Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Real babies!

Ta Da! How cute are they? Just looking back three weeks ago they looked like little glow worms or something (No, No...Lima Beans! That's It!). Now....a full fledged 3in. human being! Such craziness! And they are in my belly! Also, I will always post pics in order. Baby A, B, & C. Baby B & C are the twins. I saw the high risk Dr. today. Her name is Dr. Brown. She is great! Very good bedside manners. The babies are all doing good. There is a possibility the twins MIGHT be boys. We didn't get a for sure answer but there is a pretty good chance. The Dr. "thinks" she saw male parts on both of them so that gives us pretty good odds. The single baby we couldn't really tell the sex, but it might be a girl. The legs were crossed... So, I go back to Dr. Brown 5/19/09 for another sono. We should be able to get a positive answer on the sexes at that time. My poor OB, her job has been reduced to measuring my belly and taking notes on how many Tylenol I have been taking daily.

Overall, everything is going so good. Originally, I was dreading the sexy belly pant thingy... Turns out I love them, who cares how sexy it is. I finally broke down and bought a real maternity shirt. It is very cute but I still feel weird about wearing the maternity cloths. I have done it to myself though. Everyone has seen the beaming mom-to-be wearing maternity clothing at 7 weeks. I don't want to be her. Although, my figure totally justifies the cute little maternity wear they have these days. I swear, I have to grow a half inch minimum every night.

Well all... Enjoy the pics of the little babies! We should be posting a belly pic that I can complain about in a day or two. Thank you everyone for all the awesome comments and encouragement.


  1. Like I didnt see you today but i still cried reading that! oh gosh! anyways... its crazy how much your babies look like that little counter thing. I like the black and white of your babies better then the counter thing tho cuz thats a lil scarey looking. I AM SO EXCITED KIMMIE! I know i say it all the time but I am very excited for you guys! you are going to be such a good mommy and marcus well, jk jk he is going to be the best dad ever!!!!! I hope it is 2 boys and a girl! WOOHOOO 192 days to go or LESS!!!

  2. How exciting! whatever God gives us will be a blessing but 2 boys and a great.

    I think my friends and co-workers are sick of me already talking about my grandbabies. I'm so glad you are starting to sound okay about the whole stomach/clothing thing and be excited about the prize. Remember its all about the prize...and you have 3 of them. I can already smell their little cute feet...
    Yeah I'm feeling this grandma...I mean nanna thing.
    Love you guys

  3. Thats amazing!!! I love you so much dude!!! Im so proud of you. I have read the Twilight series and I agree GREAT love story. Cassie stayed up all night one night to read New Dawn. Your babies are beautiful. I am so happy for you and Marcus. Thanks for posting the pics it makes it feel like theres not so many miles between us. Love you Kimmie! God bless!

  4. You know it is still hard for me to believe you are going to tote around 3 LIL human beans. lol remember the one that aunt vera had that I got her when we were on vacation . That is what your little gifts remind me of. They sure arnt that blob that you called them a couple of weeks ago. Now you can see there lil faces and arms and legs and if you can see there jewels you have better eyes then me cuz I dont know if that is even formed yet. is it???? But we will be happy with whatever God gives us. Got alot of love for all of them. Your doing so good babe. See ya soon. love ya momma. Your momma


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