Monday, September 28, 2009

A Day at a Time

Jevin Sleeping

Mia With Her Eyes Open

Deuce Sleeping

Deuce, Jevin & Daddy


Good morning all. I thought I would post a quick update. I am home now. I was discharged Saturday. That was a very difficult day! It was so hard leaving knowing my babies had to stay and some nurse would be holding and spending time with my babies that I wanted to be my time.

The babies, however, are doing good! Each day is an improvement. They will stay in the hospital until they are gaining weight and taking all their feedings by bottle. Right now they take 3-4 feedings a day by bottle and the rest are tube fed. Jevin is doing really well with the nipple feedings. Deuce has made improvements, but Mia just doesn't want to spend her time working at eating. She wants to look around and listen to you talk. She has inherited the nosey gene...

All of the babies are gaining weight, so one requirement of being released is being met. Now they just need to bottle feed. All babies lose weight in the first week or so and I am proud to announce that all of them are back to their birth weight as of yesterday. Mia did lose some weight yesterday but she was moved from the islet to the crib with her brothers Saturday and the nurses say that it is expected that she will lose some weight the first few days because she has to use her own energy to maintain her body heat.

They are all so beautiful! When we go to feed they are usually awake and the feeling of them looking at you as if they know you and love every word that comes out of your mouth is so awesome.

Here are a few pics. I will post updates as I get time. Headed to the hospital!!

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