Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Good Bye Pink Cast!!!

Mia got her cast off today.  Dr. Barry asks, "Is Mia afraid of the vacuum at home?"  Well she is but, after 2 weeks of the blow dryer every other day, she shouldn't be, but she was given her own little head muff thingy's to muffle the sound of the saw a bit...she did very well.  She fussed for just a moment and then seemed more interested in what was going on then the sound of the saw.  Yeah!!! No more cast.  Most things in multiple life seem to become a beating every now and again...then add 10 minutes of blow drying a cast to bath time...thank goodness she got it removed today!!  Dr. Barry said she has healed very well.  She actually had broken her Tibia and her Fibula but both fractures were right above her growth plate in her leg so she should have no long term effects.  She will walk slightly funny for a few weeks, just favoring that leg for a bit, but after about 3 weeks she should be back to normal...or what we would think is normal...Mia did fracture the same leg we have been concerned with previously...we will see how it all progresses, but as of now, Dr. Barry will not need to see Mia again, although we are welcome to take her back if we have concerns in the near future.  She's doing very well. Almost as if she never had the cast on in the first place!

Surprisingly enough, the cast was in pretty good shape, slightly dingy, but no scary stuff on the inside, like crushed fish crackers or rotten bananas!!

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