Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our First Plane Ride

Packed and Ready To Go!

Sorry it has been so long!  We have been fairly busy.  We packed up and flew 1700 miles across country to NOT SO SUNNY California.  Yes, I said we FLEW, with three 14 month old children on a three and half hour plane ride to San Jose, CA.  I spent a week making lists of all the things to bring, 3 days setting out 12 days worth of clothes for 3 kids, matching bows for Mia, shoes, socks, toys, snacks, jackets, car seats, strollers, baby bath essentials, thermometer, butt cream, tooth brushes, DVD player, blankies, paci's, PJ's, just to name a few.... and amazingly enough, been here for 5 days, and it doesn't seem we forgot a thing!!!! Yeah!

We headed out Thursday morning and I will admit, I was terrified.  3 1/2 hours in a stuffy airplane with three 1 year olds...I just knew they would cry at least 2 1/2 of the 3 1/2 hours.  Nope! We were blessed to have had three super happy babies for the whole plane ride.  Mia did fuss for about the last 20 minutes, but I will pass it off on her ears popping.  Mine were killing me on the decent so I can only imagine how she must have felt and didn't really know how to relieve them.  Luckily we had the first flight out of Dallas and the plane was pretty empty so each adult got a whole row just to ourselves with one baby.  First, we would not have been able to sit together anyway, they would have staggered us due to lapping the baby and not having all three in one row, I am assuming due to the oxygen masks in the event of an emergency, but the airline was completely accommodating to us.

We did get the excessive stares at the airport, and here and there on the plane as we were loading, (I think I hit nearly every isle passenger in first class with my over-sized diaper bag), but I am happy to report it was nothing like the freak shows I have experienced at Walmart and such.  Not quite sure why, but I still feel so "judged" when I am in public with the three of them.  Although, that is getting better too.

Triplets at play with Trevor, the Ross' little boy
Mia hogging toys at Nana's

Anyways, thus far, it has been a good trip.  The babies have been able to meet their aunt and uncles and some dear friends.  We took them to our friends house we haven't seen in over 11 years, and the kids had the time of their life. Plus, we were greatly blessed to be able to take our 5th generation picture on Saturday.

(L-R) Marcus & Deuce, Great Great Gma Georgia, Nana Julie & Jevin, Great Granny Ginger & Mia

So lets talk about the time change....time is two hours behind our Texas time. The first day the kids were ready to go to bed at 5:30 California time, so you know what that means....yep! Up at 4:00 AM.  Lucky us!  Over the last few days they have adjusted to real time, but that means when we get back to Texas, they most likely won't want to go to bed until 9:30PM for a few days....first daylight savings time, then Mountain Time all in the same month....Lord help me! And the kids have been co-bedding.  They do really well! Every now and then we have been woken by Mia pounding on the bedroom door to get out, or Deuce (somehow) getting himself under the bed.  We have a twin air mattress that fits pretty snug between the bed and wall, but he still managed to get himself between it and the bed frame...who knows....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holy Hair!!!!!!!!!!

So I admitted a few weeks ago that I rarely brush the triplets hair, matter of fact, they had most likely not had their hair brushed in a year of their life.  I give them a bath, wash it, and when they get out I put a little baby oil in it and kinda fluff it with my fingers.  After this tiny comment, I decided I would start brushing the hair, but let me explain...this is an example of why I haven't...

So I have business in the front...and party in the back....I have no idea what to do with her hair.  I do two pony tails...not ponytail on top, nope, not cute!!  Baby oil and little bit of messy fingers on top...that works, but still so dry and frizzy in the back...ugh!

The boys on the other hand have such thin hair, so it's more like middle aged balding in front and a small get together in the back....mmmmhh!

The picture on the right depicts what brushing does to "I wanna be straight, but I am curly too" hair.

Now What????

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Triplet trivia...more like twin trivia

Can you tell me who is who?  I will post the answer next Thursday....have fun!
 We'll go with
Red: prize for winning...just for fun for my loyal blog readers...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Bye Pink Cast!!!

Mia got her cast off today.  Dr. Barry asks, "Is Mia afraid of the vacuum at home?"  Well she is but, after 2 weeks of the blow dryer every other day, she shouldn't be, but she was given her own little head muff thingy's to muffle the sound of the saw a bit...she did very well.  She fussed for just a moment and then seemed more interested in what was going on then the sound of the saw.  Yeah!!! No more cast.  Most things in multiple life seem to become a beating every now and again...then add 10 minutes of blow drying a cast to bath time...thank goodness she got it removed today!!  Dr. Barry said she has healed very well.  She actually had broken her Tibia and her Fibula but both fractures were right above her growth plate in her leg so she should have no long term effects.  She will walk slightly funny for a few weeks, just favoring that leg for a bit, but after about 3 weeks she should be back to normal...or what we would think is normal...Mia did fracture the same leg we have been concerned with previously...we will see how it all progresses, but as of now, Dr. Barry will not need to see Mia again, although we are welcome to take her back if we have concerns in the near future.  She's doing very well. Almost as if she never had the cast on in the first place!

Surprisingly enough, the cast was in pretty good shape, slightly dingy, but no scary stuff on the inside, like crushed fish crackers or rotten bananas!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lil' Bo Peep has Found Her Sheep!

Saturday we loaded up the truck and headed out to the pumpkin patch.  We spent a little time feeding the animals.  It was cute, but the kids would rather have ate the feed so they needed a bit of assistance.  Shoot, the pumpkin patch should have paid us...seems we were a bit more of an attraction then the goats and painted hay bales. Many oooo's and aaahh's and questions, and whispering...I am getting better with it though. We got a few good pictures here and there, but turns out the older they get the harder it is to get any good pictures of the three of them all together.  

Trick or Treating went well.  We stopped at our first house and each of the babies got a sucker and we really didn't need to go anywhere else, but we tugged on. They took to trying to eat the sucker, paper and all, and they could care less about anything that happened after that.  By the time we had made it around the block they had eaten the whole sucker, and every piece of candy in their buckets was sticky, as were they. It was a good time and created good memories. They were so cute!
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