Monday, June 22, 2009

21 Weeks

Me in work cloths. I have resorted to something that will compensate for my belly for more than two weeks. I bought a really cute shirt around 4 months gestation. Wore it once about 2 weeks ago. Tried to wear it Friday...Yeah right! Top half and belly, all bustin' out. I would have needed 6 safety pins, and I don't have time for that. I can't hardly wake up in the mornings as it is, no matter what time I go to bed, 6pm or 10pm...I still push snooze for 45 minutes. Anyways, belly pants, at the price I am willing to pay for them, are nearly nonexistent. I just can't see spending $40 on pants I will wear for maybe 6-8 more weeks. The dress above isn't even a maternity dress...12 bucks at ROSS. Love Ross! I have a few cute dresses that I found that work perfectly for work attire. I also love Motherhood Maternity, but $26 for a shirt...for mom's that will go 9 months that probably isn't so bad, for me...probably not the most economical purchase.

Ok...So this is me @ 9 months with one baby in the belly. (Happy face)

This is me at 5 months with 3 babies in the belly. (I want to sit down face)
No, not really, but I did have a doctor's appointment today. I have a uterus the size of a full term pregnancy now. The doctor asked if I have any pains, and I told her my ribs have been hurting. The 40 week uterus is responsible... Hate to know how my 46 or 52 week uterus will make me feel. Can you imagine? Marcus thought the doctor might place me on bed rest today, but I left the office with an appointment for July 6th and no prescription for bed rest. He claims I fibbed to the doctor today about my aches and pains. First, I am pretty sure I haven't had any contractions, and when we talk about "pains", I am not sure if the things I feel at this point are considered "pains" or if I am passing them off as pains that I should be having because I have nearly 3 pounds of babies in there. (Which by the way is larger than they should be at 21 weeks!! Yeah!) There are a lot of things I feel and realize about my activity that is no longer comfortable. I hardly sleep at night. Places on my body have been hurting for a while. My ribs have bothered me for weeks. I am pretty sure yesterday was the last time I will be scrubbing my bathroom toilets (to my normal standards of scrubbing anyway, so if you visit my house after this last weekend...I'll leave a can of Lysol in the restrooms and you can clean the toilet when your done). My feet seem to stay swollen lately, but I still feel at this point as though this is just what I am supposed to be feeling if I am carrying triplets. I don't know...Second, I just need 2 more weeks. I need to make it through the 2nd week of July. Marcus said I was all nonchalant so that I could make it two more weeks. Yes and no...we'll see if I make it. I do feel I might be pushing my limits.

Just the Belly
So to close out, I have an appointment with the specialist next week. Then I will see the OB on 7/6/09. They will be checking the babies at the specialist appointment, and the OB will be checking to make sure I am not dilating. How she explained it is, the body knows my uterus is full term at this point and it will think that it is time to give birth. Pretty smart for an organ if you ask me. They will check my cervix and if I am dilating then I will need to be checked for contractions. Other wise I will be visiting the OB weekly after 7/6/09 and they will start hooking me to the monitor the following week if all is ok. She also told me that I will be taking 2 steroid shots possibly some time next month to help mature the babies lungs just in case. Till next time...

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