Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello & Halloween

Hello all! Well things are going well over here in Triplet land. The babies are growing and changing nearly everyday. Cloths that fit them last week don't fit them this week. The boys look more and more alike by the second. They all are so incredibly precious I can't even explain it!

Since their one month birthday not too much has happened. As many moms of preemies know, it is RSV season. I am sure this is a concern for even mom's who don't have preemies too, but it is one of the many things you have to be careful of this time of year. For preemies, RSV can be a deadly illness, mainly because preemie's immune systems are not as developed as a full term baby's immune system. So the triplets will get a series of three shots to help prevent RSV. They had their first shots before leaving the hospital. They are due for their second shot this coming week. The shot it's self is rather expensive. Somewhere around $1200 each (x 3). Well, last week the doctor's office called and informed me they were getting ready to submit it to the insurance and there was a possibility the injections might not be approved. The triplets needed to have 2 risk factors. Being multiples was not enough. They needed to attend a child care facility for at least 4 hours a week, have another sibling in the home, be around a smoker, and there were a few others, but never the less, we didn't really meet the 2 risk factors criteria. Even though they were born 6 weeks early, they were born at 34 weeks gestation, and to be automatically qualified for the Synagis shots, they would have needed to be born at 32 weeks or before. So shame on me for not going into labor early enough...(according to an insurance company) I thought I was going to have to post a widget to the blog for Synagis donations!!! I look at it this way...the insurance should approve the shots...this would cost thousands of dollars less then paying hospital bills for one or possibly all of my babies if they were to get RSV. But, like I have said before, I'm just the mom. Long story short, we were approved for the injections, thank the Lord. I don't know what the nice lady at the doctors office told our insurance company , but she worked it out!

Marcus went back to work last Monday, so this was my very first week alone with the trio. It wasn't too bad. I turns out to be a day of one-sided conversations, lots of diapers, and lots of bottles. Each of the trio tend to have a block of time during the day where they will stay awake between feedings. I actually enjoy this time. It gives me an opportunity to have special time with each of them one on one and sometimes one on two. They stare at the oddest things. For some reason they are fascinated with the mini blinds. Deuce likes the ceiling fan that is never on, not sure why.

I am also happy to announce, they have all been sleeping in their own beds for a whole week now. We are still not sleeping through the night of course, but Mia is a marathon sleeper. She rarely wakes up on her own to eat, well not every three hours on the dot anyway. Deuce and Jevin, both, will never miss a meal. They miraculously tell time at the ripe age of 5 weeks old. We are trying to develop the habit of bedtime for them. For the most part they do pretty well with soothing themselves to sleep. Jevin has a hard time every now and then. Mia on occasion decides she would just like to stay up from 2am until 30 minutes before her next feeding. Last night she was awake from 2am to 4am, fighting sleep. I can almost understand how someone would want to shake a baby. Don't get me wrong, I would never shake any of my babies, and I certainly don't condone shaking a baby by all means, but you know what I am saying. The waking every 3 hours in the middle of the night has most definitely gotten easier, I just haven't gotten used to sleepless grave yard shifts yet.

The trio had their first Halloween. We did dress them up. Originally we were not going to. At first I didn't think they would be able to fit a Halloween costume, and they still were a tad small for theirs, but we did it for pictures sake. I will admit, it was probably an overly expensive 10 minutes, but the memories it created are worth it. They were so cute!! We certainly enjoyed it way more then they did. Mia is a tiger, Deuce is a mouse (although he looks like a fat, drunk rat in the first pic) and Jevin is the chuby pumpkin.


  1. LOVE! the costumes... YAY! on sleeping in their cribs and I KNOW WHAT YA MEAN! on the infatuations with the blinds and ceiling fan moving or not! So glad to hear the shots were approved, we go for our first round tomorrow... fun fun! Sounds like you're doing fantastic, keep it up :)

  2. Thanks! Poor little buddies. Have to get their shots. The "I just got stuck cry" is not a good one for me. :(

  3. hi, Kim and Marcus, the little angels and gettin cutier everyday. what a bundly of joy..i am so happy for you kim, i just wish i could see them more often. but won't come down until after flu season...maybe next spring...i keep up on your blog..and copy it off and take it to g-marilyn..they won't let me copy here at work--it waist paper and ink---i copy sooo much---ha. ot well i go to the senior center and run them off...sometimes the printer works and sometime it doesn't... give the littleones and love and hug for great you all...see you someday soon....NANA


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