have posted a few...judge for yourself.

Kids are doing well. Deuce seems to be getting well. We did have a Dr. Appointment scheduled for the 12th, but the Dr's office called and said to not worry about it. He would check Deuces's ears on Wednesday at our well baby check up. Plus we had like 6 feet of snow when we woke up Friday. He still has some wheezing and is doing 2 or so breathing treatments on a daily basis, but he appears to be improving. Thank goodness neither of the other 2 have come down with it as of yet. Sure don't want to have to keep refilling the nebulizer meds...I have no idea what our insurance is up to, but they have lost their minds...changing things up... Well enjoy the pics...till later.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poor Deuce!

So yes, similar to their pacifiers when they were 2 weeks old, the mask is about as big as his face.

See, you would never know the poor little guy whistled with every breath.

~~~Written 2/2/10~~~We had to take Deuce into the doctor yesterday. He has had a cough for a few days and started wheezing Saturday. Oddly enough you would never know he was sick if he didn't have the cough and wheezing. He has been a happy, smiley boy. Then Sunday when I was giving him a bath and getting him dressed, I found a red bump under his little baby armpit about the size of a pea. GREAT! So after a few hours of playing phone tag with Dr. Reyes' nurse, I finally texted Dr. Reyes and he responds saying he is concerned it might be RSV. So, I worry all day, and stew over the fact our insurance decided out little babies didn't need Synagis shots. Oh Lord! If little Deuce man has RSV!!!! But good news is his RSV test was negative. Turns out he has Bronchiolitis. :( So he was given a nebulizer and some meds. He was given a breathing treatment at the doctor's office and his wheezing was completely gone. He has to do the breathing treatment every 4 hours or so as needed for cough and wheezing. Surprisingly enough he doesn't too much mind the little mask, although he doesn't have the patients to really sit through the whole thing and began to squirm a bit at the end. We caught a picture of him holding his own mask...what a big boy...he doesn't know what he is doing, but Marcus taught him how to hold his pacifier in his mouth with his hands so I am sure that is what he relates it to. The bump under his arm appears to be a hemangionoma (probably spelled that WRONG!) and it will go away by 9 months. They will look at it again at our next appointment.

~~~Written 2/4/10~~~Well, we took Deuce in yesterday for a follow up to see how he was doing. His bronchiolitis has improve some, but we found out he know has an ear infection. Nice!!! Despite all his ailments, he is still a happy laid back little man. Not fussy what so ever. What a Tough little guy! So back to the doctor in 10 days to make sure the antibiotics have cured his ear infection. Then we have our well baby visit the 17th. Whew, a month full of doctor visits!
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