Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holy Hair!!!!!!!!!!

So I admitted a few weeks ago that I rarely brush the triplets hair, matter of fact, they had most likely not had their hair brushed in a year of their life.  I give them a bath, wash it, and when they get out I put a little baby oil in it and kinda fluff it with my fingers.  After this tiny comment, I decided I would start brushing the hair, but let me explain...this is an example of why I haven't...

So I have business in the front...and party in the back....I have no idea what to do with her hair.  I do two pony tails...not ponytail on top, nope, not cute!!  Baby oil and little bit of messy fingers on top...that works, but still so dry and frizzy in the back...ugh!

The boys on the other hand have such thin hair, so it's more like middle aged balding in front and a small get together in the back....mmmmhh!

The picture on the right depicts what brushing does to "I wanna be straight, but I am curly too" hair.

Now What????

1 comment:

  1. hilarious!! kim i love it!

    "small get together in the back" priceless :)


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