Sunday, January 8, 2012

Caution!!! Freaks are looking!!!

While checking out my stats today, I found a few scary "keyword" searches that led to my blog."Bath naked", "naked little boys bath time", and "kiddy naked" I have deleted the pics of the kids bath time off of my blog.  Not sure where I will go from here but....Just a heads up.  If you blog, check your keyword might be surprised at what you find

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Past, present, and don't remind me about the future

****Previously written in August*** (Figured I should just continue since I haven't posted in 6 months and I have found a lot has changed over the months, and I surely will never remember all the milestones and exciting moments.)  
Okay...yesss.yess, yess, YES, it has been apologies!  I returned to work and have had a hard time finding time for the sad, because I have enjoyed sharing our "life" with everyone, and I know many have enjoyed reading...  so lets see... when was my last post? Like Aprilish or something?    We are about a month away from turning 2.... can you believe it?  I can't either!  I can't comment on activities during the week, but I can give a small break down on our weekends.  Most of them are filled with water... 

Past: As most know we live in Texas, and we are attempting to break the record for the most consecutive days in tipple digits.  Only fitting huh?  We have been frequenting the pool in our development for several weeks.  At first, none of the babies were trying to have it.  Our first trip was spent like I was a momma pig...all three were latched like I was going to drown them all (on a bad day maybe) but we swam for a bit.  Each visit has gotten better.  Mia is like a small fish now.  You can't contain her.  She insists on "yumping" and she does it like a pro. If I didn't work, we would be in swim lessons.  Jevin has leared to be a bit less fearful, but Deuce on the other hand...nervous finger twitching even in a floater with arm floaties.  Ugh.  No big deal....he will eventually learn to love it as the other two do.

Past: So we have also graduated to size 5 diapers.  Mia has moved to size 5 with a duct tape accessory. We finally decided maybe if we put the diaper on backwards that might work because she knows how to remove the duct tape as well...(suggestions????) She is so ready for the potty, but needs a bit more consistency than what I can give her on the weekends.   She tells you about "poopy" but not until after the fact, and doesn't want to entertain the potty for too long.  We have been encountering poopy diapers here and there for a few weeks with a naked baby in the middle of the room. Deuce and Jevin don't hesitate to tell you about the "naaATty" diaper laying in the middle of the floor, but our streaker stands there like it is natural...

Present: We have graduated to big girl/boy undies!  Pull-ups at night still, but the majority of the time the boys (mainly Jevy) wake dry.  Mia still struggling with poopoo, but I am confident we will get there.  As soon as she toots on the potty, she is ready to get up.  

Past: I have been trying to regift a baby for a week or so, but I haven't found any takers...all of  the sudden for the last week or two it as if they have reverted to 2 month olds where they refuse to sleep though the night.  About 3 am every morning there is a baby crying "Mommy/Granny/Daddy, I yu yooooooooooooo, I neeeeeeee yooooooooooooo....."  that is how I have translated it anyways... it could be something completely different though.  So we are going on about a week of NO sleep.  And come to find one wants a 2 year old that doesn't sleep though the night....kind of like trying to give a 2 year old dog away that still pees on the floor...hmmm go figure...Kidding, I will keep them, but if there is anyone that can volunteer there time to keep one for a few nights, I am game....You have to agree to keep the crying one...which actually means all three, cuz they rotate each night... I have never been an advocate for co-bedding, but it is becoming common in our home....after three nights of 3 hours of sleep anyways. ---------->Jump forward 4 months.  

Present: They are still not sleeping through the night.  Mia wakes at odd hours yelling for me or granny, because she refuses to pull her own blanket back on.  Mia started asking to be coved at bed time and still had a small "baby" blanket.  We figured the size of the blanket was why she couldn't cover herself and bought her a large adult size pink blanket, hoping her wild sleeping patters wouldn't uncover her....yeah, my first look at being the parent that doesn't know anything (thought this would come at about 13 years of age).  Now, the screaming in the middle of the night has turned from "I yu yooooooooo!!!!" to "Mommy!!!! Open ya dooooooooor!!! Granny!  Open ya dooooor! Mia wake!!!! OPEN YA DOOOOOOOOORRRRRR!" (knock, knock, knock....noooo actually it is BANG BANG BANG) "MY BANKETTTTT!!!"

Past: So...we are having a wonderful time communicating with each other.  They seem to finally understand me.  They probably most know what " HUSH or I am going to get my stick!" means.  They still don't comprehend..."Don't stand on my couch!" or "Don't play in the medicine drawer!"..."or remote". or "DVD player" or... means.  Technically they do but they choose to make a game out of it....AHHHHH.

Present: They never stop talking!  I have found myself many of times sitting back thinking, "Our house will never ever EVER be silent again." Ohhhhh the silence....luckily we do get a few hours of silence after 7:00pm.  Then oddly enough you miss the noise.  Mia is still a tiny bit more advance phonically than the boys are. Jevin is a step behind, but finding Deuce is slightly more advance than I think sometimes.  He is just not as much of a talker as the other 2.  I will assume for now this is because he is sneaky and loves gadgets.  They have moved through a period of, "NO, I not eat anymore. NO! I not go ni-ni anymore.  NO! I not ....(insert word)."  Still on occasion they feel strongly about something and they "not" something. I am not sure if I am justified in letting them make a decision, because it is good that they have an opinion, or if I am allowing them to feel they can control me.  Guess I will see how bad I am screwing them up when they are 18. Hate that I have to wait so long to figure this out. 

 Past: They know how to ask for ANYTHING they want..cookies, popcicles, TV, Mickey Mouse Clubhoudse, Hi (My baby can read), pretzles, eat, wa (water/pool), juice, niml (milk), ow yiiiiy (Outside), cuppy, ni-night, blanky, etc.

Present:  It has tured to very pronounced words.  What once was niml, wa, ow yiiy, etc is an actual word of the English vocabulary.  Love and hate this at the same time.  I do sometimes miss the baby that just did as I asked or ate what I gave them.  

Sorry!  No updated pics today.  They will come soon.  Don't have the patience to deal with the posting/editing today, sooo....

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