Saturday, April 18, 2009

I worry about the wrong things!

I am glad everyone has enjoyed the pics! Of course I don't like any of them. Poor Marcus! I was like, "Ewww! Look at my face! Eww! Look at my smile, my hair looks funny. Why'd you post that picture? Why'd you change my profile pic? I don't like that one....and on and on and on. " So enjoy....My belly is changing so much from week to week! Right now I probably look as though I am around 5 months. It is like there is a monster in there or something! I told Marcus the other day I feel like Bella in the last book of the Twilight series. If you have read it, you know what I am talking about. Most of you probably haven't, but it is a good love story!!!

Well I just reached 12 weeks on Friday. I think I missed the morning sickness. I kept waiting and waiting for it to come, and thankfully it never did. If the "experts" are right it never should now that I am entering the second trimester. That is a celebration in its self! I am happy to announce that I am finally starting to accept the reality of having 3 children. It is approaching more quickly then I could have imagined. I am actually a little excited. The things I worry about now are how am I going to listen to my Ipod on my stereo when I have to trade in my vehicle for one that will fit 3 car seats, and how am I going to live without my parrot (speaker phone). Or how about where I am going to fit all the baby paraphernalia in my house? I am fearful of the clutter. I need an extra 250 square feet! Then just something for everyone to chew on....We will have about 30 diaper changes a day, around 18 feedings a day...then the clothing changes and the laundry and who knows what else.

I have a doctors appointment on the 22nd. I will be seeing the high risk doctor and then my OB afterwards. I should have some new sono's to post. I am very excited. They should resemble little babies now. I also placed a widget on here so everyone can check it out. I love this website. It tells you about what is going on with the baby for the week. It should count down to the due date. Remember, I wont go the full 40 weeks of a normal pregnancy, but I hope to get as close as possible. 36 weeks will be perfect!! (for the babies, not me!!) It is only a matter of time and I am sure I will be miserably uncomfortable.


  1. You will be so fine like i tell you over and over! If you can do one child you can do three.. and you wanted two so just think it is one extra and you are going to have a extra set of hands to help if not more then one set! I love you so much and i agree with you. Its crazy how much your belly changes from week to week! When i said at first maybe you could have 4 i never thought you would really come close to that but i am glad you are having 3. When we went to the store today and you said you kinda blush everytime you say you are having three i get excited to tell everyone i am going to have 3 neices or nephews i love it! like I always say i cant wait to be there threw it all with you and help you in whatever way i can! LOVE YOU SIS

  2. Kim,
    Your worries are will have help and you wont care about the clutter, believe me! You will be fine. God does not give us a spirit of worry and fear, so only happy and spirit-filled thoughts. I am also accepting 3-grandchildren that are far away from me. Don't worry about it and help Marcus figure out the web-cam for me. I have already started buying my surplus of airline tickets!
    Love you much

  3. Kimmi, Its ok to think all thouse thoughts. That is norm. You will do just fine. Look at all the experence you had growing up. For five years you were the only one then the babies started coming. You were a very good big sister. You took good care of all your little sisters and brother. You will do just fine. The change will go by so fast and you will be back in shape in no time. YOu have a great husband and he will be a great help to you and the babies. He is the best son in law I could ever ask for and love you both so much. Im so proud of what you two have done. God has given you what you have prayed for and he wouldnt give you more then you could handle. This is a gift of the love you have for eachother and it will only get stronger now. I love you two so much. Just stay strong and remember you have alot of family there that is going to be a big help to you and be there for you through it all. Love you momma kay

  4. Kim, you and Marcus are going to do just fine. Like i said before, God has laid the foundation for the two of you & knowing my newphew like i do, Marcus already has it planned out & you know that. Ready to paint the rooms and do all that needs to be done before the babies get here. Enjoy eating what you want when you want, it o.k. you're pregnant. I am still very excited, cant wait to see the kids in action. 1-2-3, chain reaction. I wont be to far away from you so when you need me for what ever the reason, don't hesitate to call on Auntie Kim/Great-Auntie Kim. Which ever! I love you guys soooo much and thanks for all you've done for me. Marcus, i have learned many things from you that i will be applying to my life and i am so grateful for you being in my life at just the right time. Much love to both of you. Life is just going to be alot more exciting in the THOMPSON HOME & NEVER A DULL MOMENT!



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