Monday, April 26, 2010

7 Months...........mmmhh.....

Jevin _______________________________Deuce, this is priceless... (he's rubbing his gums)

What a Big girl...she is determined to be independent!

So, the triplets are 7 months old now. I have been thinking a lot lately about how I will miss the baby soon. In the last few weeks, since my last post, we have had teething, Slobber, snot, fever, excessive #2, schooching by one, rocking that could be some baby yoga move for all I know by the other, and full blown crawling from the third. Then add to that, psychotic fits of da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da.......... I have briefly heard the da da here and there. For the first few days, the triplets refused to say it in my presence. I was convinced it was to prevent from hurting my feelings. It gives me comfort knowing they have no idea what the word means yet.

So, the rocking on all 4's started with Deuce. It turns out, Mia is our first crawler. It is so crazy! She is super tiny and it is almost funny looking to see her crawling. It is as if they are practicing these things when everyone else in the house goes to sleep. crawling...TODAY...crawling. From one day to the next they have learned a new skill! Deuce army crawls...Jevin just rocks back and forth. He can turn in circles, kinda pivot on his belly but he puts forth no more energy to move from his current location. Whatever he can reach in a 360 degree radius of his belly button is all he cares for. Mia on the other hand is EVERYWHERE!

We went through a few days of everyone trading low grade fevers and lots of fussing! A week later Deuce is our first little man with a tooth. Very cool huh! Mia and Jevin will be soon to follow. It is such craziness, but so cool.
The boys' hair is getting out of control if you couldn't tell from the pics. Actually, these pics do their hair justice. Bath's totally wild. Love their little curls!!! Mia is still borderline bald, grow already!!
Well stay plan is to do a Jevin blog here by the end of the week, I have a before and after blog I have been intending to do for months...everyone MUST check out Deuce's we will see how it works out...hopefully I will accomplish this by the middle of next week. Don't hold me to it though...I'm a busy woman!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

From Me To You:

Take a good look! This is a rare moment...Deuce actually sticking his fingers in someone elses mouth...Usually everyone's fingers go in his...

Jevin thinks it's funny too!! .......................................Deuce & Mia

Deuce & Mia again........................................................What do ya know? The princess smiles!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pandemics, milestones, and hypothetical gluttony...

Ok, so yes, a super long time since my last post! I have to tell you, just when I think my plate is full, I get stuck with a second serving! Not only do I have 6 month old triplets, I have a full time job, attend college (online), and I now have to become licensed to service real estate accounts, which consists of logging a minimum of 20 hours in an online course and passing a federal exam, if I want to keep my full time job that is. THEN, as if this isn't enough, my class in college is statistics. So, I was hopeful, just make it through statistics and my life will be easier...uh NO! Now I have statistics II. You have got to be kidding me!! All the while, there is a pandemic running ramped in the Thompson household! Yeah...I promise for everyone that enjoys reading this blog, I love doing the blog and really Really REALLY intend to keep up to date better...its just not working out that way right now. Be patient, I will get it together soon...maybe after Stats II.

I mentioned the pandemic. Literally, it is like a miniature pandemic. I started with Deuce a month or so ago. I thought we had made it through that one without Mia and Jevin contracting the heavy wheezing. And maybe we did, but about two weeks ago Jevin starts wheezing. Mia has a cough. Ok, no big deal...I can do this! Hook Jevin up with a few nebulizer treatments a few times a day or when needed. No temperatures, so we're still ok right? Right. Within a few days Mia and Jevin are waking up with dried snot on every stinking inch of their precious little faces. Wonderful! Runny noses and buggers to add to Jevin's wheezing & Mia's sad little cough. A few days later...a temperature!!!! My initial thought, "This better NOT be R.S.V. or I will be sending a chain of hate mail to my insurance company!" So off to Dr. Reyes'. Like Deuce, R.S.V. is negative, but surprise!! Jevin has bronchiolitis AND an ear infection with a virus that has R.S.V. like symptoms. Mia has the R.S.V. wanna be virus, but all else is well. So once again, off to the pharmacy for obscene amounts of medication. Brookshire’s should give us a customer loyalty card specifically for the pharmacy. So as if this isn't enough...the very next day Deuce has a flippin' runny nose. So now, we have breathing treatments every 3 hours for Jevin, amoxicillin twice a day, and the three of them taking Pediatex every 3 hours. Like seriously, I already have a hard enough time remembering when it is time for them to eat again, or if I had changed their pamper the last time I fed them. I visualized a vicious circle of illness for who know's how long.  I thought, "Watch us have to deal with this until they are 2..." please understand, I love doing the blog, I just can't always get to it as often as I would like.

Now on to the cool stuff! Yes, I did say 6 month old triplets. So right now, I am ok with saying 6th month old triplets, but I am having a little tiny bit of denial about saying 7 month old triplets...I am really ticked at father time right about now. He is stealing my babies from me! 6 months ok...7 months...I don't know. Just say it...say it out loud...there is a big difference between 6 and 7 months right!? Well, they are just doing so awesome developmentally. I am simply amazed every day. The boys are about 4 hours from sitting all by themselves. Both of them have been up on their knees and elbows rocking, so crawling is right around the corner. Mia, I caught her up on all 4's yesterday, and I got excited and scared her a tad so she belly flopped and I haven't seen her do it since. All of them do well holding their bottles. The boys need a little bit more practice to get it down. They mostly hold it with their knuckles instead of open handed. Mia and sitting? Yeah, probably not...we are convinced she will walk before she can sit. She would just rather stand up. She is also just becoming a different little baby. She does still think she is the boss of everyone, and if you don't do what she wants you to do, when she wants you to do it, she won't hesitate to let you know, but she has definitely calmed down quite a bit. She smiles more and likes it. She is more goo-goo-ga-ga'y. Whew!...She is a prefect example of why I hoped I wouldn't have 3 girls, but I wouldn't trade her for the world. They do awesome with tummy time and can entertain them selves for quite a while. They love their little (boring) toys. Jevin loves to hear himself "talk". It is cute for now, but I total picture myself telling him one day at 3 or 5 or something, "Just STOP talking, just be quite." He is also my best giggler to date. I love the baby giggle! Deuce giggles pretty well too, and Mia...not really a giggle, more like a scream. Can't wait to hear her little giggle... Deuce has found his feet, and with his obsesive thumb sucking has commenced to stretching the toe of his sock to his mouth while he sucks his thumb. 

So, I think that is most of what I can remember over the last month.  I will have pictures posted Sunday...good night! 
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