Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where is Waldo

Hello again. We are still alive. Sorry for the lengthy time between post (appears my blog should be about apologies instead of babies) but seems time gets away from me far too quickly. So much has happened since January, I will never remember all of it, but I will do my best...

The triplets are growing and turning into new people right before my eyes. I feels as though one day they had a vocabulary of 5 words, now they repeat nearly everything you say.
Mommy: Don't touch that NO MORE!
Baby: No mowha
Mommy: I said NO!
Baby: No No No No No (with the finger shaking)...they even go as far as to tell each other No No
Mommy: It's all gone
Baby: Ah gohn
Mommy: Ewww! You have stinky PooPoos!
Baby: eeenny PoePoe

and the list goes on...they can say cup, juice, get down, up, please, more, eat eat, cookie, cracker, bath, (not phonically correct, but I know what they mean) and things I am probably forgetting. By the way...we have to spell-out bath or we have a melt down, no three melt downs is more like it.
Mia Couture

"Smile for Mommyyyyy"

Mia has started making song requests:
Peee Pie (Eentsy Weensty Spider)
Row Row (Row row row your boat)
Piiih (Patty Cake) She claps when she says it so I know what Piiih means
E.I.E.I (Old McDonald Had a Farm)
Uhp a bah (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
and Mia can kinda sing her ABC's. It kinda goes "A, B, C, D, E, heh heh, heh, heh, heh, get the picture, but she knows K, P & Z.

They have become rather bossy, demanding little people. They know how to ask for what they want now. Mia and sometimes Jevin, go to the pantry door and scream, once we make eye contact they will say "Pees Pees Pees", asking for a snack or such. Mia can usually tell me what she wants. I pick fishies, she says "no". I pick Cheerios, she says "no". I pick Gummy worms, she says "AUUGH! AUUGHHH!" (not is more like a scream). So polite they are! When their cup is empty, they throw it at me. Well into my lap but still, and repeat" juice" over and over. If I don't immediately respond, they scream until I get to the kitchen. Then if I don't pour it and screw the lid back on fast enough they scream until I hand it too them. I repeatedly tell them,"My name is not AAAAAAAGGHHHHHHH! It is Mommy! You say Mommmmy, juice pleeeeease...Mommmmmy, banana pleeeease....Mommmmmy, not AAAAAAHHHHHHH", etc. Yeah...we're still working on that one.

They have all learned to climb on the furniture (quite dangerous!) but Jevin struggles still. Deuce and Mia will be up on the couch, and Jevin can't quite get his legs up there so he will find me, scream at me until I ask him, "What is the problem!!!??!", and he will say, "Up, up." Yeah, not one of those things I really want to teach him so I am letting him figure that one out. We are trying to teach them that they must sit on their butt on the couch, or they get down, and they do understand. I usually just have to say their name and they plop down. No less than 2 times a day do I find Mia sitting at the kitchen table, and she is the main one I would prefer not to climb anything more than 2 inches off of the floor...I have horrible fear of another broken limb.

Deuce has become rather possessive. Everything, either for babies or grown people, is "miiiine". And he will argue with you.

Mia is usually the first one up in the mornings, and normally I would leave them in bed until they truly start fussing when there is no one else to wake up but themselves. When they wake at the same time, I would get Mia from her crib and tell her, "Okay, lets go get the boys." Usually she would just walk to their room and push the door open. This morning, she says "Boys, Boys", and runs to their door and swings it open. Previously, I knew I could leave Mia in her crib with no fussing until she dropped her paci from her crib. Then she would fuss. Most recently, Jevin has been dropping his paci and blankly from his crib and fusses. Once I open the door to get him he tells me "Uh Oh". So after a week or so of this, now I go to get the boys from their cribs, Jevin is saying "Uh Oh" and Deuce swings his blankly out of his crib as fast as he can, like the only way to get out of bed is if you don't have your security element inside your crib. Good for a nice laugh :)!

The weather here in Texas has been wonderful the last two weeks or so, and we have spent lots of time outside in the back yard. They fuss to go outside now, and they constantly beg for "bubbos" (bubbles). They have such a blast outside, makes me giggle watching them.

Deuce is not having it!!!..............................................He prefers the "fun" fish!!

I took them to Jump Land with cousin Hayden and Aunt CeCe while Daddy was on a business trip last week and Mia and Jevin had the time of their life!! Deuce on the other hand preferred the rather expensive stationary rocking toy. So I spent 8$ for him to ride an orange fish...go figure. I would have pictured Jevin being scary before Deuce, but Mia was herself. No inhibitions and no fears.

Deuce............................................................................................... Jevin

We got the boys their first haircut Saturday. Talk about some anxiety!! I was terrified! What would by precious boys be without those curls!!! (Technically more like 4" curls). Marcus wanted to trim it way down, I wanted to trim it an 1/8 of an inch. I get to the salon, Avona asks what I wanted to do, I tell her "I don't know!!! I guess shave it down." She asks to a 1 so I need to see the size 1 guard. Have you seen the 1??? Holy cow it's close to bald!! So I ask to see the size 2. Okay...that one doesn't look so bad, so I go with a 1 on the sides and 2 on top. I nearly cried once the clippers came on. Holy crap!! I was afraid my babies wouldn't be cute anymore!! Needless to say, I had no time to cry...the boys did it for me. They were not happy!! First, I rarely take them out in public so there is extreme stranger danger. Second, they do not like the vacuum, blow dryer, and most likely not the clippers. Turned out to be rather cute though. They no longer look like babies to me. They look like toddlers! So, thank you hair cut for robbing me of my sweet little babies in less than 30 minutes!!! They are hansom now, no longer cute. Almost makes me want to shave Mia's head. I do have to tell you though...I was all confused yesterday...all of the sudden, I had a few moments of mistaken identity. Thank the Lord for birthmarks under the armpit!! I'm getting it together today though!! :)

Jevin ........................................................................................Deuce
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