Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a Little Update

The doctors appointment went well yesterday. The monitor didn't show any true contractions, but there were some little tiny hills that would suggest there is some "uterine activity" which can cause contractions. I did take a steroid shot yesterday and went back this morning for my second shot to mature the babies lungs, So I am sure they are in there just "practicing" breathing like crazy. It is crazy that a few little shots can prep their lungs so quickly for life outside. It sure makes me feel better about the fact that they could come anytime (hopefully not till September) and they have a better chance at being healthy. I will say the shot itself does not feel too good when it is injected and about 10 minutes after it is injected. Stings like heck!

The babies have been moving like crazy lately. It seems when one stops another starts. There still are the few hours of complete quiet, but sometimes, even though I feel bad, just wish they would lay still. Then again, I am glad at the same time they are so active. When I start to feel as though they haven't been as active as normal, I start to get worried.

Then, sleep for myself has definitely become a chore. I haven't slept all that well for a while but here lately it has nearly driven me to insanity. I don't know that I sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. The left side hurts, the right side hurts, I definitely can't lay on my back. I get this hot feeling running through my spine similar to the time I almost passed out at the doctors office, so I am sure my circulation is not good on my back, and the feeling through my spine is not comfortable. I don't know what to do. I wish I could sleep on my tummy like I used to 6 months ago, but that is out of the question. Ugh! I guess this is natures way of preparing me to be up most the night for the first few months of motherhood.

I see everyone is starting to get their guesses going. Some have a strategy, very to read though...

My next Dr. Appointment is 8/20/09. I have the OB and the Perinatologist on the same day.


  1. it is the weekend and i won't get to see anything until monday..have a nice are doing great another week down and we will take it just a week at a you guys and will see you before you know it...Love NANA

  2. awww man! Kim you better hold those kids in as long as you can! That way we dont have to see gma for a while! JUST KIDDING NANA! We love you lots!!!! xoxoxo


  3. I love you guys sooo much!!!! I am really really really proud of you five... thats funny! I plan on taking some time off work to come down when you have the babies. Now that I got a promotion it will be easier to score some off time. I was looking through your pics and you could sell some of those on!!! Eh??? a little diper money. I love you dude! Tell my brother in law I said I love him and I miss u guys!

    I've been and will continue praying your family!


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