Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are you sure these are my babies???

Ahhh...Sweet little Jevin
A close up of Jev's man boobs.

I am telling ya, obsessed with the blinds

My not so little Deuce man

I finally finally got Lil Deuce with a big smile. We were playing "I'm gonna get your chubby lil cheeks. Yes I am. Those chubby lil cheeks. I'm gonna get 'em..." If you scroll down and check out the pic of Jevin smiling in his sleep, their smiles are just alike. It is crazy!!

"Oh My Gosh, Oh My Gosh!!! Mommy is gonna pick me up!!!"

"...she didn't pick me uuuuuup."

I notice the kids do this pose quite often when they are asleep. I'm not really sure why. I call them the spirit fingers or Hallelujah hands.

Well, I have been trying to post pics to this darn blog for almost a week. For some reason it just wasn't working from the lap top. Then I was able to get a few posted of the football jumpers, and my desktop computer wanted to act up when I tried to post some more pics for this blog entry. So ya'll better enjoy! Between homework, dirty diapers, feedings every 3 hours, bottle washing, the one child here and there that would like to stay awake between feedings, etc., this blog entry has been a pain in the you know what!

Everyday it just seems like I wake up to new babies. They are getting so big! Tuesday Jevin weighed 8lb 8oz, Deuce weighed 7lb 10oz, and Mia weighed 7lb. In four days they gained almost a half a pound each. It is so crazy. As of now, developmentally, their adjusted age is that of a newborn baby. The adjusted age goes by when they were technically supposed to be born (October 31st). Although they are just a little over a week away from being 2 months old, they are not doing things a 2 month old baby would do yet. However, Mia I think is very close. She can lift her whole upper body up and hold her head up for a long long time. She is starting to make little noises that are cute little baby cooing sounds, but you can tell it is purely by accident. It is not a social cooing. She rolled belly to back 2x's yesterday. I thought it might be an accident so I rolled her back to her tummy and she wasn't too happy so she rolled herself over again. I guess Mia decided since she was going to be the smallest now, she had to be the best at something. I am convinced she will be walking by 4 months. Mia, however, is further below the normal growth curve then the boys. The boys are very close to reaching the growth curve in their weight. Their heads are already on the growth curve though. This is surely the reason why they aren't able to lift their heads all that well with tummy time. The doctor did say that girls will lag a little behind, growth wise, longer then boys will. Motor skill wise though, girls develop faster. He said he thinks by about 4 months, give or take, all of them should be right on track for where they should be gestationally, but they will most likely always be in about the 25th percentile or lower. I just don't know if I will every be able to express how truly thankful I am that they are doing so well. I can't thank God enough. I know this was all his work, his plan. To think if they would have been born just a week or two earlier things might have been very very different for them.


  1. WOW Kim, great post! These pics are some of the best so far.... their little faces, BEAUTIFUL! and Mia ROLLING??!! HOLY COW!! We just recently accomplished that here at our house! So glad all is going well and seriously cute cute cute babies :)

  2. Hi guys---What good pictures, just send their monthlty pic. that would be fine. They are growing so big. What cuties, they are getting their personalities. Love you guys, hope to see you before long..I get my teeth the 28 of Jan. so it will be after that... LOVE NANA


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