Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So, I have officially been eliminated. Monday my perinatoligist put me on bed rest. I made it to 24 weeks and 2 days. As usual, the doctor checks my cervix. My cervix started out around 4.5 cm. Two weeks ago it measured 3.8 cm. Monday it measured 2.3 cm. In the last 4 weeks it has shrank over 2 cm. I asked the doctor what that means...she said "It means your cervix is not as long as it used to be." So to keep the pressure off of it, I have been ordered to bed rest... I could sense that it was coming. I told Marcus I didn't think they would put me out Monday, but I would be surprised if I made it past my next appointment and not have been placed on bed rest. I can definitely tell things are changing. I have been asked how I feel. Truth is, I am not sure how I am supposed to feel so I don't really know that I am feeling bad. This past weekend did wear on me a bit. I wasn't all that active and Sunday evening did not feel well at all. Such small amounts of activity really tire me now. I have 8 to 11 more weeks before we want the babies to be here, preferably 11, but I am a little apprehensive of what is to come.

Other than that, the babies are still doing good. Mia weighs 1lb 9oz, Deuce weighs 1lb 12oz, and Jevin weighs 1lb 10 oz. Their weight is very good. We were not told which percentile this is, but Dr. Brown-Elliot said this is very good. The heart rates were all in the 140's, also good.

I have to say, the babies are moving like crazy! Last night when Marcus and I went to bed, Mia was kicking up a storm. I told Marcus she was kicking and any minute she would wake the other two up. Sure enough, before we knew it, the other two were in there kicking. They seem to be pretty active at night. Maybe because I have to move around to get situated in bed, but I hope this doesn't prove to be there favorite time to be awake when they come. There are definite patters when they are awake and moving. Usually in the mornings around 8am, then 11ish, 2 ish, 6ish, and evenings around 9ish. Don't ask me why I have paid attention to this. I couldn't tell you. I usually do the same things everyday, drive to work, Glenda goes to lunch, time to go to the bank, my drive home, and bedtime, so I guess I have related it to when I am doing something else.

In addition to all the movement, I has been difficult to eat for a few weeks now. I can tell they are restricting the size of my stomach. After I eat, I feel at any moment, if I breath too deep, I might just throw up. Rather annoying, people have told me to eat smaller meals, but most times I can't help myself. Food is yummy!

Well stay tuned for the 24 week picture. I will get one posted in a day or two. I have an OB appointment Monday, and high risk appointment Tuesday.


  1. hi kimmie, i am so glad that you are on bed rest now..take advantage of it. don't clean the house and do things around the house that you have put off doing..please rest it is important...we don't want to start labor...the pressure of the baby's cam start this so stay layed down...and on your back as much as you can with your head proped (is it one or two) lol.... up...the babies are tickeled pink when you lay down because they can finally stretch and get a little relaxing instead of being piled on top of each other ha...just picture a bag of potatoes when you pick it up and then when you lay it down flat...same with the babies.... love you to see more NANA

  2. hey kimmie you need to be on bed rest.hope you stay in bed a lot you will nedd will not get much sleep when they are born so get a lot now.hope you are doing great. have lotz of fun on bed love Payge

  3. HEY YiPPie. No more nothing. Your going to like Right. They babies move around the most when you are relaxed. All you kids did at that time. You will get use to it and will be able to sleep right through it. Dont know about your size though. Havent ever seen a belly look like yours. But then again I havent ever seen anyones belly that was having three lil ones. You do look amazing though.I thought the dr said to stay off your back. Didnt you almost pass out while laying down at the dr office. Well just do what the dr says. They are the ones that know best.. Hurry and send some more pics. Nows the time your going to be growing fast. Every day will show...Cant wait. Im going to try to get back that way before the babies come and help you get your nesting done. Love ya honey and just take it easy. I have an old bed pan it you need it.. METEL ONE.... Love you Sweety

  4. gee mom is incourageing huh...that is taking bed rest to an extreme lol love yah take care see you soon....NANA


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