Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sticks & Stones.....& favorite toys!

Before Cast

Well, here we are for the second time in less than 4 months. Nothing like 2 broken bones before you baby turns 2 to make you feel like a good mommy! This one...right distal radius fracture! The triplets were gifted a cool slide for Christmas (age appropriate for those wondering). The first week or so we only allowed them to play with it when Mommy or Daddy played too, but as time has passed, Mia seemed to be able to play on it pretty well by herself. She would run laps around the boys. In the time it would take Deuce to climb the step side she would climb and slide down 3 times. She would slide feet first on her belly, head first on her belly, on her lil' butt. Whatever she wanted. She would get to the bottom, belly laugh and "run" around to the steps and do it all over again. Okay...no problem! She has it down!!! Well....not so much. Took a small tumble off the step side, and the highest part is about a foot and a half from the ground...ugh.

So, Mia was at it the very next day...splinted and all...here Mia goes...climbing the steps with her good hand and an elbow...really!!?! So needless to say...the favorite toy in the house has been turned upside down until she is/was casted. I am trying to come to the reality that I can't save her all the time. She is such an adrenaline junky already! Swinging from the table, climbing on kitchen chairs, climbing high chairs and hanging off upside down, stunt driving her tot bike and riding toys... Lord, what to do with her!!! She's only 16 months old (almost) for God's sake!

So off to Dr. Humeniuk, AGAIN! Mia received her second cast in less than 4 months. We could have left her in the splint, but decided to cast her since she is officially a danger to herself. Dr. Humeniuk mentioned a bone disease called osteogenisis imprefecta. It is a genetic disease that effects the proteins in the body. The true tail sign is a bluish color in the whites of the eye. He briefly checked Mia's eyes and said they appear to be white, but it is possible there are no apparent signs. If she does experience another fracture in the "near" future, it is something we should possibly check her for. We should pay attention to her teeth as well. Cavities/discoloring showing early in age (near future) could be a sign. Dr. Humeniuk did review the x-ray and said that he doesn't see any abnormalities in her bones that would suggest any bone disorders, but just to pay close attention going forward. Sometimes there are no symptoms with osteogenisis imperfecta (brittle bone disease). At this point we are not so concerned...just attentive. I did question if prematurity could have something to do with it. He advised us, "Not at this stage." Ha! He also said that sometimes E.R.'s overlook this disorder and will get CPS (child protective services) involved after repeated visits...let's not go there please, Please. PLEASE!!! We are very loving and attentive parents and are thankful every single day for our little blessings!!!!! Never Ever EVer, EVER!!! would either of us go there, nor would we allow anyone else to go there. I may have previously mentioned shaking a baby, but really!?!??? NEVER EVER EVER! Seriously, I, myself, could never live without any of them. I can't even recall my life prior to triplets. I panic when they over-sleep 20-30 minutes. I hurt when they hurt. I am sad when they are sad... as does any other mommy, and I would never want it any other way!

Guess 1 year pics will be on hold for another 3 weeks....Geez!


  1. Mia Mia Mia! What are you gonan do with that girl! Hope shes healed soon!

  2. I don't know!!! Put her in a bubble maybe...She's a crazy baby! Glad the boys are so submissive and scary!!!


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