Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We are 2 Months Old!!

It just wouldn't be right if Deuce wasn't crying.
I don't know what happened, but he is smiling in this one???

Poor chubby buddy, he just couldn't make it through picture taking time.

The Boys. Can you tell who is who? Pay no attention to the pacifiers!
Only way I could keep them Quiet

I'm 2 months old ya'll!

Ahhh, isn't this sweet. Reminds me when they shared a crib in the NICU.
One minute they were all awake, the very next they were all asleep.

Hello! Hello! Hello! Nearly 2 weeks since my last post but between diapers, feedings, fussing, bathing, burping, mommy dying to sleep by 8pm, and whatever else happens in a 24 hour period, I just haven't made time to post. I planned to post last night and got tied up, plus if I would have posted yesterday it might have been cause to admit me. My friend down the street had crazy babies last week and I think she sent the crazy baby fairy to my house! :) Goodness! For the previous two days, the triplets have been like a chain reaction. One cries, the next stops, one sleeps, one wakes up, on and on and on and onnnnnnnnn. Whew! It is frustrating to not be able to figure out how to pacify them. We tried tummy time with cool little toys, mobiles on their bouncy seats with plastic silly toys (Marcus said if they would put a ceiling fan and mini blinds on the mobiles, they would be real baby pleasers! The plastic toys hanging from mine don't interest them a bit.) We tried rocking, eating, pacifiers, swinging, diaper changing, and who knows what else. Finally, I swaddled them all, and it was the quietest three hours I had all day! Crazy though, because they haven't been swaddled since about 2 weeks after they came home from the NICU. Funny it still brings them comfort.

See! This is what happens to crazy babies! The baby straight jacket!

Lets see...we still aren't sleeping through the night. Like I told somebody, I wish I could just have a date. Like, "Ok Kimberly, beginning December 27th they will start sleeping through the night." This way I would at least feel as though this insanity will end at some point. Right now, I feel as though it will never end, and it is almost as if I have no idea when a day ends and begins with the repetitive 3-4 hour cycle. It would give me something to look forward to. Really I am like "Coo, giggle, smile, roll over, ....yeah, whatever...just please sleep through the night!!!" (not that they are doing all these things, I just really really look forward to sleeping through the night. All this other stuff can come after that!)

Mia showing everyone how strong she is.

So Mia really can roll over (belly to back). She definitely can't be left alone on the couch. I have had close calls even sitting right next to her. She is just so active! She likes to stand up when you hold her, she has awesome head control and can hold her upper body up really well with tummy time. She is soooo strong! And little miss ATTITUDE!...man! Don't let the pictures fool you. She looks sweet, but she can mess her face up real quick. She is still accidentally cooing, but I have notice in the last 4ish days that they are are much more attentive to you when you are talking to them. They all look as though they really want to tell you something but just don't know how to get it out. Deuce and Jevin both smile at you when you talk to them with a smile. Today it was so cute, Deuce tried to giggle. When he smiled to me I took his arms and brought them into his belly and shook him just a bit (telling him how dang cute it is when he smiles) and he made a sound as if he wanted to giggle a bit but didn't know how. It was more like a dirty little pedophile grunt. I don't know how to explain it, but it gave me so much joy. I wanted to keep doing it so he would make the sound, and eventually he got board with it or couldn't figure it out anymore after 2 or 3 times. Then I was kinda disapointed because I wasn't sure if I heard it enough to be able to remember it if he doesn't do it again for a while. Jevin made the same sound yesterday when I was "tickling his chubby neck", but just once and I could never duplicate the sound again so I gave up. Ugh!
Well all, with all that said, things are still well here in our crazy new life. No matter the frustration they create at times, they always manage to do something to make you completely in love with them at the exact same time.
Enjoy the pics. Till later...

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  1. Ok I'm ready for some more beautiful baby pictures with mommy and daddy. Pretty please.


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