Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just stuff

Hello all. Sorry, I don't have pics to post...well I could post pics, but I am going to opt out this time. For one, I am extremely tired and don't feel like waiting for "blogger" to think. For some reason, It takes forever to post pics the last few times. Just thought I would let everyone know, things are moving right along in triplet land.

The babies are getting more fun by the day. Mia seems to be calming her attitude a bit. She is much more smiley now days, as are the boys. They seem to smile most when you are slightly perturbed...4 in the morning, 10 at night (when you just want to go to sleep), and so on. The boys have started trying to suck their fingers off. Deuce is a full fledged thumb sucker now. You could look at this in a good and bad way. I would prefer that they didn't become thumb suckers, but at the same time it means he might be able to start soothing himself at 2:30am. I have pictures by the way...I will post them as soon as I can get time or should I say strength. As most have read already, after 3 months of musical pacifiers, diaper assembly lines, and many many hours of baby talk, I have returned to work. Time is precious...I see the babies all of 3-4 waking hours a day. Out of these 3-4 hours, we sometimes get a full hour of tag team fussing, but sometimes not. They sometimes decide they have all of the sudden forgotten how to sleep through the night like they have been the last 2 weeks or so. Then again it is not sleeping sleeping through the night. They go to bed between 8 and 9pm and usually wake (if we are really lucky) at about 5 AM.ish, maybe 6ish. They do occasionally wake in the night, but not for feeding. But everything is going well. Everyday is something new, cute, and exciting. The boys are about a week away from needing size 2 diapers. Jevin might skip size 2 all together (he is soooo chunky/heavy!) Mia will be moving to size 1 once we run out of newborn (Finally growing out of something). Can you believe she is nearly 4 months old and still wearing NB diapers? Heck, she probably has a good 2 weeks left before she is grown out of 0-3mo cloths. Jevin cries when he finishes a 5oz bottle and has been drinking 6-7oz easily. I don't know what happened to 5oz, but he completely skipped it. He quite possibly might be considered obese at this point. They coo up a storm...the "experts" say they should giggle soon. I can't wait! Overall, we are rolling with the punches. They are much fun and incredibly precious (except @ 2-3am...so NOT precious! You see, I am way over the up all night thing. Especially since I know they are capable of sleeping 7-9 hours straight.)

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  1. Thanks for the update Kim! Glad they're doing well and growing. It's something about those size 2 diapers... we were in them for like a week it seems and now we have been stuck in size 3 for MONTHS. It's got to be hard with you going back to work :( Let me know if there's anything you need or that I can do, we're just a phone call (and a few houses) away!

    Can't wait to see more pics. Give them kisses!


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