Monday, December 14, 2009

What I've learned so far...




Well, it has been a while. I have some pics for everyone, and I thought I would mention a few things I have learned as a mommy of triplets. I apologize for the length between posts, but like I mentioned before, your day gets away from you. Before you know it, it is time to lay yourself down for a brief moment so you can get up for that 2am feeding. Then, I am still doing school and the class I am taking has turned out to be rather demanding of my time. Ughhh.

So lets see...what I have learned...
1. Cherish your quite time. It is few and far between. Just when you think they are asleep, they are not.
2. Don't get your babies hooked on a pacifier until they can put it back in their mouth by themselves.
3. There will be many many many days where you will never even change out of your pajamas.
4. You will most likely need a babysitter just to take a shower.
5. Most babies are bipolar. One second they are smiling and 30 seconds later they are crying for reasons you will never figure out.
6. What used to take you a day, now takes 2 weeks. I started my Christmas lights the weekend after Thanksgiving and just finished them Sunday.
7. One baby is always going to wake up and need you to make them stop crying when you only need 30 more seconds to get the one you are trying to get to sleep, asleep.
8. You will spend many days sitting in the exact same spot for hours. Many of times, I come to realize at 6pm that I have barely moved from my couch trying to keep the babies pacified and happy.
9. All the babies must stay on the same schedule. If one wakes at 2am for a feeding, never think the other two will sleep long enough for you to lay down again. You must wake the other two or you will be up all night long. (Tried that once in my hopes they will sleep through the night or at least until 5am). They seem to know you just fell asleep.
10. They will try to be the boss of you.

So, I am sure there is much more I have learned, but only the stuff that makes you think, "Seriously?!?", is easy to remember.

Well, as I said, they do change right before your eyes. I have to sit and look at pictures from when they were two weeks old just to remember how tiny they were. It is a little scary because it brings reality into perspective. They just won't be the same from one day to the next. What scares me is I am afraid I won't remember these times. I won't remember what they looked like when they were sleeping, or when they smiled, or when they look you right in the eye with their innocent little faces. Ceara and I went to Carter's to exchange a gift and I saw a preemie outfit. Oh my gosh!!!! It was so tiny. I just can't believe they wore those for the first month of their lives. Goodness!

They have started to know how to fuss to get their way I think. It seems they always want to be held. I worry that I may have spoiled them, but then again, there are three of them. They are never held for too long. For the most part they get held when they eat, and you have to put them down to feed the next one. If two are sleeping, one of them will get some one on one time, but other than that they are in a swing, laying in a boppy or bouncy, sleeping, but never held excessively. They fuss, and the minute it looks like they will get picked up they nearly stop. And they fake cry...don't ask me how they figured that one out.

Well all, its time to eat again. Till next time.


  1. I love reading your posts :] I agree especially with your number 7. The very first pic I saw I said "good gosh they're getting chunky!" and then I scrolled a bit and saw Jevin.... lol I serisouly can't believe how fast they grow. It's amazing and so sad at the same time... sheesh!

    so glad I got my Thompson Trio fix... I was having withdrawls :]

  2. You are a wonderful writer!, and I'm sure it takes courage to find the humor in things. I actually laughed out loud (for a long time) at your '10 things' list! Your love for these precious little sweeties/stinkers is so obvious. It also looks like to me when they look in the camera for pictures that they probably could talk, but they're just choosing not to for the time being just to give your a break. Still, I believe I know what they're thinking. I've never seen a better example of "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait". Love You Guys!

  3. Heather, I know right! The boys are chunky little monkey's!!

  4. So, I have not wrote on here for a long time, and my phone hardly works correctly at the moment but i was sitting out side freezing my butt off and desided to come and get on the computer to fully read your blog!
    I am so sure you cried while writing this because it brought tears to my eyes! it is so crazy, i was thinking "they are seriously 3 mnts old?" it seems like yesterday that you left me the voice mail saying you were going into labor and i cried because i was so scared (like i was going to have 3 kids or something). You are a freakin great mother and like 1plankeye said "good things come to those who wait". you got it all! your kids are freakin great!
    Time does fly, just the time they are driving your crazy because they cry all the time, or start to crawl and get into everything is about the time they are walking and talking and saying things that blow your mind. I remember when Hayden was your world and he was just a little baby and you sit there with him the first few weeks he was born and told him how boring he was and would reset his eyes from being crossed, and now he is something else and a big boy now minus the fact he still p's and poops in a pull up, and sleeps n my bed. Before we know it your kids will be 3 and hayden will be 5 and it will still seem like yesterday they were all just born and question where did time go.
    I love you soo much and I am so proud of you, not that i didnt expect you to do what you are doing and handle it so well, but you amaze me in so many ways! No wonder I always looked up to you growin up! you are a good sister, and a very good mother! love you!

  5. Ceara Riley! Don't write stuff like that on here ! You know my emotional state of mind has never returned to normal! I guess an eye for an eye...I make u sad, u make me sad...Hayden still is my world u know! We love each other crazy like! & I love you too. Weird my baby sister claims to be proud of least u don't think I'm the biggest B ever anymore!


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