Friday, August 7, 2009

27 Weeks!!

I've made it to 27 weeks and it is looking promising that I will make it to at least 32 weeks. Actually tomorrow, I will be 28 weeks. My appointment with the perinatologist went well. My cervix hasn't shortened anymore, but there is some funneling. Funneling is where the top of my cervix shows a funnel shaped opening when pressure is applied to my uterus, but Dr. Brown-Elliot seems to be optimistic that I am going to get to the next milestone. She said she was worried when she decided to put me on bed rest, but is happy with the decision to do so.

I had an appointment with the OB afterwards. The toco monitor looked as though I might have had a few contractions, but she feels this is expected. I didn't feel them if they were really contractions. I haven't had any real pains that I would be concerned about. Dr. Silver just said if I do feel like I am having contractions and they last more than a minute to let her know. I will probably be doing my steroid shots next week. Just in case. If I happen to make it to 35 weeks then I will probably take another set of steroid shots as the ones next week will only be effective for about 4 weeks.

My little people in there have went from ever so gentle punches to showing me how well they are growing and like to give me a real good kick or punch every now and then. And several times throughout the day they have shown me how they have become miniature contortionists. They like to get in this awful position that is very uncomfortable in which I politely ask them to please please just move back to a place in mommy's belly that will be most comfortable for the both of us. And very good news, Mia is 2lb 6oz, Deuce is 2lb 8oz, and Jevin is 2lb 3oz. All of them, according to the paper work from Dr. Brown, showed to be in around the 50th percentile. Not too bad huh? The sono was also too cute. Jevin was in there munching. You could see his cute little lips moving like he was chewing. It was so cute. Mia was practicing her breathing skills. You could see here belly rise and fall. Deuce...wants to keep all of his tricks secret. Of course he is never in a good position to be very visible. Truly, there is just not much room left in there. Baby parts are everywhere!

I posted a few pics. One is a pic CeCe took while she baby sat me Thursday. The other is a picture of me on the scooter at Walmart. A little self conscious, riding around on a motorized buggy and all, but have to do what you have to do I guess. At least I got out of the house... I really can't get around all that well without getting winded anyways. Walking up or down my stairs leaves me out of breath. I thought this to be odd, but if you think that all of your abdominal organs are pushed into your chest, it only makes sense I would have a reduced lung capacity. I don't frequent the stairs. Only once in the morning as I journey to my favorite couch and once at night to go to bed. I get enough movement back and forth to the restroom all day long.

Well, I have an OB appointment next Wednesday. I go back to the specialist on 8/20. Wish us luck! We need at least 32 weeks gestation!

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  1. Kim,
    I've followed your blog since Marcus sent it to me back in April! I've enjoyed reading about your journey and remembering that just one year ago, my little guy was growing in my belly as well (just one though not 3 :o) ). You continue to look amazing and its so obvious that these babies are loved so much! Rob and I are so excited for you guys! There's no doubt that you've got 3 lucky babies in there! You are doing an awesome job keeping yourself occupied and protecting those little ones. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you, and if you're interested, I'm sure I've got lots of stuff I can pass to you (of course thats either new or gently used) all boy this time around.
    If any of your friends are putting together a dinner/meal list for after the little ones arrive, please let me know, I'd love to do what I can to help you guys out!
    Lori Aguam :0)


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