Thursday, September 10, 2009

No girls allowed!

Here are some pics of the boys' room.


  1. Kim you are doing GREAT! Yay on the negative FFN test. PLEASE PLEASE let us know if you need anything... food, an emergency ride (God forbid) to the hospital, any errands run, or letting the dogs out to potty when you are in the hospital. We are right here and would love to help you out, seriously. Our neighbors saved us when we were in and I know how much it helped to have peace of mind when I couldn't be home. The boy's room looks great, I think you told me our boy's had the same bedding... if you didn't well they do! We have good taste ;)

    Kepp on keepin' on little momma!!!
    Heather Cox

  2. Kimmy I told you that it was going to be October 2nd when you have those little bundles of joy LOL Donna

  3. Hey there Kim! You look fantastic!! I'm so excited for you. Can you believe its almost time. Seems like yesterday you were standing in my office telling us you were pregnant with THREE babies!!! I know this has been an emotional journey for you. Its been emotional for me Thank you for letting us be a part of your family by keeping us posted:)


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