Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 Weeks

Yeah, so it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I am sure everyone is curious about what has been going on. Honestly...not much. My doctors appointments have been going pretty well. I have been going weekly to the OB, and I spend about 20 minutes hooked to a contraction monitor thingy. I have had some little hills here and there on the monitor that look as though they might possibly be contractions, but they are not regular enough to warrant any worry, and I am not dilated at all. Again, it is just a week at a time now. I have already had my steroid shots for the babies lungs. The only thing that will happen at this point is IF I do start to have regular contractions with in 10 minutes of each other, I will need to take meds to stop them. Last week my sonogram showed my cervix has shrank some, but the doctor said "At this point, who cares?!?" So as long as she isn't concerned, I won't be either. While I am still a few weeks from our goal of 32 weeks, if they were to come at this point they have 90% chance of survival. As of the 20th Mia and Jevin weigh 2lb and 13oz, and Deuce weighs 3lb and 1oz.

Well, I haven't posted any pics in a while either. I guess since this belly is hooked to my body, I don't realize that it has grown much. Boy was I wrong! Check this out!! This is my birthday belly shot! Turned 33 yesterday and this is my 30 week belly. I think every thing about it is yucky! As you can see, I got all dressed up for my special day. I was going to photoshop off the stretch marks, but at this point why should I really care...I am posting pics to my blog that I would normally never even show my husband so oh well.

So I am still hanging in there. I have had momentary periods of emotional break downs. Very few though. Last week I was taking a shower and it finally hit me...my last few weeks of non-motherhood would be spent in these four walls of my house. My daily soap is quite possibly the highlight of my day. I can't go shopping, run around town, sweep my own floor, do my own dishes, or hardly anything for that matter. So, I got me a good cry in. Then I felt completely selfish. Like, really? Here I am, sad about all the things I can't do? Can't I just happy for the fact that I have had a good, healthy pregnancy, and deep down, don't I really want what is best for them? Of course! So, I got over myself after 20 minutes or so. Then yesterday, Marcus took me to breakfast for my birthday. Then we went to Walmart to look at rugs. It was not fun. I quickly decided that I would rather not shop after all. And of course, I thought I could walk to the rugs so I didn't get the buggy. I quickly regretted that decision! After 5 minutes, I was ready to go! It wasn't going to be an actual shopping spree by all means, just run in see what rugs they have and leave, but that was still too much for me. I definitely would rather be at home. I don't know exactly what it is...if I just haven't been very mobile for 6 weeks, or if I really just can't tote these babies around. Probably a combination of both. Well enjoy the post. Hopefully I won't be so lazy these next few weeks, but I can't promise anything...

Oh yeah! Don't forget to post you guess for the babies birth date...scroll down a bit and add your comments if you haven't done so already. My sister's man guessed the 28th I think...how nervous do you think that makes me? 28th...throwing that out there in the universe like that...better not jinx me or I will take my guitar back...


  1. gee....kim you have gained a little...just rest we can't come until after the 3rd,,,ha....oh well they will come when they want to, regardlesws what we say...take care and will see you soon..love you guys..God Bless..NANA

  2. OK honey, Im going to predict sept 17th. that is aunt veras birthday. Wouldnt that be a blessing. You being her first baby and you having your babies on the day she was born. So there you go that is the date i predict. you were her everything. She loved you soo ssoooo much and you her to. You still look good hon for holding 3 lil one in there and the strech mark will go away after they get here if you keep putting on the magic cream. well love you and we will head that way as soon as you get the word your having the kiddletts. love you.

  3. oh and dont cry. that makes me feel sad to. Save it cuz you will see alot of that when they get here.lol they will keep ya busy though. you are just to funny


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