Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Poor Deuce!

So yes, similar to their pacifiers when they were 2 weeks old, the mask is about as big as his face.

See, you would never know the poor little guy whistled with every breath.

~~~Written 2/2/10~~~We had to take Deuce into the doctor yesterday. He has had a cough for a few days and started wheezing Saturday. Oddly enough you would never know he was sick if he didn't have the cough and wheezing. He has been a happy, smiley boy. Then Sunday when I was giving him a bath and getting him dressed, I found a red bump under his little baby armpit about the size of a pea. GREAT! So after a few hours of playing phone tag with Dr. Reyes' nurse, I finally texted Dr. Reyes and he responds saying he is concerned it might be RSV. So, I worry all day, and stew over the fact our insurance decided out little babies didn't need Synagis shots. Oh Lord! If little Deuce man has RSV!!!! But good news is his RSV test was negative. Turns out he has Bronchiolitis. :( So he was given a nebulizer and some meds. He was given a breathing treatment at the doctor's office and his wheezing was completely gone. He has to do the breathing treatment every 4 hours or so as needed for cough and wheezing. Surprisingly enough he doesn't too much mind the little mask, although he doesn't have the patients to really sit through the whole thing and began to squirm a bit at the end. We caught a picture of him holding his own mask...what a big boy...he doesn't know what he is doing, but Marcus taught him how to hold his pacifier in his mouth with his hands so I am sure that is what he relates it to. The bump under his arm appears to be a hemangionoma (probably spelled that WRONG!) and it will go away by 9 months. They will look at it again at our next appointment.

~~~Written 2/4/10~~~Well, we took Deuce in yesterday for a follow up to see how he was doing. His bronchiolitis has improve some, but we found out he know has an ear infection. Nice!!! Despite all his ailments, he is still a happy laid back little man. Not fussy what so ever. What a Tough little guy! So back to the doctor in 10 days to make sure the antibiotics have cured his ear infection. Then we have our well baby visit the 17th. Whew, a month full of doctor visits!


  1. Hi Kim, busy momma, but oh what a reward, and joy,,huh..Love the pic. they are so cute. What big guys you would never know they were premies....huh...Hope to see you again soon. Love you all take care and run the pic off and put them in your notebook...Love NANA

  2. Aww poor handsome Deuce-man!! Good gosh he's cute!! Glad he's happy guy despite being a lil sick!!

    -Did I mention hes freakin' cute?!


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