Wednesday, June 3, 2009

18 Weeks!

Okay, so for once we thought we would post a pic of me in some cloths. Then there is the belly...and last can someone please tell me what happened to my belly button? It is even more hard to see in the picture. About a week ago I finally realized my stomach is nearly almost one round ball. This week, the belly button is completely gone. I have never had the normal looking belly button really so I don't know if it will every really protrude off my stomach. It still looks pretty funny though.

I have also decided to go ahead and explain our name selection. It is hard to explain it over and over. Not that I don't enjoy telling people of my pregnancy, but it can get a little windy sometimes. Most people probably have already gotten the scoop on the meanings. We picked Deuce because we didn't want to name our son Marcus Jr. Deuce in a way means the same thing without naming him Marcus. Jay is Marcus' middle name. Jevin, we picked because it is after my two dads. My real dad's name is Jeff, and my other dad's name is Kevin so you get Jevin. Shamil is after Marcus' mom's middle name and Marcus' granny's middle name, Sharee and Emily. Then we have Mia...just liked the name. Her middle name Kay, is traditional. My mom's middle name is Kay, my middle name is Kay, and now my first daughter's middle name will be Kay (I really meant my ONLY daughter). So there you have it. Mystery solved.

I have an OB appointment tomorrow. Probably won't be much to talk about though.


  1. Darn sweety your but sticks out as far as the belly. You must be carrying one in the J.K. You have always had that but it makes ya pretty curvy. lol Still lookin beautiful as ever. This is my hightlight of the day getting on here and seeing what news you have posted for all of us to read.Its better the the juornal. Thank you for keeping us up dated. Love you sweety. See ya soon. momma

  2. Im starting to spell like nana. Hope that dont mean someting. Like old age.LOL

  3. Ya know next week you going to ask if anyone can tell you where your toes went.Wait till yu cant put on your shoes. it is fun. The pay off is the greatest. Its a good thing it only last 9 months.YOU are amazing though sweety.Your doing a great job. LOVE YOU

  4. Kim u r still lookin good! So glad to hear you r in good spirits and doing well! I will continue to pray for you & your crew. (smile) GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! Mayb Kimmey & I will come down to Anna next Sunday after church if you dont have anything planned. Ill be in touch, love you guys AUNTIE KIM


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