Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi! Remember me?

The triplets in their authentic Japanese baby kimonos courtesy of Sumitomo. Thank you Tomita-San, Tsuji-San, Yo-Yo-San, Shinji-San, and anyone else from Sumitomo who participated.

Love this pic! Mia's face is priceless

Mia's I am too sexy for myself pose.

The 4 month old photo

Love their little serious faces!

Hi everyone! It's me...Kim...Trio Momma...Too many dang babies Momma...whatever...

Remember me? Yeah...Not sure I remember myself sometimes. Today probably isn't the best day for me to blog, it wasn't one of the best I have had, but I owe ya'll some pics. I started to post earlier today around oohhh...3ish. NOPE! Got Momma baby drama! So now, it is approximately 9:40 PM, and it took me 30 minutes to decide I would go ahead and post. I know if I don't do it today, I probably won't do it until next weekend. Deuce and Mia had a day today. I tell you! First part of the day went pretty pretty good. About 2:00...natural disaster in the Thompson household. You know its one of those days when the baby that has been screaming her face off for what seems like EVER, stops crying to watch you cry. Uggh!!! I hate to admit that, but I am sure Mom's with one baby have momentary melt downs every now and again.

So lets stuff...Everyone is rolling belly to back now. Deuce started about a week ago so needless to say he rolls himself over in the middle of the night and wakes himself 2 or 3 times. (Yesssssss, I do put them to sleep on their bellies despite allllll the instructions not to. Sorry, I just beleive too much stuff is passed off on SIDS, and that is all I will say. I don't want to debate belly sleeping, just my personal opinion/preference. Not to say that nurses and doctors are wrong, or parents that do follow the rules are either, it has just worked for me this way. Sorry) So, Deuce fusses. I thought him being a thumb sucker was going to change my life...uhh NO. Jevin has been trying really hard for a while to suck his thumb, but he tucks it like the letter "n" in sign language. I told Marcus, it doesn't matter if he finds his thumb or not at this point, as soon as he learn how to roll belly to back, it's all over anyway. Well he rolls belly to back as of Saturday. : What else??? They coo and talk like crazy, they are almost giggling for real real now. They love TV. Mia loves to be naked. They slobber on everything and everyone. Mia might hold her own bottle very soon. I don't want to jump the gun, but she seems to know how to hold it, pull it out, put it back...her hands just look a little funny and she moves them around too much. Every now and then she just spontaneously lets go as if she has no idea she is holding the bottle. I don't know... Umm. Tummy time is going good. They all do well. We have a couple of bumbo seats they sit in quite a bit. Sometimes in the morning I will sit Mia in the bumbo and put her on the bathroom counter while I am getting ready. She loves to look at herself.


  1. Im glad you decided to write, Ive been wondering about yall! Glad to hear they are all doing well. I too have had those breakdown moments lately...... and it doesn't seem to be getting any better anytime soon :( We can get through it, we HAVE to get through it! Your babies are as beautiful as ever and they're getting so big. I think I can even see a little difference in the boys now too!

    Theres PAMOM on the 8th if you wanna ride along, let me know! Also our next drs appt is on the same day, we are right after you funny is that?!

    Hang in there Momma, you're doing good!

  2. Heather, Thank you. It is a small relief to hear you can relate to the the breakdown's, although I wish you didn't have to. They are no fun! It will get better, and yes, we will get through it. I would love to ride to PAMOM Tuesday. I haven't had a chance to go to a meeting yet. Again, you're wonderful! I'll get ahold of you this weekend. Stay strong momma!


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