Monday, April 26, 2010

7 Months...........mmmhh.....

Jevin _______________________________Deuce, this is priceless... (he's rubbing his gums)

What a Big girl...she is determined to be independent!

So, the triplets are 7 months old now. I have been thinking a lot lately about how I will miss the baby soon. In the last few weeks, since my last post, we have had teething, Slobber, snot, fever, excessive #2, schooching by one, rocking that could be some baby yoga move for all I know by the other, and full blown crawling from the third. Then add to that, psychotic fits of da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da.......... I have briefly heard the da da here and there. For the first few days, the triplets refused to say it in my presence. I was convinced it was to prevent from hurting my feelings. It gives me comfort knowing they have no idea what the word means yet.

So, the rocking on all 4's started with Deuce. It turns out, Mia is our first crawler. It is so crazy! She is super tiny and it is almost funny looking to see her crawling. It is as if they are practicing these things when everyone else in the house goes to sleep. crawling...TODAY...crawling. From one day to the next they have learned a new skill! Deuce army crawls...Jevin just rocks back and forth. He can turn in circles, kinda pivot on his belly but he puts forth no more energy to move from his current location. Whatever he can reach in a 360 degree radius of his belly button is all he cares for. Mia on the other hand is EVERYWHERE!

We went through a few days of everyone trading low grade fevers and lots of fussing! A week later Deuce is our first little man with a tooth. Very cool huh! Mia and Jevin will be soon to follow. It is such craziness, but so cool.
The boys' hair is getting out of control if you couldn't tell from the pics. Actually, these pics do their hair justice. Bath's totally wild. Love their little curls!!! Mia is still borderline bald, grow already!!
Well stay plan is to do a Jevin blog here by the end of the week, I have a before and after blog I have been intending to do for months...everyone MUST check out Deuce's we will see how it works out...hopefully I will accomplish this by the middle of next week. Don't hold me to it though...I'm a busy woman!


  1. Aunt Ce-Ce love you three!!!! You are some way cool kids, not that it has anything to do with your parents.. jk... If i wasnt with Casey when I found out Deuce had a tooth I prob would of told everyone in the store!!!

    <3 Aunt Ce-Ce

  2. ok, i don't know how im JUST seeing this post. first of all, holding their own bottles?! yay! I still can't tell those dang boys apart... and that pic of Deuce OH MY GOSH, love it!

  3. wow almost a month later and still no blog yet... so sad!!! jk! Looking forward to the next one even tho i see em all the time i love reading em.cece


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