Friday, December 30, 2011

MVP's!!! (Most Valuable Pee'rs/Poopers)

Yes, forever ago!! However, I thought now would be as good as any...I have had many of from now to then's but have been busy busy busy, or tired, whatever you want to call it.  Anyways,


Okay, now that that is out of the way, Mommy is a Big Girl!

Day 1:

7:00 AM-Peepee charts ready!
7:10am-Sittin on the potty!????!? :[
7:26am-Mia pee pees on Mini Mouse (panties) and mini is crying….
7:50am both boys pee pee on potty = get 2 stickers each
7:55am-Mia pee pees on dora….gets no stickers....(Mommy is verrrrrrrrryyyyy SAD!)
8:02am-Deuce has tinkled on Mickey Mouse..
8:09am Deuce and Mia sit on potty=1 sticker…----time set for 10 minutes…why do I already feel this could be a VERY long day??

---1 hour, 3 accidents….. Yikes… Not tracking well for the day thus far… looking as though might have a 
total of 24 accidents today…. Thank goodness I have 86 pairs of underware…

8:24am-whiny crying pee session that didn’t last long…. Timer set for 10min (no pee)
8:35am-Potty time: no pee
8:50am- Potty time: mia refuses, no other pp's
9:10am-Potty time: no pee
9:40am-Potty time: no pee
9:50am- potty time: no pee--Mia pp's panties (Mommy again is VEERRRRRrrrryyYYY SaDDDDD!)
11:00am-easy-ups and NAP TIME!!!!!!!! (diapers don't seem so bad right about now...Thinking I can handle half grown poopoo diapers for at least another 6 months...)
12:40pm-YeaHhhhh.....we are up... Potty Time!!!!=no pee

Oh! Why Bother??!!!??!!! (use your imagination here :'(  )

3:30pm-Mia pp's her panties: "I sorry mommy" MIIIIiiiiiaaaaaa, did you pp your panties?!? Mia:'''' nodd'''
5:10pm-Deuce pp's his undies
5:25pm-Mia pp's her panties; JEVIN pp's in the potty
5:30pm-the boys PP in their underwear
6:00pm-Jevin pp's in the potty
6:10pm-Deuce & Jevin pp their undies6:12 Mia pp's in her panties; Deuce pp's in the pott 
7:00pm-Easy-ups and pj's, whew......................

Day 2....Going better!

Mia was up at 6:00 all alone.  Sat on the potty with no pp.  
6:20am-no pee
6:40am-no pee

----Okay, so now, I need to find a way to get Mia to Peeps on the potty....Not quite sure why the boys going PP isn't enough.  She is normally extremely competitive with them....

7:00am- Mini Mouse gets her own panties & She pp's on the potty!!! :)
7:40am-Mini Mouse pp's on the potty
7:57am-Mia PEEPEE's on the potty!!! (for a wind up Ladybug!)
8:10am-Jev sits on the potty---Deuce refuses, he would rather wear a diaper.  
8:30am-Mini Mouse peepee's on the potty. 
9:15am-Mia pp's on the potty while no one is watching (No pressure! Holy crap! She did it!)...she brings me the bowl out of the potty, "Mommy!  I PeePee on the potty!!!!!" Gets a special cucker (sucker). 
9:30am-no peepee
11:00-Deuce pp's (NAP TIME!!!=Easy-up & Cartoons)
1:15pm-everyone pp's!!!
2:00pm-everyone pp's!
..............................I think we are getting closer!!!!.

The rest of the day went very well.  Only 3 accidents accounted for. Mostly after 6pm...most of the day was spent commando for everyone.  I think this helped a bit. 

Day 3: 
6:00am- Mia sits on potty & asks for big girl panites (Mia want Mickey Mouse panties)
6:10am-Mini mouse pp'd on the potty!!
7:00am- Boys up: We got pp's in the potty! ( I must mention, Deuce has a dry Easy-up!!!!!)
7:20am (I want cruck!..."No, you have to go pp, then you can have the truck." The boys immediately strip and sit on the potty....2 pp's from the boys for a special toy!!! 
7:45am- (Mia want a mouse!..."No, you have to go pp if you want the mouse.")  Mia immediately strips and sits on the potty....1 pp from Mia for the wind up mouse!!

...and so on....

No accidents today so far.  Deuce keeps tinkling a tiny bit in his underwear today.  I am not going to call that a real accident...there were no puddles in random places on the floor, and I didn't step in anything with my socks on, but everyone else seems to comprehend the potty basics.  Jev did have poops in his Easy-up when we got back from Granny's Dr. today, but I wouldn't call that an accident either.  I can't say that I am total ready to wipe poopy butts from the toilet yet, and definitely can say, I am not excited about cleaning poopy potty chair cups either. I am just ecstatic they are pp'ing on the potty almost without being bribed. This is going much better than I expected, but I was very optimistic.

 I have been talking about this to everyone, so it has become more my mission not to fail, than it really is for them to PP.  Over the last few weeks as I have told everyone I am on a mission this week,  I may not have gotten the reaction I thought.  Most peoples faces were like "oooooKay...well good luck..."  I was really looking for the "Alright Mommy!!! You are such a big girl!! I know you can potty train three 2yr olds in a few days!  Big Girlllll!", here I am day 3 and we are working it out like stallions!!! I am about to make me a stinking sticker chart!

My one worry is poops in the potty yet. I am okay with this for a minute.  While I want to be completely potty trained by Sunday,  I know #2 is a bit more difficult.  I was reminiscing on the advice I gave my baby sister " Just make him hold it, eventually he will have to poo and go in the potty."  This however, is not sounding like good advice to me right now... Any suggestions?  

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Everyone is self initiating peepee's as of today.  Deuce is still having pretty regular accidents.  Jevin and Mia's are few and far between.  Still no Poops, and I am still okay with this.  I am sure this will come.  First, by accident... Yeah!!!!  I am almost amazed when I look over and they are pulling down their pants to sit down, or Mia is sitting on the potty or brings you her pee so she can dump it in the potty.  I did bribe them profusely on the first 2 or 3 days, but they nearly never ask for the peepee toy or candy as much. As a matter of fact, I put all the peepee prizes in their toy box yesterday with only the Poopy prizes left.  Deuce comes to me saying where is my peepee car.  I told him in his toy box.  He goes and pulls all the peepee toys out of the box and request I place them back on the mantel.  Stickers are still fun to them and they ask nearly everytime.


And Just as I am posting this...Deuce poops in the potty!!!!!!

Stay tuned for some archives...I have a few drafts saved from the last several months.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

***Previously written 3/11/11, but never posted***Okay, I think I am back in the swing of things...I just wanted to share a few pictures in this blog. As I mentioned last time, weather has been pretty good for us here in Texas with the exception of a few days here and there. So, we have let the kids play outside quite a bit the last few weeks. Despite all the cool toys and balls and loud push toys that will now stay outside, the three of them seemed way more interested in digging sand out of the small hole in our sand bags that hold the patio umbrella down. This small obsession encouraged Daddy to go buy the kids a sand box...Yeah!!!! Turns out they love it, but now after a few days of sand in the shoes, sand in the socks, sand in pockets, sand in hair, sand under the fingernails, and sand ALL over the wood laminate floors (AHHHH), I am having thoughts about limiting the sand box. But, how can you deny them something they have so much fun with???



They love it outside. They continually ask "thide, thide" whenever they make eye contact with the patio door. I hesitate in the mornings to open the curtains on the sliding-glass door for fear I will have to deal with melt-downs and tantrums far before I am ready to each day.

Mia's tantrums are the worst...just yesterday she was begging me for her binky and when I tell her "No, not till nap time!" She proceeds to throw herself to her knees, rear back, then throw herself forward at as hard as she can....but juu0was a kitchen cabinet less than a foot away, so she bangs her forehead on the corner of the cabinet with full force...(Great!! That's gonna leave a mark!!!) Normally, I will just say "It's okay, your fine...that was just a little bonk." I knew better this time, so in trying to teach her that her fit gets her NOTHING, now I have to hold and hug the mess out of her, and SHE caused the boo boo all by herself. Undermining my authority! How will I ever teach them?? But of course, I loved, and hugged her, and rocked her, and kissed her, because it hurt Mommy just as bad.

Deuce with Vaseline smeared on every part of his body...This is what happens when you leave your children unattended for 6 minutes to put normal people clothing on.

***Written 3/30/11**** We recently made another trip to San Jose, CA. for a memorial services for the babies Great Grandpa (Poppy). Again, the triplets did wonderful on the plane both too and from California, and having learned from experience, this trip was much less of a beating with airport security. I returned home two days early for an interview and brought Jevin with me and left Mia and Deuce with Granny and Daddy. It was two fold...Jevin being so clingy and whiny, I thought it to be my best pick between the three of, so Jevin wouldn't be in Daddy's dog house for whining constantly, and two, because he is clingy to me, especially when he is out of his element. Also, Mia hardly knows what to do with herself when the boys are not around, so she was not a likely candidate for alone time with Mommy. I just have to was beautiful having one baby for 3 days. What a breeze!!! Jevin seemed to love it too. He was so well behaved, less whiny, less clingy, and didn't have to fight over toys. Initially, I thought he didn't miss the other two one bit, but once Mia and Deuce returned home he was soooo happy to see them. "He did miss them!"



So, after 9 months of being a stay at home mom, it looks like I am going back to work. And, I will say, I am really ready. I have enjoyed and am blessed to be able to have stayed home with the babies and watch them grow, and walk, and learn to start talking, and all kinds of stuff I may have regretted missing had I not been blessed by a layoff. However, as I have said many of times...stay at home mom was never my calling. Turns out things are working out just the way I would have wanted them to, becoming a parent, experiencing staying home with them, now going back to the job I previously had, just in the office I always wanted.

***Written 4/6/11**** Okay...yep pretty sure I am sorry I have become a sorry blogger :). Give me a break, I got triplets!!! Anyway...I am happy to report, I did go back to work and it is beautifully wonderful. I do find I miss the babies a bit, but it seems we will all get along much better then we had been most recently.

It seems over the last month or so they have been becoming more and more misbehaved than normal. Not that they are all that well behaved to begin with, so you can imagine...Yeaaaaaah. I envision terrible two's approaching. That is a little scary! Everything you tell one not to do, someone else immediately goes to do. "Don't touch that Jevin!" Mia has to go touch it!

They have recently developed a fascination for "running". They "run" everywhere. It is so cute. Mia recently has decided she wants to be grown. She is attempting to walk up the stair like grown people. She puts a leg on the stair, puts a second leg on the step, then stands up and does it all the way up the about a bit of anxiety! Then the last 4 days or so she thinks she can buckle her own car seat. The first day or two she started trying to buckle up she would bet upset when I wouldn't let her...of course she doesn't know how to yet...but she can buckle the shoulder piece (just today), just not the one that goes between the legs. She wants to be grown so bad. Miss Independent. Goodness!

We have been forced to break Jevin of his paci....I originally said, once the bear fell off of the paci (Wubba Nub) I would take it away. Well, it fell off...I super glued it back on (I felt he would be sooo sad). Then Jevin bit the tip off the paci...He would never take a brand new paci, so I found Mia's old paci and he took to it. After about two weeks, I show up to pick them up from Granny's...he bit the end off of the Kitty, I had already went against my word...if the bear falls off...if he bites it off (cuz the bear paci part was hanging on by a thread) I am done...still, I gave him another, but now...I just have to be done. He has bitten two of them off...he obviously doesn't want them that badly. Surprisingly enough, he has done well and he is very aware that HE broke it. He has asked for it a few times, but he will bring the binky to you and tell you "brooooket" "broooket". Yep! You broke it! He does ask for a binky at bedtime... we just tell him, " You don't have a binky broke it" He repeats, "Broket." "Yep, broke it..."

****Written 4/17/11*****
So as many of you can see, I have been trying to post a blog for quite sometime. Keep getting sidetracked!!! We finally went and had pictures taken last Saturday. After many weeks of unexpected events, then bumps, scratches, etc...we were going to make our appointment....finally! Well, if Mia had it her way, Saturday might not have happened. As I am getting ready, the kids were playing with my fingernail polishes. "No big deal", I tell Marcus. "They can't open it" Next thing I know, I look in the closet and Mia has applied hot pink nail polish all over her body as if it is lotion. AHHHHH! hurry hurry! Get it off! We are gonna be late for our pics!! So Daddy and I are frantically working to get the nail polish off of her. Took nearly a whole bottle of nail polish remover and the remainder of the acetone from under the cabinet. 2 days later the house still reeked of nail polish remover. If you look closely at the pictures, I am sure you can still see it under her fingernails. I am finally starting to accept the fact that NOTHING can ever just be easy when you are a M.O.M. (mom of multiples).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where is Waldo

Hello again. We are still alive. Sorry for the lengthy time between post (appears my blog should be about apologies instead of babies) but seems time gets away from me far too quickly. So much has happened since January, I will never remember all of it, but I will do my best...

The triplets are growing and turning into new people right before my eyes. I feels as though one day they had a vocabulary of 5 words, now they repeat nearly everything you say.
Mommy: Don't touch that NO MORE!
Baby: No mowha
Mommy: I said NO!
Baby: No No No No No (with the finger shaking)...they even go as far as to tell each other No No
Mommy: It's all gone
Baby: Ah gohn
Mommy: Ewww! You have stinky PooPoos!
Baby: eeenny PoePoe

and the list goes on...they can say cup, juice, get down, up, please, more, eat eat, cookie, cracker, bath, (not phonically correct, but I know what they mean) and things I am probably forgetting. By the way...we have to spell-out bath or we have a melt down, no three melt downs is more like it.
Mia Couture

"Smile for Mommyyyyy"

Mia has started making song requests:
Peee Pie (Eentsy Weensty Spider)
Row Row (Row row row your boat)
Piiih (Patty Cake) She claps when she says it so I know what Piiih means
E.I.E.I (Old McDonald Had a Farm)
Uhp a bah (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
and Mia can kinda sing her ABC's. It kinda goes "A, B, C, D, E, heh heh, heh, heh, heh, get the picture, but she knows K, P & Z.

They have become rather bossy, demanding little people. They know how to ask for what they want now. Mia and sometimes Jevin, go to the pantry door and scream, once we make eye contact they will say "Pees Pees Pees", asking for a snack or such. Mia can usually tell me what she wants. I pick fishies, she says "no". I pick Cheerios, she says "no". I pick Gummy worms, she says "AUUGH! AUUGHHH!" (not is more like a scream). So polite they are! When their cup is empty, they throw it at me. Well into my lap but still, and repeat" juice" over and over. If I don't immediately respond, they scream until I get to the kitchen. Then if I don't pour it and screw the lid back on fast enough they scream until I hand it too them. I repeatedly tell them,"My name is not AAAAAAAGGHHHHHHH! It is Mommy! You say Mommmmy, juice pleeeeease...Mommmmmy, banana pleeeease....Mommmmmy, not AAAAAAHHHHHHH", etc. Yeah...we're still working on that one.

They have all learned to climb on the furniture (quite dangerous!) but Jevin struggles still. Deuce and Mia will be up on the couch, and Jevin can't quite get his legs up there so he will find me, scream at me until I ask him, "What is the problem!!!??!", and he will say, "Up, up." Yeah, not one of those things I really want to teach him so I am letting him figure that one out. We are trying to teach them that they must sit on their butt on the couch, or they get down, and they do understand. I usually just have to say their name and they plop down. No less than 2 times a day do I find Mia sitting at the kitchen table, and she is the main one I would prefer not to climb anything more than 2 inches off of the floor...I have horrible fear of another broken limb.

Deuce has become rather possessive. Everything, either for babies or grown people, is "miiiine". And he will argue with you.

Mia is usually the first one up in the mornings, and normally I would leave them in bed until they truly start fussing when there is no one else to wake up but themselves. When they wake at the same time, I would get Mia from her crib and tell her, "Okay, lets go get the boys." Usually she would just walk to their room and push the door open. This morning, she says "Boys, Boys", and runs to their door and swings it open. Previously, I knew I could leave Mia in her crib with no fussing until she dropped her paci from her crib. Then she would fuss. Most recently, Jevin has been dropping his paci and blankly from his crib and fusses. Once I open the door to get him he tells me "Uh Oh". So after a week or so of this, now I go to get the boys from their cribs, Jevin is saying "Uh Oh" and Deuce swings his blankly out of his crib as fast as he can, like the only way to get out of bed is if you don't have your security element inside your crib. Good for a nice laugh :)!

The weather here in Texas has been wonderful the last two weeks or so, and we have spent lots of time outside in the back yard. They fuss to go outside now, and they constantly beg for "bubbos" (bubbles). They have such a blast outside, makes me giggle watching them.

Deuce is not having it!!!..............................................He prefers the "fun" fish!!

I took them to Jump Land with cousin Hayden and Aunt CeCe while Daddy was on a business trip last week and Mia and Jevin had the time of their life!! Deuce on the other hand preferred the rather expensive stationary rocking toy. So I spent 8$ for him to ride an orange fish...go figure. I would have pictured Jevin being scary before Deuce, but Mia was herself. No inhibitions and no fears.

Deuce............................................................................................... Jevin

We got the boys their first haircut Saturday. Talk about some anxiety!! I was terrified! What would by precious boys be without those curls!!! (Technically more like 4" curls). Marcus wanted to trim it way down, I wanted to trim it an 1/8 of an inch. I get to the salon, Avona asks what I wanted to do, I tell her "I don't know!!! I guess shave it down." She asks to a 1 so I need to see the size 1 guard. Have you seen the 1??? Holy cow it's close to bald!! So I ask to see the size 2. Okay...that one doesn't look so bad, so I go with a 1 on the sides and 2 on top. I nearly cried once the clippers came on. Holy crap!! I was afraid my babies wouldn't be cute anymore!! Needless to say, I had no time to cry...the boys did it for me. They were not happy!! First, I rarely take them out in public so there is extreme stranger danger. Second, they do not like the vacuum, blow dryer, and most likely not the clippers. Turned out to be rather cute though. They no longer look like babies to me. They look like toddlers! So, thank you hair cut for robbing me of my sweet little babies in less than 30 minutes!!! They are hansom now, no longer cute. Almost makes me want to shave Mia's head. I do have to tell you though...I was all confused yesterday...all of the sudden, I had a few moments of mistaken identity. Thank the Lord for birthmarks under the armpit!! I'm getting it together today though!! :)

Jevin ........................................................................................Deuce

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sticks & Stones.....& favorite toys!

Before Cast

Well, here we are for the second time in less than 4 months. Nothing like 2 broken bones before you baby turns 2 to make you feel like a good mommy! This one...right distal radius fracture! The triplets were gifted a cool slide for Christmas (age appropriate for those wondering). The first week or so we only allowed them to play with it when Mommy or Daddy played too, but as time has passed, Mia seemed to be able to play on it pretty well by herself. She would run laps around the boys. In the time it would take Deuce to climb the step side she would climb and slide down 3 times. She would slide feet first on her belly, head first on her belly, on her lil' butt. Whatever she wanted. She would get to the bottom, belly laugh and "run" around to the steps and do it all over again. problem! She has it down!!! Well....not so much. Took a small tumble off the step side, and the highest part is about a foot and a half from the ground...ugh.

So, Mia was at it the very next day...splinted and Mia goes...climbing the steps with her good hand and an elbow...really!!?! So needless to say...the favorite toy in the house has been turned upside down until she is/was casted. I am trying to come to the reality that I can't save her all the time. She is such an adrenaline junky already! Swinging from the table, climbing on kitchen chairs, climbing high chairs and hanging off upside down, stunt driving her tot bike and riding toys... Lord, what to do with her!!! She's only 16 months old (almost) for God's sake!

So off to Dr. Humeniuk, AGAIN! Mia received her second cast in less than 4 months. We could have left her in the splint, but decided to cast her since she is officially a danger to herself. Dr. Humeniuk mentioned a bone disease called osteogenisis imprefecta. It is a genetic disease that effects the proteins in the body. The true tail sign is a bluish color in the whites of the eye. He briefly checked Mia's eyes and said they appear to be white, but it is possible there are no apparent signs. If she does experience another fracture in the "near" future, it is something we should possibly check her for. We should pay attention to her teeth as well. Cavities/discoloring showing early in age (near future) could be a sign. Dr. Humeniuk did review the x-ray and said that he doesn't see any abnormalities in her bones that would suggest any bone disorders, but just to pay close attention going forward. Sometimes there are no symptoms with osteogenisis imperfecta (brittle bone disease). At this point we are not so concerned...just attentive. I did question if prematurity could have something to do with it. He advised us, "Not at this stage." Ha! He also said that sometimes E.R.'s overlook this disorder and will get CPS (child protective services) involved after repeated visits...let's not go there please, Please. PLEASE!!! We are very loving and attentive parents and are thankful every single day for our little blessings!!!!! Never Ever EVer, EVER!!! would either of us go there, nor would we allow anyone else to go there. I may have previously mentioned shaking a baby, but really!?!??? NEVER EVER EVER! Seriously, I, myself, could never live without any of them. I can't even recall my life prior to triplets. I panic when they over-sleep 20-30 minutes. I hurt when they hurt. I am sad when they are sad... as does any other mommy, and I would never want it any other way!

Guess 1 year pics will be on hold for another 3 weeks....Geez!

Monday, January 10, 2011

2011...going in with a bang!!!!

Deuce Man on our pretend New Years Day....never would keep it on on the real day

Jevin-so pleased with his New Years gear

Mia- On the real day...she wasn't sure about her tiara....the pretend New Years...loved it!

Well, it's a new year ya'll...turning out to feel like we are still in 2010! As my month of blogging progresses, you will be able to match some of my lovely experiences with those of last year...ha! We can start with me being a lazy blogger this last month or so, but as you also know, I fixed that so...patience people, patience.

As with any other little holiday, I did some themed pics of the triplets. Again, never getting a perfect pic that was just what I wanted for my blog, so then we faked New Years a few days later...still never got a perfect pic. The boys for some reason refuse to wear the little hat. Mia, on the other hand, likes it and wore hers around the house for a bit. The boys, however, also refuse to allow Mia to wear anything on HER head, so I had to rescue the paper tiaras before they were ruined, just in case I felt the urge to fake New Years day again. Then, I got to thinking, maybe the boys have a problem wearing a "tiara"....shoulda bought the hats!!! Oh well.
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