Thursday, July 30, 2009

26 weeks...

So, I missed 25 weeks. Very sorry. But no worries, here I am in my too small T and my way too big boy shorts or as Hayden would call them, Markie pants. This has become my daily attire. Now that I am not able to work anymore, there is no need to spend any more $ on maternity clothing just to lay on my couch everyday. I will try to find something some what presentable to go to the doctor in as I still do have some self conscious tendencies.

So the first two weeks have not been too too bad so far. I do look forward to doctor's appointments since this is nearly the only time I get to leave my home. I keep trying to tell myself that I just have to make it 5-7 more weeks. This is all for the babies. This is all for the babies. This is all for the babies. Thankfully, I do still have permission for some limited mobility. I can go to the restroom and make myself a quick meal. So, at this point I am not completely confined.

My appointment on Monday was fine. I had the glucose screening, which I just found out earlier today that I failed. This screening is to test for gestational diabetes and what they look for are sugars under 140. I was 146...Seriously?! So I go in tomorrow morning for a 3 hour screening to retest my blood sugars. Nice!! Other than that, I had no contractions show on the monitor and it still doesn't appear I have dilated any.

The bad news for right now is I have began to develop stretch marks. Can you believe it? I was sooo disappointed. I have religiously put on the magic belly potion for 25 weeks and had not seen any sign of them. Then beginning maybe Saturday or so, my skin kept hurting off and on all day. So of course, trying to look and see if I could tell why it was hurting, I found them! The only way I can explain the pain is...You know how you have set on a leather (or pleather) seat and ripped your skin off of it after sitting there for a while. Ouch! So off and on throughout the day I have this aching tight belly skin...I knew weeks ago I didn't have much left to accommodate three little growing babies in there, but I was still being completely optimistic. I am sure once they arrive, all of the pain and marks they leave me with won't matter at all.

I will let ya'll know how it goes tomorrow. I am going to have her check for contractions again while I am in there. Yesterday I had some weird pains along my side


  1. Its all apart of the process Kim. You are doing so well,sooooo keep up the good work, its all for the babies.... Wanted to let you and Marcus know i enjoyed my visit with you guys on Saturday. It won't be long before we will see the new additions to the family!!! I'm soooo excited for you and Marcus, life will never be the a very good way. Hang in there niecy. I love you guys soooooooooo much!!!!!

  2. well you are doing good if you are just now starting to get those little baby marks. But I can start to see yur belly button again. I thought for awhile that it was gone for sure. But it is doing the norm now. Sticking OUT. LOL. Its good to hear you are still doing good. Its not much longer honey and all this will be so so worth it. Your lives will be complete. Let us know how the appointment goes. If you need any advice ask ashley she had to go through that with anthony. Love you hon we'll see ya next post.

  3. hi, kim it is getting soooo close and still so far away..huh..i know you think time has stood still..but it will be real soom only a month and maybe 1/2 but look how far you have you everything will be ok you are doing you see you soom....LOVE NANA


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