Tuesday, September 1, 2009

31 Weeks!!...(and 3 days)

Oh my gosh ya'll! We have made it to 31 weeks with no complications! I think I have 2 or 3 more weeks in me. 35 weeks would be awesome but 4 weeks sounds like such a long time. I am not sure I can handle 4 more weeks. I would do it for the kiddos though. Whatever it takes to give them the best possible chances of being completely healthy. Well nearly whatever it takes...I am sure I could be more confined to the couch then what I have been. However, let me clarify, I have done pretty pretty good sitting on my butt for the most part. It is hard to be strong willed enough to follow doctors instructions 100%. Especially because I want so badly to help Marcus manage our life, our home, etc.

I also heard from the doctor's office Monday about the test that the doctor did Thursday. Turns out the lab was not able to run the test, and the test was time sensitive so they could not run the test Monday because too much time had passed. I will see a different doctor this week just to meet the other doctors at my doctor's office in case my OB is not on call when I deliver. Then next week I will see Dr. Silver again and her nurse said she will rerun the test next week...However, if you think about it, next week I will be close to 34 weeks when I go in for my appointment. I am pretty sure I will be delivering within 2 weeks from next Thursday.

Our furniture finally finally FINALLY got here. After a month...We were originally told we would be receiving our furniture July 16th, if not no later then July 29. Our furniture arrived August 29th. The furniture store did deliver and set up the cribs for us so that was one less thing that Marcus needed to plan for. The furniture is beautiful! I love it. It kind of finalizes this whole adventure in some odd way. I can't keep myself out of their rooms. Just to imagine little babies in their cribs. Our 2 other bedrooms finally feel like our kids rooms. I will post pictures soon...once everything is situated and the bedding is on (way cute by the way).

High risk and OB appointments Thursday. Talk to you later this week.


  1. kimmie, your doing great, just think how far you've come and four weeks will go by before you know it one week at a time. don't look at it as 4 weeks and it won't seem so long. can't wait to see the nursery... this will take up some of your days planning on where everything goes..huh...don't do anything until cece can help you....she felt better last night....love you just rest...because there won't be any sleep when you get the babies home so while they are in the hospital rest all you can and get your strength back ready for them to come home, tell everone when you want to rest so there won't be people coming all the time and wearing you out.. you will have to set a time for you and marcus....so much bossing...love you take care and will see you soon.....NANA

  2. Kimmie, you look wonderful. How exciting it must be looking forward to holding your babies.It sounds like you have everything taken care of, it won't be to much longer. You have done such a great job on this blog, your writing is very interesting. Can't wait to see the trio when they are finally here. Get rested up now. Aunt Jana


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