Thursday, March 11, 2010

Save the Babies!!!

Ok, so not about my babies at all really.  Just a quick post because I was looking at a friend of mine's blog and she had a little widget supporting March of Dimes, so I posted it here on my page. Super cool too!  Those are her babies on MY widget!! If you are not aware of what March of Dimes does for little tiny TINY babies, check out March of Dimes web site.  They are a great organization that works to ensure that parents like Brett and Heather can hug their little babies every single day.  They work to save the lives of preemie babies.  While Marcus and I are incredibly blessed, so many parents are not as lucky as we have been, and we quite easily could have experienced the many of heart aches many parents experience with giving birth before a baby can survive without the help of medical technology.  My company participates in raising money for March of Dimes every March through May, and it is something that my staff and I are get excited about.  So, outside of the company, help my friend Heather meet her goal!  While I don't have all  that many followers, anything you can give will be of great help.  Also, check out the Cox Quad's Blog.  Can you beleive she lives about 5 houses down from us??? DON'T MOVE TO OUR TOWN...or do it at your own risk, I don't care!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

"My name is Mia..."

I have been wanting to do this post for a month or so now, and since I go back to work tomorrow, I better do it today, or it might be another month. As I have been going through pics when I do post to the blog, Mia always has the funniest faces. I am posting a few of the pictures that make me smile inside and out.  Lately she has been doing this funny bodily function sound with her mouth and she can do it for a long time.  It is the funniest thing.  She can keep herself so occupied with just the noise she makes with her lips.  She will probably be our little cute tom-boy girl that makes fart sounds with her arm pits and has belching contests with all the little boys. She is wonderfully crazy. Love love love her! 

Can anyone figure out what is different about Miss Mia?

Friday, March 5, 2010

We are 5 months Old!!!

Well, it is nap time in the Thompson house, and I thought I would take advantage of the uninterrupted time to post a quick blog and a few pics. I should probably be doing homework, but ... well, just but... Can you believe the babies are almost 1/2 a year old!?!? I sure can't. Time is passing so quickly. It makes you sit and think about how they will be in high school before we know it.

Several new things, the babies started cereal and stage 1 foods. That was exciting. Mia the tiny diva eats like crazy! As soon as the spoon starts to get to her mouth, her little lips are already chomping away. Most of what is on the spoon ends up on her face. She will also let you know you are moving too slow. Jevin did well in the beginning. It took a few bites before he decided he would cooperate. Now he does pretty good. Deuce on the other hand...he would gag with every bite. He was not having it! I don't quite understand. I know pureed peaches are not the tastiest, but if you have tasted Enfamil...water even tastes better! So, after about a week Deuce started getting the hang of it. Still puts up a little fuss every now and again, but they are all munching down.

They are all rolling belly-to-back and back-to-belly. They are reaching, grabbing, and passing toys from hand to hand pretty well. Jevin can sit pretty steady while propping himself with his hands. It won't be long before he can do it all by himself. Mia has almost perfected holding her own bottle. She can pull it out and put it back, but she still will forget and drop it. The boys are getting there. Deuce more so than Jevin, but it will come.

Bedtime has become a breeze. For so long we would feed them around 7:30 or 8:00 PM then rock each one to sleep. One Sunday I told Marcus, "You know, as long as we keep doing this, we will keep doing this forever." So mid February we started putting them down after their bottle. A little drowsy, but not always. The first couple of nights, they had some trouble with it. Deuce not so much since he had found his thumb, and Jevin seemed to struggle with it the most, but after about 3 nights, very minimal fussing. Now days, no fussing. It is in the top 5 things that have happened over the last 12 months!
#1 Finding out we were having "A" baby.
#2 Having 3 babies (their arrival).
#3 Sleeping though the night.
#4 Going to sleepy-by all by themselves!

...and I could though making it to 34 weeks and 4 days with no complications in there somewhere, but it's a toss up between sleeping though the night.

Exactly 365 days ago, we had our first sono and found out we were having 3 little babies!! Crazy, Crazy, Crazy!!!
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