Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We're Making Progress Every Day!

The Thompson Trio .........................................................Mia and Deuce. She loves him...

The boys. Swaddled together..Precious...............................Mia and Deuce. Shhhhhhh!

The babies Sleeping with the Dandle Dolls.........................Mia and Deuce. Ahhhhhhh

I am glad to say the kidos are making progress every day. Jevin gained 3 ounces yesterday. Seems like a lot when they were only gaining tenths of an ounce here and there. All of them are back to their birth weight or better which is unusual for one week of age. Most babies, from what the pediatrician says don't reach birth weight until around 2 weeks old. Mia has been holding her body temp. really good. They have all increased from 3 to 4 bottle feedings a day. If they do well at 4 a day for the next day or two then they will be increased to 6 a day. Once they can take all 8 feedings by bottle for 2-4 days then they will be able to come home. The doctor sounded as if one of them could be home in about a week. Simply amazing! It does change day to day though. Just 2 days ago the doctor felt it would be at least 2 weeks before anyone would be able to leave the hospital. If I had to pick, based upon what I have seen, I think Jevin might be the first one home, but that is just my educated guess. Deuce is the smallest so I don't expect him first. It's hard to say...I just can't wait until they are home with us.

They nurses are all surprised at how well they are doing. I am thankful of their health and development this far. I do have some remorse for those babies that are in the NICU who have been there months or who are so sick or tiny and on CPAPs or Nasal Cannula's, etc. When the nurses complement the progress of the trio I sometimes wish they would whisper. Here we are 34 weeks gestation, no oxygen, breathing on their own, gaining weight, doing well at nippling, and there are babies fighting for their lives...so sad at times...Hard to take the praise on occasion.

I have some pics from yesterday the 28th. When I arrived, a nurse had made name tags for the babies. In my emotional state, it almost made me cry. Then the cutest thing of all, they has swaddled the boys together. They were just so lovey! They tube fed for the 11am feeding so then Mia and Deuce were swaddled together so that I could hold all three of them comfortably while they were eating. Mia wasn't too happy at first. Deuce loved it. Once they both fell asleep it was beautiful. The Dandle dolls are little dolls the mom sleeps with so they have the mom's scent on them. The picture of the boys really shows how much they look alike. I know they are identical, but to me they didn't resemble each other as I would expect. The weight difference, to me, changes their features a bit.

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  1. Gosh Kim... so sweet. Brings back so many memories! Don't feel bad about the compliments, I totally know how you feel when there are others around not doing well at all, but you busted your tail to keep them as long as you could and you should be proud! You are one blessed momma!


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