Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Passed!

I just found out I passed the three hour glucose test from Friday. Not sure why I failed the first one. Must have been the half a dozen yummy chocolaty, butterscotchy, cookie bars I ate Sunday. Oh well, the good news is I don't have gestational diabetes!! Thank goodness.

Bed rest is still going well. I do wish I was able to still do the things I used to. It is hard accepting that I shouldn't be doing dishes or housework. It makes me feel bad even having Marcus be the primary person responsible for making sure all the things around the house get done. He doesn't complain a bit, but I wish I could be of some assistance. As I get further along, it really sets in that I have to do everything in my power to protect the babies, and it just isn't in my best interest to be up and around. Things can change at any moment. Instead of being excited for my Dr. Appointments, I am now nervous. I think, as I am approaching 28 weeks, these babies can come at anytime, and as I have learned, a great visit last time, doesn't mean the next visit will be the same. I do a pretty good job of laying on the couch all day though. Marcus and CeCe have tried to come up with things to keep me occupied. I still have my sanity. I have had a day here and there where I have been slightly emotional about being so confined, but it passes quickly.

I have been thinking quite a bit lately about how I really need to take the time to cherish this time of my life. I will never experience pregnancy again, and I am certainly blessed that I have been given the opportunity to experience it now. Some friends of our asked me if the pregnancy has been enjoyable, and I responded, "Not really." Aside from getting to feel the babies move and the early excitement of seeing the little people on the sonograms, I haven't really sat back and "enjoyed" the pregnancy. I have had an easy pregnancy until recently, and truly it hasn't been a bad pregnancy as of recent. I have had minor aches, pains, and struggled a bit to get around for some time, but I guess I just haven't stopped to realize how precious this really is. So my goal for the next 5-7 weeks is to focus on all the special things about being blessed with this pregnancy. I used to pray for Jesus to allow me this experience, and I am afraid I will forget what it was like after this is all over with.

Talk to you later this week.

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  1. hi kimmie, i will slow down and maybe hit the right keys, i guess i should proof read before i post it...huh.. you are doing great kim keep it up the time will be here before you know it...i can't wait...you are in our prayers at church also.. love you see you soon...love NANA


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