Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Paternity is Confirmed

Ok, so for, ummm, 10 months I have been looking for some small resemblance between myself and the triplets. Some little similarity that I can brag about or say is just like me. I have found NONE. No mole, no cute little mannerism, no laugh, no sound, no expression, Nothing. Then Marcus comes home one day claiming the boys ARE his boys. "They look just like me!" I'm thinking great! So they're still not my kids. I carried them for 7 months. I was out of breath every time I conquered the stairs from the living room to the bedroom. I am the one that couldn't sleep. They kicked me 16 out of 24 hours a day. I was the one with one hour sono's and pains in places we can't disclose. They look nothing like me. I so wanted a little clone...everything about him or her was just like me...and nothing...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just a lil' somethin'

The triplets are fast approaching the one year mark. This coming week they will be 10 months old. Can you believe it? I certainly can't. Just one year ago I was placed on bed rest. I was no-where close to the belly girth that I would be 2 months later. I spent most days laying on the couch, complaining about back pain, sneaking to do things that I was ordered not to do (dishes, sweeping, walking, etc) wishing daytime TV was more fulfilling, patiently awaiting the arrival of our baby furniture (and the babies to go in it), looking forward to my weekly outing to the doctor's office, and just counting down the weeks to vitality...seems like yesterday.

The Triplet Train.

So I suppose we should start thinking about a birthday party...I am convinced if we just don't have one the triplets will never turn a year old, right?


We had a doctor's appointment yesterday. All the babies are well. All three are healthy, developing well. We did have a bit of a concern about Mia's right foot. Once she started pulling herself up and cruising, we noticed her foot turns out a bit. We didn't want to worry about it too much since she wasn't really walking yet, but of course it is still something that we needed to have looked at. Dr. Reyes says there is a bit of curvature in her foot/ankle, but the muscle tone in both legs is equal or good, and the foot is flexible so most likely not CP. We just have to wait and watch to see how she does once she starts walking/running, and possibly there will be a need for braces.

My little angel....Yeah Right!!

Then I had been noticing Jevin bumping his head on the wall or the glass door over and over and over. My initial thought was "Ok! That is weird! What are you doing! Stop!" Why was he doing that? And he likes it... Weird! Then we are getting ready to leave yesterday and Deuce is bumping his head on the bathtub. Nice. Well, turns out it is nothing to worry about. Doc says it is soothing for them. Really? Okay. How about we just stick with the pacifier!

Deuce....hangin' out

Mia 15lb 7oz-----2%tile 26"------4%tile.......... Mia is tracking to be about 5'1" or 5'2"...little person! Poor things...non of them have any hope of being over 5'6" if you've ever met their parents...
Deuce 18lb 3oz-----9%tile 27.5"--14%tile
Jevin 19lb 8oz----24%tile 28.5"--45%tile

Ahh. This is sweet huh...they are sharing a blanky (Jevin isn't about to share his passy though)

By the way...Stay at home mom...HARDEST job in the entire world!!! We will leave it at that!

These are the things I deal with...Mia climbing on the bottom shelf of the changing table, Deuce rolling his walker up under Mia's high chair (don't ask...I don't know), and all three drinking from the dog bowl.... a day in my life...
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