Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let me get one in, in December

Whew!  My sincere apologizes!!! I have not been with it since our trip to California.  I get stuck on what I want my next post to be about, and I have been struggling to catch the videos of each of them that I wanted to post.  Then, I started on what I wanted my approach to the Holidays blog to show.  Didn't get the pics I wanted from that.  Then, I have been lazy.  The days I keep them home have been spent in PJ's nearly every day, and then I couldn't post pics of them in PJ's...(might think I was a bad mommy).  Lets face it, most of my days are spent in PJ's... thought it only fair the kids wore theirs all day too.

So lets see...the month of December has been trying but good.  Returned from Cali, and the kids have perfected their walking skills.  Jevin walks like a little old man. He shuffles.  Deuce is the high stepper with the belly stuck out, looks like the Jim Carey Grinch to me.  Mia of course has to be the perfectionist so I can't compare her to anything.

Christmas was good. The triplets breakfast consisted of gummy worms and cotton candy! YUMMY! So goodbye puffs! You cry...a gummy worm will fix it! Marcus and I didn't get too out of control since they still don't really know what is going on.  They would start to open a gift and became more interested in the wrapping paper, rather than the cool new toy that was inside.  Then once they did notice the new toy, they could care less about opening the rest of the gifts.  They got some pretty cool stuff though! Next Christmas, if you see our living room furniture on the front lawn, it is because we had not choice...the play room is stuffed!!!! Then I find it hard to dispose or hand me down too much stuff that they already had....what if they want to play with it again?

I did put up a tree.  Originally I had decided I wouldn't go there.  Since they have started walking, I find I have to keep them out of stuff way more then when they were crawling.  I thought the tree would be one more thing I would have to fuss at them about.  Surprisingly enough, they didn't mess with it all that much.  They didn't start messing with the gifts until the gifts started to multiply, then they just couldn't help themselves. The pile of bows on the floor beside the gifts got larger and larger as the day approached.  I will say, they already have learned to shake a gift...are they trying to figure out what's in it?

Stay tuned for new "professional" pictures.  Our intentions have been to have them done weeks ago, then we got black eyes, scratches on the face, lazy parents, Holidays, traveling, ugh!! So, coming soon!  Maybe....

Lets see...We have been trying to teach table manners so we can go out in public with the triplets without calling so much attention to our table (My inner-self is so conscious of judgement with them).  We have a family sit down dinner every evening.  So much fun!  And one of them seems to always do something that makes you laugh your face off. (Look at us creating memories!) Our last Dr. Appointment, doc asked if they were eating with utensils, so it has become my first priority to teach them how to eat with a spoon by their 18mo check up!!! (Well, right after learning to ask for something...instead of screaming or whining, because all of the sudden they have started asking for stuff, fish crackers, paci's, etc.  Mia even goes to the pantry door to whine for snacks. Who taught them that stuff? I am still working on phonics! One day they will communicate with me in a way that makes life easier!)

Well enjoy...hope to be back sooner then later! Happy New Year!

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