Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bath Time with the Trio

So, I suppose it's not too early to start on the bathtub blog, since it took me a week to get my summer fun blog posted...

I started giving the triplets a bath in the big people bathtub about three weeks ago.  I was scared, but Jevins legs were about 3 inches too long for the baby bathtub you hang over your kitchen sink. Plus, I don't know what it is about the warm water, but it was necessary since the boys thought they should pee on my clean dishes or counter, or back splash, every time they got a bath.  They used to be able to aim it in the little part on the end of the tub...then they decided it was time to practice peeing on the walls....

First, I thought it appropriate to show how I pimped out my bathtub.  We started with one slippy mat thing and a 5 foot shower hose extension.  Not good enough.  I found 3 babies can't fit on one 2 foot mat, and I can't possibly stretch a 5 foot hose on the end of the shower head across the bathtub far enough to rinse all three of them.  So, I purchased 2 more mats, and an extra 5 foot extension hose for the shower head.  We had to make 2 trips to Lowes to find a connector piece for the hose and wha-la!  A tub for triplets!

The first bath was exciting for them. (Mind you, I should have gotten naked just to give them a bath. I needed to change my clothes after the bath was over) They had lots of fun.  Take out the need for one of them to stand on the side of the tub, it went well.  It took me a week or so to pimp the tub, so initially they were not accustom to the 10 foot shower head.  Mia and Deuce, love it.  They, like the splashy kiddy pool mat thing, think they can catch the water coming from the shower head, but Jevin....bath time is OVVVVVERRRR once I turn that thing on. There is no more fun to be had once the shower head starts spitting water!  Just recently have I gotten him used to the water spraying from it.  I sing scrubba dubb dubb, three babies in the tub...they don't care, just give them a wash-rag and the bottle of baby wash...

I skipped the little baby bathtub ring things that support them.  They could already sit up pretty well by themselves so I figured as long as I didn't run more than 1/8 of water in the tub, there shouldn't be too much drowning danger.  Like everything else in life with triplets, there is a routine...I wash bellies, butts, and "junk" from right to left.  Then I go back and wash hair.  Turn on the shower head and spray them down like a small pack of puppies and bath time is done.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Triplets Beat the Heat

Well, as most know or have seen on the news, Texas is HOT! With 19 consecutive triple digit days. YUCK!

I finally decided somewhere around the 4th or 5th consecutive day that the kids were of age to break out this super cool gift we got. They love to be outside which really isn't possible without shade or water (or unless I sit inside, in the air, and bungee the babies to the tree), and I needed a cure for super fussy people after their afternoon nap (they can only eat so many puffs before you become a bad mommy).

It is awesome and they love it. It's not really a pool. It holds about an inch to two inches of water on the little mat. Around the sides it has several little fountains of water that the kiddos think they can catch, and they are very persistent in trying to do so. If you live in Texas, and a Kiddy pool it not really a safe activity unless you can assign an adult to each one, this is a blessing. I am just getting over my anxiety of giving baths in the big people bathtub, because I only have two arms. (Which I will be posting some pics of here in a few days)

P.S. This took me a week to post because blogger didn't want to upload my pics. :(

Monday, August 16, 2010

Calling out for help

This is a little girl that needs a small amount of help.  The little girl has a tumor on her pituitary gland.  She lives in Kansas, however, no doctor is willing to treat her in Kansas.  The family has found a doctor that is willing to give medical attention to the little girls medical condition, but the doctor is in Arizona.  The family is needing assistance to travel for the treatment in the near future.  Please, if you can, give what you can to assist.

Posted from the wesite http://www.giveforward.org/natalieguillen/

Natalie is 23 months old. She will turn 2 Sept.25. She has been diagnosed with a brain tumor on her pituitary gland. the pituitary gland controls your growth as a child & your hormones. It has also caused her to continuously have seizures. She is also having hormonal issues as well. she is 38inches tall and weighs 48lbs which is extremely too BIG for a 2yr. she is more like the size of a 5yr. Since she is growing so rapidly and the seizure are not completely controllable we are going to have this tumor removed. However, there is not a neurosurgeon in the state of Kansas that feels comfortable doing this procedure. Therefore we will be needing to travel to Phoenix, AZ where there are specialized neurosurgeons. So I'm trying to help raise money for medical expenses and travel. Thank you for your time and generosity.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A day in the life of.....multiples

Okay, so yes, I am on a roll this week!!! Making up for lost time you could say.


............9:30 am........................................10 am......................................12:30 pm.........

........2 pm.......................................................2:30 pm...................................or 2:30 pm..........

.........3:30 pm..............................................4:00 pm.............................4:05, 4:30, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30 pm

Over the past 10 months, one of the most famous statements I here is, "I don't know how you do it..." Well this is how. It's not as complicated as most would think. Don't get me wrong, we have trying times, but most days are simple and routine...every day is nearly exactly alike...Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday's are bath days (usually) Maybe Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, depending...We (they) wake up around 6ish am. They have a bottle,play for a moment (until someone ruins the fun), nap about 8AM, breakfast is between 9 and 9:30 am, play time for a while, nap time at 11ish. Lunch around 12-1pm, play time, nap time 2ish, fussy time 3-6:30, dinner at 7ish, and bedtime at 7:30. Rarely does it veer from this. Now, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is Granny's day, so I can't comment on the schedule there, but the rest of the days are almost to the "T", just as I described. In between all the eating and playing is bugging... hanging off of my computer desk, banging on the dishwasher/dryer, climbing stairs, pulling equipment off of the entertainment center, eating out of the fireplace, pulling stuff off of the end table, turning TV channels, etc. We do Your Baby Can Read twice a day in between there somewhere.

..................7:30 pm........................................................................................................

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All about Jev

I am finally posting the long awaited, way overdue All about Jevin blog. Jevin is the youngest of the three, by about 90 seconds...He is, however, my largest of the three. At birth he weighed 4lb 3oz. He is now nearly 20lbs.

Jevin is the baby that will always make you feel loved when Mia makes you feel like she can't stand you, and Deuce has no need for you. He is my cuddly chubby bubbers. He likes to be cuddled and definatly will cuddle you back. He seems to be my sensitive baby. He rarely fights back for a toy. Fighting back to him is never letting go in the first place...usually he will just cry when one of the other take it from him. He is my lazy baby. He will do things at his own pace. Last to stand up, last to sit by himself, most likely last to walk. It's almost as if he could care less. He is horribly addicted to his pacifier. If you see him it will probably be dangling from his mouth. If it's not his Wubba Nub, he most likely has found one that is floating around the house, and he has no preference, Mia's will suit him just fine. He is a blanky baby as well, usually only at nap time and bed time. Most likely this is only because Deuce is a blanky baby. He is my loud baby. We (Dad) have been trying to ween him a bit form his pacifier so that he only has it at sleepy time, and when he doesn't have it he is sooo loud! (The only genetic trait I gave him) HE cries loud, babbles loud, he's just plain loud!

So all for my Jevin, chubby bubbers, J.T., Jev...Love him and can't imagine life without him...

Monday, August 9, 2010

Triplets Top 10

The top 10 commercials according to the most recent poll of three 10 (almost 11) month olds****okay, the top 9, couldn't think of the 10th***
  • Stanley Steamer
  • J E L L O
  • Swiffer (Who's that Ladyyyyy)
  • Quiznos (Singing Cats)
  • JG Wentworth
  • Direct TV (That's just plain wrong)
  • Progressive ("I trained him myself")
  • Angle Soft Toilet Paper (too rough, too hard)
  • ABC Pest Control
My kids have become commercial junkies. No matter the time of day, what activity they are doing, eating, playing, half asleep, they will stop dead in their tracks and watch the commercial. Once it is over they return to exactly what they were doing before the commercial came on, except for the nap thing...I have to start all over. Never fails. First, I think...you have no money. Two, you have no need for most of the products in the advertisement. Three, you don't even know what it is they are advertising...Should it really interrupt your nap? Should you pay me absolutely no mind in the middle of a meal? Especially after you have been grunting at me, or hollering "muh" "muh" at me for the next bite, because you are too impatient for me to make it around to you again?
When are they going to need a carpet cleaner? If only they would/could Swiffer my floors...Quiznos, okay...it is food...but don't the cats gross you out? Jello, understandable. Why do you need an attorney? You don't pay the cable bill. They won't be driving for another 15 years. Lord only knows how long it will be before they wipe their own butt, and the only thing the exterminator would be good for is dirty diapers (can they treat that with a chemical?)
They also love the weather on the morning news. The seven day forecast...when it says bong~ bong~ bong~. They like the music to the Days of our Lives hour glass. They know the remote will change the TV. This morning I caught them watching the jewelry shopping channel. Then Mia turned it to the Soul Sounds XM channel and Micheal was on!!! Good choice! I sang "You are not Alone" to them... they had no interest, turned it to reggae. What a mess...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Since last time...kind of

Now this is what we call ambidextrous in the Thompson House (Deuce)

Whose dang baby is this? Not mine. There is no possible way my 10 month old should be climbing the side of the dishwasher!! Don't know why this surprises me. She has no fear.

It has been an eventful few weeks in the Thompson house with the triplets. I have been trying to remember all of the things that have happened that I want to tell everyone about…guess I should write it down or something. Or maybe blog more often…

So let’s see…We have been doing the My Baby Can Read videos. They have been on the starter video for a while. You are to show it to your baby 2x’s a day for a month and move to the next volume for a month, and so on. The starter video introduces about 10 words or so and then the next volume will review those words and introduce new words. I will have to say it does work. Mia can recognize Clap and Wave, now mouth. She attempts to say dog, baby, and tiger. Unfortunately they all sound just about the same. Dog sounds like dada most of the time. The boys…oh, where do I start? They have no attention span. Mia will watch the whole video from start to finish, very attentively. Deuce and Jevin…they interrupt the “class” all the time. I tried to split the boys up (which it appears we will most likely have to do when they start school, if we want Jevin to get an education that is.) and Jevin does much better. Usually after breakfast I line them up in their highchairs; Mia, Deuce, then Jevin . Deuce still can’t hold attention to the video for long., unless Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Eentsy Weentsy Spider comes on. He likes the colors section as well. Oh boy…

Mia has started to play with the push toys. She does very well. Deuce couldn’t keep his little feet up with the pace of it, then three days later he’s on it! Go boy! Jevinummm well he’s not ready yet I guess. Jevin can climb the stairs like a champ though. Previously it had just been to the first landing. Then last night we let him climb to the top. BIG no no for mommy and daddy. Today while I was trying to get the pool thingy set up, when I’m done, I find him in the middle of our bedroom floor…yeah Alllllll the way upstairs, by himself, because Mia and Deuce are sitting in the kitchen… down stairs. The pool thingy took no longer than 90 seconds. Lord, help me!

I was recently asked if I had any advice on teething…no, not really! Just baby Tylenol and Motrin, maybe teething tablets, a little Baby Orajel…but that was all just an experiment. What do I know! All my kids teethe at the same time. What I mean is I haven’t experienced teething prior to this because they are all the same age…not even sure if any of it worked. However, if I had any advice…I would say get the baby that grows all their teeth at one time. The bottom two were horrible!!! Talk about fussy babies!! Well now miraculously the boys have all four top teeth coming in at once! Now that is how a baby should teethe! Mia…still none, but it looks as though it could be any day.

What else…the boys, they say twins have some little telepathy or secret language. Mostly, I have thought this is just myth, but oddly enough they talk to each other. Jevin will spout off some crazy high pitched screechy babble thing, then Deuce can mimic it exactly. I first noticed it one morning when Deuce slept in (thank you Jesus :) ) and Jevin & Mia were in the play room. Deuce was lying in the middle of the living room floor drinking his first bottle and Jevin let out his “Deuce call”. Deuce interrupted his bottle momentarily to respond. Jevin again lets out his little noise…Deuce interrupted his bottle to respond…with the same little call…it’s like they are little crickets or something. So weird, so it will be interesting to see how this develops.

This is a pic of all of the things I pulled out of a baby's mouth in one day. Actually it was about 3 hours. You will see a Starburst wrapper (the boys split it. they are already learning to share, sweet huh?), a rubber tip to a door stop, a small plastic piece to the cap of a baby lotion bottle that one of the triplets knocked off of the coffee table on bath day a few days prior, and a large piece of dog food that Deuce was bold enough to steal from the dog bowl while our dog (big dog) was eating. Most of the things...I have no idea how they find them. The door stop, the dog food, okay, I will give it to ya...it is interesting and exciting, (and the dog food must taste good, because Deuce cried after I scooped it from his mouth with one finger.
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