Friday, December 30, 2011

MVP's!!! (Most Valuable Pee'rs/Poopers)

Yes, forever ago!! However, I thought now would be as good as any...I have had many of from now to then's but have been busy busy busy, or tired, whatever you want to call it.  Anyways,


Okay, now that that is out of the way, Mommy is a Big Girl!

Day 1:

7:00 AM-Peepee charts ready!
7:10am-Sittin on the potty!????!? :[
7:26am-Mia pee pees on Mini Mouse (panties) and mini is crying….
7:50am both boys pee pee on potty = get 2 stickers each
7:55am-Mia pee pees on dora….gets no stickers....(Mommy is verrrrrrrrryyyyy SAD!)
8:02am-Deuce has tinkled on Mickey Mouse..
8:09am Deuce and Mia sit on potty=1 sticker…----time set for 10 minutes…why do I already feel this could be a VERY long day??

---1 hour, 3 accidents….. Yikes… Not tracking well for the day thus far… looking as though might have a 
total of 24 accidents today…. Thank goodness I have 86 pairs of underware…

8:24am-whiny crying pee session that didn’t last long…. Timer set for 10min (no pee)
8:35am-Potty time: no pee
8:50am- Potty time: mia refuses, no other pp's
9:10am-Potty time: no pee
9:40am-Potty time: no pee
9:50am- potty time: no pee--Mia pp's panties (Mommy again is VEERRRRRrrrryyYYY SaDDDDD!)
11:00am-easy-ups and NAP TIME!!!!!!!! (diapers don't seem so bad right about now...Thinking I can handle half grown poopoo diapers for at least another 6 months...)
12:40pm-YeaHhhhh.....we are up... Potty Time!!!!=no pee

Oh! Why Bother??!!!??!!! (use your imagination here :'(  )

3:30pm-Mia pp's her panties: "I sorry mommy" MIIIIiiiiiaaaaaa, did you pp your panties?!? Mia:'''' nodd'''
5:10pm-Deuce pp's his undies
5:25pm-Mia pp's her panties; JEVIN pp's in the potty
5:30pm-the boys PP in their underwear
6:00pm-Jevin pp's in the potty
6:10pm-Deuce & Jevin pp their undies6:12 Mia pp's in her panties; Deuce pp's in the pott 
7:00pm-Easy-ups and pj's, whew......................

Day 2....Going better!

Mia was up at 6:00 all alone.  Sat on the potty with no pp.  
6:20am-no pee
6:40am-no pee

----Okay, so now, I need to find a way to get Mia to Peeps on the potty....Not quite sure why the boys going PP isn't enough.  She is normally extremely competitive with them....

7:00am- Mini Mouse gets her own panties & She pp's on the potty!!! :)
7:40am-Mini Mouse pp's on the potty
7:57am-Mia PEEPEE's on the potty!!! (for a wind up Ladybug!)
8:10am-Jev sits on the potty---Deuce refuses, he would rather wear a diaper.  
8:30am-Mini Mouse peepee's on the potty. 
9:15am-Mia pp's on the potty while no one is watching (No pressure! Holy crap! She did it!)...she brings me the bowl out of the potty, "Mommy!  I PeePee on the potty!!!!!" Gets a special cucker (sucker). 
9:30am-no peepee
11:00-Deuce pp's (NAP TIME!!!=Easy-up & Cartoons)
1:15pm-everyone pp's!!!
2:00pm-everyone pp's!
..............................I think we are getting closer!!!!.

The rest of the day went very well.  Only 3 accidents accounted for. Mostly after 6pm...most of the day was spent commando for everyone.  I think this helped a bit. 

Day 3: 
6:00am- Mia sits on potty & asks for big girl panites (Mia want Mickey Mouse panties)
6:10am-Mini mouse pp'd on the potty!!
7:00am- Boys up: We got pp's in the potty! ( I must mention, Deuce has a dry Easy-up!!!!!)
7:20am (I want cruck!..."No, you have to go pp, then you can have the truck." The boys immediately strip and sit on the potty....2 pp's from the boys for a special toy!!! 
7:45am- (Mia want a mouse!..."No, you have to go pp if you want the mouse.")  Mia immediately strips and sits on the potty....1 pp from Mia for the wind up mouse!!

...and so on....

No accidents today so far.  Deuce keeps tinkling a tiny bit in his underwear today.  I am not going to call that a real accident...there were no puddles in random places on the floor, and I didn't step in anything with my socks on, but everyone else seems to comprehend the potty basics.  Jev did have poops in his Easy-up when we got back from Granny's Dr. today, but I wouldn't call that an accident either.  I can't say that I am total ready to wipe poopy butts from the toilet yet, and definitely can say, I am not excited about cleaning poopy potty chair cups either. I am just ecstatic they are pp'ing on the potty almost without being bribed. This is going much better than I expected, but I was very optimistic.

 I have been talking about this to everyone, so it has become more my mission not to fail, than it really is for them to PP.  Over the last few weeks as I have told everyone I am on a mission this week,  I may not have gotten the reaction I thought.  Most peoples faces were like "oooooKay...well good luck..."  I was really looking for the "Alright Mommy!!! You are such a big girl!! I know you can potty train three 2yr olds in a few days!  Big Girlllll!", here I am day 3 and we are working it out like stallions!!! I am about to make me a stinking sticker chart!

My one worry is poops in the potty yet. I am okay with this for a minute.  While I want to be completely potty trained by Sunday,  I know #2 is a bit more difficult.  I was reminiscing on the advice I gave my baby sister " Just make him hold it, eventually he will have to poo and go in the potty."  This however, is not sounding like good advice to me right now... Any suggestions?  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Everyone is self initiating peepee's as of today.  Deuce is still having pretty regular accidents.  Jevin and Mia's are few and far between.  Still no Poops, and I am still okay with this.  I am sure this will come.  First, by accident... Yeah!!!!  I am almost amazed when I look over and they are pulling down their pants to sit down, or Mia is sitting on the potty or brings you her pee so she can dump it in the potty.  I did bribe them profusely on the first 2 or 3 days, but they nearly never ask for the peepee toy or candy as much. As a matter of fact, I put all the peepee prizes in their toy box yesterday with only the Poopy prizes left.  Deuce comes to me saying where is my peepee car.  I told him in his toy box.  He goes and pulls all the peepee toys out of the box and request I place them back on the mantel.  Stickers are still fun to them and they ask nearly everytime.


And Just as I am posting this...Deuce poops in the potty!!!!!!

Stay tuned for some archives...I have a few drafts saved from the last several months.  
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