Sunday, March 29, 2009

First Post

Hello Everyone! You will have to forgive me, I am just not that into this blog thing yet. I am sure it will get better as time passes, but the purpose is to have one place where family and friends can all check for updates and pics. Most everyone we love is scattered across the United States so this will bring us all to one happy little place.

Well as everyone knows, Marcus and I found out we were having "A" baby back in February and were very very excited, happy, hopeful, etc. Whatever the emotions, we were just utterly thankful for the blessing! We went for our first sono March 12 and to our surprise were told we were having triplets. Oh My GOSH! (That is all I could say). Marcus was very quiet for most of the appointment. That is all I really remember, just very quiet... Every since then it has been a whirlwind of emotions. In a matter of a few weeks our entire lives have taken a new course. Marcus seems to have accepted the reality of the news quite well, while myself on the other hand, have been happy, but at the same time it is hard to accept how much this is changing my lifestyle. I know that this is what God has given us, and it was meant to be, so I am still very thankful and will continue to become more comfortable with it all.

Other than that, the pregnancy has gone incredibly well. No morning sickness, no cravings, no excessive urination, etc. Everything seems pretty normal still except for the small belly bulge I am starting to get. I guess I am still at the point where people are afraid to ask if I am pregnant for the fear I might just be a little chubby in a weird looking way. As of this week, I am 9 weeks along. We have our first OB appointment on April first. I am excited! It gives you great relief to see their little hearts beat...I will keep you updated!


  1. OMG! I am so excited for you both! This will be such and exciting time for the both of you...Please let Noel or I know what you need because we have plenty to hand down if you want. Keep us posted!

  2. Hi Kim & Marcus. Congratulations on the wonderful news of your new addition(s) to your family. Charlotte and I are so happy for you both and we will be there for you guys if and when you need us. Just let us know. I know this is so exciting for you guys and I am excited with you. I love you both.

    Bob Sparks

  3. Hi Kimmie and Marki! Time has already went by so fast since you first found out! Not much longer to go. I am so excited for you both to be able to enjoy being parents and all the feelings that go along with it. I love you so much and i am here for you in whatever way i can be! Love you both!!!

  4. Needless to say how blessed I feel as the grandmother. I'm already trying to figure things out since I am in least for now. God has given you all the tools possible to prepare for this event, since he planned it long ago. He showed you how to form a bond, be friends and have a loving relationship. He went further and blessed you with a few essential material things need such your home and careers. You see he was preparing you for this big responsibility and you didn't know it. Most people only take on one pet, but you guys even have two of them. And oh are they so different! Look at West-such a big dog, but so sweet, and Cali..the little manipulator. My point is that together you did it, and you did a good job. As you will do as parents, I have no doubts. Yes you will need help, but you must always remember where your help really comes from. God is your help. somewhat brought this on yourself. All your life you have idolized the number "24", if you couldn't have the number "24" then you used "2" or "4". You should have known the time would come when you would not be able to skip over that "3" (LOL)
    So we will have 3-babies!
    I pray that God blesses this pregnancy, babies, parents, doctors,friends,family,ect. All that will influence/effect your lives. I pray for the Gods arms to hold and protect you all each day as we go foreward. Amen

  5. There really isn!t much left to say your mom said it all. I jut feel so blessed to be able to help when I am needed.I know we had planned for a while to move to Texas but I felt my church needed me to be here we were going through some things. I am a firm beliver that everything has a season and now is the season for me to move. When Kim and Marcus put out the SOS It was like GAod said to me instantly now is the time for that move. Iam so blessed to have the family I have God really blesses me everyday. Love You Guys

  6. Hi Marcus and Wife, I (Renee) am a very good friend of your Mom's. I feel like I know you and your wife through your mom and siblings. I am excited for you, your wife and your mom. I look forward to seeing the development of the triplets. Congratulations and may God truly bless. Renee

  7. CONGRADULATIONS,I am great-auntie Kim, oh what a joy. My sister said it all, just keep God first at all times & everything will work out. I'm happy to be here to be a part of the many blessings ahead. I LOVE ALL 7 OF YOU. (LOL) I thank you & Kim for everything you've done for me, you see God truly blesses those that bless others! Remember you are going to be just fine-cause God has laid the foundation you. Again much love!!!! LOVE AUNTIE (GREAT AUNTIE KIM)

  8. Hey Kim and Marcus

    I am sooo happy for you guys. I just cant believe it is going to be 3 babies, it just blows my mind, normally it would take most couples multiple times for the pregnancy to take. GOD is on your side.! you two deserve this wonderful blessing is has given you. kids are wonderful, wonderful feeling as a parent.( but yes they can work your nerves also.) i cant wait till the time comes, atleast then i will get to see you all.(you,marcus and 3 kids) keep me posted when you are to deliver, so i can get the time off. well i could go on forever.

    love you all

    charity (aka cheerio)

  9. I think it rocks dude!!! It's tough getting the routine down with one. It takes a couple weeks but once you got it you got it. There is always a manageable level of chaos but you'll love that. I imagine 3 at once might take a little longer to acclimate to but you'll get it. You have always been good with babies so this will be a walk in the park.

    I'm very proud and happy for you Kimmy. God has definitely blessed you and Marcus! If you have any questions feel free to hunt me down. Also... do you live in the stone age??? You dont have myspace or facebook and this is your first blog? I love you Kimmy! Congrats and keep us updated! Good job on the blog btw.

  10. Wow! I'm so excited to hear about your triplets! I'm also excited about this blog and I can't wait to see how things pan out. I will be praying for the all of you and I'm so excited to see how God's plan for you family unveils itself! Love you.

  11. hi kimmie will here i go again, this is the 4th time i have tried to put something on the web site...i went out to your mom's work last night, and we experimented, and she finally got it to work. So here goes.....what a wonderful blessing you and marcus are going to have, you know kim when i was in highschool, and aunt Vera and i would go to Colby and see the pence tripletts i thought how cute they were walking hand in hand down the sidewalk , Allen in the middle and the two girls on each side..and who would of thought they would one day be related to me...allen married lois...aunt margarite and uncle fred's daughter...and now we are going to have tripletts in our family.. what a joy;; i feel for you and i know they will be a lot of work, but you love babies and marcus will be such a good dad. everything will be ok...and we will be here if you need us to come, you know i'm available at any time. CONGRATULATION AND GOD BLESS YOU BOTH..WE WILL KEEP IN CONTACT.. WOULDN'T AUNT VERA BE JUST ECSTATIC? ONE OF THOSE $24.00 WORDS ..HUH.. Love you gugs and God Bless....NANA


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