Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All is well.

The doctor's appointment today went well. Dr. Brown-Elliott checked nearly everything you can think of. The hearts, the parts of the brain, the kidneys, the stomach, the left aorta, and right aorta, the four chambers of the heart, the size of the arm and leg bones, the upper lip (make sure there is not a cleft), you name it times 3. Again, all looks well. Baby B (Deuce) has a little bit of extra amniotic fluid, which can be caused by a number of things. Kidney or heart disease, brain something or other, but she says it is unexplained. He doesn't have any signs of anything that could be a cause for it, and it really is nothing to worry about at this point. Baby C's (Jevin) fluid was good as was Mia's. We did finally get a pretty good profile shot of Deuce today. He was actually fairly cooperative today. I didn't post the sonos, because really they look like they did 2 weeks many profiles do you guys really want to see. Second, I am a little frustrated with how long it has been taking for my photos to load to the blog page when I post them. When I posted the pics from our photo setting, took them an hour to load...not kidding! However, if you all would like to see them I will post them...their little faces are so so cute. When the doctor was looking at Mia's lip, you could see her chewing! How dang cute is that?!? If you guys keep up with the widget week to week, it says that they eat amniotic fluid. Yuck! They actually urinate in there too...but Dr. Brown assures me it isn't the same as ours. Brings new meaning to potty mouth huh? Then the best for last... One baby is 14 oz.(I think it was Jevin), one baby is 15 oz.(maybe Mia), and Deuce weighs a whole pound now! Yeah for him.

I will post a 21 week pic Friday or Saturday. I feel so huge! Man! I have an appointment with my OB on Monday. I'll let you know how that goes. I think after this appointment I will be going weekly. Uggh! I need to go, but the drive...just for today, I drove enough miles to dang near drive to Oklahoma City. 40 to work, 60 to the Dr. 60 back to work and 40 home.... It wouldn't be so bad if I could just get the first appointment of the day with Dr. Brown but someone has taken our spot...and the OB is pretty easy, I can usually get her last appointment, but anyways....

One last thing, I have to tell you about my alpha dog, Cali. Her hormones....I don't know about her, but she is loosing her mind. I am pretty sure at this point she senses I am pregnant and has taken an active roll in guarding me from everyone, including Marcus. She lays by the couch with me until I go to bed, and the other night when Marcus came to wake to go up stairs she growled at him. She won't let West near me. 4 months ago, all Cali wanted to do was eat and go upstairs to bed. She didn't want anything to do with me (unless I was feeding her). West used to be the one to lay by the couch with me. Now she eats and goes straight to bed herself. If Cali is in the living room, I have to beg West to come to me. It is funny to see. It is a little flattering, I will 7 pound miniture pincher all big, bad, and protective...just to add to the humor, our other dog is a pit bull. Terrified of the mini pin!

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