Monday, June 8, 2009

Just some thoughts...

Well, it is Monday. Another week down. I have definitly started feeling my limits. I struggle a bit getting in and out of my SUV. I can't bend over the same as I used to and it really isn't all that comfortable to either, but I do. I don't know how one could manage going through their day and not having to bend over at some point. Too much activity does wear on me. I have noticed Marcus walks faster then I do, and the walk from my car to my office makes me long for a scooter. Where is Medicare when I need them for my free Huvaround? Then last night was not a good night sleep wise. I have been having a pain in my rib on the left side. It doesn't seem to get better for either side I try to sleep on. I am starting to realize things are not always going to be as beautiful as they have been these first 18 weeks.

People have been commenting on how they think I am glowing or how cute I look. For that, thank you thank you! But I have heard how people say they really loved being pregnant. I haven't got to that point yet. I am blessed and happy to be able to experience this. I can't wait to meet them and hold them and feed them but I just haven't felt the love of being pregnant. Now they aren't kicking like crazy yet and maybe I just haven't really reached the reality of all this. I still, to this moment can't believe this is me in this body. Anyways...

I had a Dr appointment on last Thursday. The Dr talked a lot about what to look for with perterm labor, what a contraction might feel like, refraining from excessive activity, making sure if I feel as though I am having a contraction to relax and drink some water and to pay attention if they are regular, symtoms of perclampsia, and such.
So I go back in 2 weeks and then I will start seeing my OB every week. They will monitor me for contractions and measure my cervix. (sorry to all those who would rather not know I have a cervix). However, a shortening of the cervix is a sign of possible pre-term labor. Then I will be hooked to a monitor to look for contractions I might not feel. So we are getting close to babies! This pregnancy might just be interesting after all.


  1. Baby I know it is getting time to start feeling uncomfortable. It is getting closer and then you will be able to hold the little creations you have made and all that you have been through will all be worth it. Just look at it as one more day closer to that exciting day. God has made it so that when you hold them little amazing people in your arms and look at them for the first time all the days you couldnt walk or see your belly button and toes and couldnt sleep at night or put your arms around marcus you forget everything else. The love that you will have for them at that moment is a love you will never feel ever again in your life time. It changes everything. You and marcus will know it was all worth it and will share for the rest of your life.It is a bond that is stronger then anything else. Im so happy you and marcus have been blessed with this time in your lifes. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. yoU AND MARCUS ARE AWESOME AND LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH. jUST GET REST WHEN YOU FEEL YOU NEED TO AND DONT OVER WORK YOURSELF. tELL NEXT TIME i LOVE YOU ALL .. GOD BLESS AND YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY PRAYERS SWEETY.Things are going to be great. love you MOMMA

  2. Hey just an Idea. Check the scooter store. Thsy say if your insurance dont pay for it they will give it to you free. LOL


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