Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick update

I don't remember where we got this little outfit, but she is super cute in it!

We thought the boys looked totally cute in their hats so we had to take a picture. Plus, this might be the first and last time they will be able to wear these outfits :(

I know, I know! What the heck? 2 posts in 2 days! Well, the one from yesterday, I started Monday so it has Monday's date, but again, I was having problems uploading my photos so it took me 2 days to finish it. And how about a little interactive fun??? Can you all guess who is who on the boys? At the doctor's today, you have to strip them down to their diapers, and I almost couldn't tell who was who. I told Marcus it would be messed up ,we bring them to the doctor, and mix them up. Then one would be known as the other the rest of their lives.

Dr. appointment today. Everything is awesome with the triplets. I wanted to give an update on their growth. Preemies....yeah right! You would never have known. We are just so blessed. I am thankful everyday for the blessing we received. The boys are for sure for sure developmentally where they should be for a 3 month old, not adjusted or anything. Usually, what happens when you have a baby that is born early, they are behind a full term baby by the number of weeks they were early. In my case, the triplets were born at 34 weeks (6 weeks early). They would be about 6 weeks behind a full term baby of 3months old. Mia is just a tad behind the boys. The boys have been smiling at us for a few weeks now. Mia just started smiling back at us about a week ago. My take on that is she has just been way to busy trying to keep up here bad attitude (can't let anyone think she is a sweet little baby girl). She is probably smarter then we think. The boys will be changed to regular baby formula in about 2 weeks. Right now they are all on a special formula that is higher in calories. Mia will remain on the Neosure and Enfacare until our next doctor's appointment in February.

Jevin 12lb. 6.5oz = 38%tile and 22 inches long
Deuce 11lb. 5oz = 17%tile and 21 inches long
Mia 9lb. .05oz = 3%tile and 20.5 inches long

They all got shots today. You would have thought I got shots. It just hurts my heart to see their little sad faces and hear their cries. So not a funny joke on them. Don't you feel like they are so betrayed? They don't even know they are going to be stuck in the leg like that! I am not sure I will ever get used to this shot thing. Then to think when they finally figure out what is causing them so much pain, you have to hold them down for their shots. I think I will send Daddy by himself to those when it comes time. And yeah, Mia likes baby Tylenol. She was too funny today. She was trying to boss the nurse around. The nurse was giving her her Tylenol. She gave her a little bit and pulled away to give her time to swallow it. Within 2 seconds Mia makes this little noise, looking the nurse in her eyes, like "Okay! Done! You're taking too long! Give me the rest!" I can't really explain it in writing but if I could it would sound something like "MMmmt!" Then, when Marcus and I were on our way home we were talking about her bossing the nurse, and she makes the sound again. Too funny! Like she was trying to show us how she was the boss of the nurse "I told the nurse MMmmt." Ohhh the joy they bring you, the laughs they give you...


  1. INTERACTIVE COMMENT! I'm taking a shot at which boy is which: Deuce in the blue shirt, Jevin in the white. Is that right Trio Momma? or did you get them switched in the Dr.s. On the show "Office", Michael used a Sharpie to mark the arm of one of the Asian twins he was with, so that's one idea. Of course I think Jevin could get a tat on his right arm that says something like . . . I Love Grandpa! :O
    You guys sure make cute babies. My mornings get messed up cause I have to sit here and stare at Mia instead of doing my paperwork! xoxoxo (sent from Jeff on Melodys email)

  2. You got it right Dad. Of course I had to go back and make sure...had a momentary panic as if I might have mixed them up a the Dr.s office once you mentioned it again. Yikes! I shouldn't mention this because the kidos might be able to go back and see the blog when they are older, but if you look at the Christmas photos, we can tell the boys apart based upon the size of their man-boobs. How horrible of me!!! Poor boys. xoxoxo!!


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