Friday, November 6, 2009

We had our RSV Shots

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Written Friday November 6th~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Yesterday we took the kids for their Synigas shots. So so sad. They were all being good and were happy. Then the big bad nurse stuck them in the leg and they stopped breathing for 3 seconds and cried their little faces off. :( Mia was pretty tough. She didn't cry as long as the boys. Tough girl!! So, we learned a little more about RSV. Did anyone know that a cough travels 12 feet, and germs live on hard surfaces for up to 4-5 days? The nurse also told us to keep smaller kids from kissing the babies on their face and hands. They can kiss the tops of their heads or their feet. How cute! We also got some bad news. The insurance company only approved us for one shot. The shots we got yesterday. The shots only protect the babies from RSV for 28 days and we haven't even gotten that far into RSV season. RSV season ends in Marchish, Aprilish. RSV hasn't even peaked yet. The nurse said that earlier this year insurance companies decided that one shot should protect babies enough if they were born after 32 weeks. We won't really be taking the babies out of the house at all, but it would still be nice to have a little more peace of mind. We are gonna try to get the insurance to approve our 3rd injection. That would at least protect them through December. And the injections doesn't guarantee they won't get RSV but it boosts their immune system to HELP prevent it. We have hand sanitizer everywhere

And I have some crazy news! The triplets were all weighed yesterday. Jevin is weighing in at a whopping 8lb 1oz. He is a chunk! It is funny because you can really tell the difference in his weight from the other 2 when you pick him up. Deuce passed Mia. He weighs 7lb 1oz. Mia weighs 6lb 7oz. Miss thing is our tiniest baby now. We have some theories on why, like she doesn't sleep enough. She is awake and alert quite a bit more then the boys. They say babies grow when they are sleeping. However, she will sleep for 4-5 hours straight sometimes too. Not sure what her deal is. Really it might be more because of reflux. She spits up every now and then, and she squirms when she is eating. The nurse also said that she might not spit up out of her mouth but if we have noticed she makes funny faces when eating sometimes, it is still coming up, just not out of her mouth. Then, previously, we changed her to a slow flow nipple because she was taking a lot of air when she would eat. We thought the squirming was because she needed to burp from all the air she would swallow. With the slower flow nipple she seems to be full before she finishes her entire bottle, so she isn't eating as much as the boys. The boys will drink 2-4 ounces each feeding.

Stay tuned. I will try to post some recent pictures today or tomorrow.


  1. ugh! sorry about the shots and not being approved for the season :( keep those babies locked up.... TIGHT! and keep those sickies away!

    and holy cow 8lbs.... go big jevin go!

  2. Good job Deuce! Keep up the good work. Don't let a girl beat you! (I still think Mia is going to rule. Sorry Boys)


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