Saturday, August 29, 2009


I thought it would be cool if everyone could see a progression of pics of the belly from about 14 weeks until now. I do have pics from earlier on, but they are not on my lap top so I started at 14 weeks. Kind of crazy to see the changes over the last 3 months.

I had a doctors appointment Thursday. No contractions, just some uterine irritability...uh yeah! Your uterus would be pretty irritated too with six arms and six legs, doing hand stands and who knows what else in there. Since my appointment with the specialist showed my cervix shortening again, Dr. Silver ran a test to show the likelihood of me delivering in the next 2 weeks. I won't have the test results back until Monday, but hope that it is negative! If it is positive, it still doesn't mean that I positively will deliver in the next 2 weeks, but it does raise a bit of an eyebrow. If the results are negative, just gives the doctor and us a little reassurance, but again, doesn't mean that I can't or wont deliver for 2 weeks. If the results are positive, Dr. Silver said that she will go ahead and start meds that will stop or prevent contractions.

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

30 Weeks

Yeah, so it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post. I am sure everyone is curious about what has been going on. Honestly...not much. My doctors appointments have been going pretty well. I have been going weekly to the OB, and I spend about 20 minutes hooked to a contraction monitor thingy. I have had some little hills here and there on the monitor that look as though they might possibly be contractions, but they are not regular enough to warrant any worry, and I am not dilated at all. Again, it is just a week at a time now. I have already had my steroid shots for the babies lungs. The only thing that will happen at this point is IF I do start to have regular contractions with in 10 minutes of each other, I will need to take meds to stop them. Last week my sonogram showed my cervix has shrank some, but the doctor said "At this point, who cares?!?" So as long as she isn't concerned, I won't be either. While I am still a few weeks from our goal of 32 weeks, if they were to come at this point they have 90% chance of survival. As of the 20th Mia and Jevin weigh 2lb and 13oz, and Deuce weighs 3lb and 1oz.

Well, I haven't posted any pics in a while either. I guess since this belly is hooked to my body, I don't realize that it has grown much. Boy was I wrong! Check this out!! This is my birthday belly shot! Turned 33 yesterday and this is my 30 week belly. I think every thing about it is yucky! As you can see, I got all dressed up for my special day. I was going to photoshop off the stretch marks, but at this point why should I really care...I am posting pics to my blog that I would normally never even show my husband so oh well.

So I am still hanging in there. I have had momentary periods of emotional break downs. Very few though. Last week I was taking a shower and it finally hit last few weeks of non-motherhood would be spent in these four walls of my house. My daily soap is quite possibly the highlight of my day. I can't go shopping, run around town, sweep my own floor, do my own dishes, or hardly anything for that matter. So, I got me a good cry in. Then I felt completely selfish. Like, really? Here I am, sad about all the things I can't do? Can't I just happy for the fact that I have had a good, healthy pregnancy, and deep down, don't I really want what is best for them? Of course! So, I got over myself after 20 minutes or so. Then yesterday, Marcus took me to breakfast for my birthday. Then we went to Walmart to look at rugs. It was not fun. I quickly decided that I would rather not shop after all. And of course, I thought I could walk to the rugs so I didn't get the buggy. I quickly regretted that decision! After 5 minutes, I was ready to go! It wasn't going to be an actual shopping spree by all means, just run in see what rugs they have and leave, but that was still too much for me. I definitely would rather be at home. I don't know exactly what it is...if I just haven't been very mobile for 6 weeks, or if I really just can't tote these babies around. Probably a combination of both. Well enjoy the post. Hopefully I won't be so lazy these next few weeks, but I can't promise anything...

Oh yeah! Don't forget to post you guess for the babies birth date...scroll down a bit and add your comments if you haven't done so already. My sister's man guessed the 28th I nervous do you think that makes me? 28th...throwing that out there in the universe like that...better not jinx me or I will take my guitar back...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just a Little Update

The doctors appointment went well yesterday. The monitor didn't show any true contractions, but there were some little tiny hills that would suggest there is some "uterine activity" which can cause contractions. I did take a steroid shot yesterday and went back this morning for my second shot to mature the babies lungs, So I am sure they are in there just "practicing" breathing like crazy. It is crazy that a few little shots can prep their lungs so quickly for life outside. It sure makes me feel better about the fact that they could come anytime (hopefully not till September) and they have a better chance at being healthy. I will say the shot itself does not feel too good when it is injected and about 10 minutes after it is injected. Stings like heck!

The babies have been moving like crazy lately. It seems when one stops another starts. There still are the few hours of complete quiet, but sometimes, even though I feel bad, just wish they would lay still. Then again, I am glad at the same time they are so active. When I start to feel as though they haven't been as active as normal, I start to get worried.

Then, sleep for myself has definitely become a chore. I haven't slept all that well for a while but here lately it has nearly driven me to insanity. I don't know that I sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. The left side hurts, the right side hurts, I definitely can't lay on my back. I get this hot feeling running through my spine similar to the time I almost passed out at the doctors office, so I am sure my circulation is not good on my back, and the feeling through my spine is not comfortable. I don't know what to do. I wish I could sleep on my tummy like I used to 6 months ago, but that is out of the question. Ugh! I guess this is natures way of preparing me to be up most the night for the first few months of motherhood.

I see everyone is starting to get their guesses going. Some have a strategy, very to read though...

My next Dr. Appointment is 8/20/09. I have the OB and the Perinatologist on the same day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Guess the triplets birthday!!

Hello! CeCe gave me a good idea to give everyone an opportunity to be a little more involved. The birth of the triplets is getting so close. As I am approaching 29 weeks, I thought it would be fun to let everyone guess what day you think the babies will be born. I will be 29 weeks on Saturday. I am expected, as of right now, to deliver around 32-35 weeks. So, everyone needs to post a comment on what day you think the babies will arrive. Click on comment and post your guess. I don't think you have to be a follower to comment. If your not a follower, make sure you leave your name in your comment so I know who guessed what. I will be putting everyone's guesses in my baby books. My guess is September 16th. Good luck!

P.S. Sorry there will be no prize for the winning guess...unless we decide down the road to re-gift one of the triplets....not likely, but you never know ;)

Friday, August 7, 2009

27 Weeks!!

I've made it to 27 weeks and it is looking promising that I will make it to at least 32 weeks. Actually tomorrow, I will be 28 weeks. My appointment with the perinatologist went well. My cervix hasn't shortened anymore, but there is some funneling. Funneling is where the top of my cervix shows a funnel shaped opening when pressure is applied to my uterus, but Dr. Brown-Elliot seems to be optimistic that I am going to get to the next milestone. She said she was worried when she decided to put me on bed rest, but is happy with the decision to do so.

I had an appointment with the OB afterwards. The toco monitor looked as though I might have had a few contractions, but she feels this is expected. I didn't feel them if they were really contractions. I haven't had any real pains that I would be concerned about. Dr. Silver just said if I do feel like I am having contractions and they last more than a minute to let her know. I will probably be doing my steroid shots next week. Just in case. If I happen to make it to 35 weeks then I will probably take another set of steroid shots as the ones next week will only be effective for about 4 weeks.

My little people in there have went from ever so gentle punches to showing me how well they are growing and like to give me a real good kick or punch every now and then. And several times throughout the day they have shown me how they have become miniature contortionists. They like to get in this awful position that is very uncomfortable in which I politely ask them to please please just move back to a place in mommy's belly that will be most comfortable for the both of us. And very good news, Mia is 2lb 6oz, Deuce is 2lb 8oz, and Jevin is 2lb 3oz. All of them, according to the paper work from Dr. Brown, showed to be in around the 50th percentile. Not too bad huh? The sono was also too cute. Jevin was in there munching. You could see his cute little lips moving like he was chewing. It was so cute. Mia was practicing her breathing skills. You could see here belly rise and fall. Deuce...wants to keep all of his tricks secret. Of course he is never in a good position to be very visible. Truly, there is just not much room left in there. Baby parts are everywhere!

I posted a few pics. One is a pic CeCe took while she baby sat me Thursday. The other is a picture of me on the scooter at Walmart. A little self conscious, riding around on a motorized buggy and all, but have to do what you have to do I guess. At least I got out of the house... I really can't get around all that well without getting winded anyways. Walking up or down my stairs leaves me out of breath. I thought this to be odd, but if you think that all of your abdominal organs are pushed into your chest, it only makes sense I would have a reduced lung capacity. I don't frequent the stairs. Only once in the morning as I journey to my favorite couch and once at night to go to bed. I get enough movement back and forth to the restroom all day long.

Well, I have an OB appointment next Wednesday. I go back to the specialist on 8/20. Wish us luck! We need at least 32 weeks gestation!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Passed!

I just found out I passed the three hour glucose test from Friday. Not sure why I failed the first one. Must have been the half a dozen yummy chocolaty, butterscotchy, cookie bars I ate Sunday. Oh well, the good news is I don't have gestational diabetes!! Thank goodness.

Bed rest is still going well. I do wish I was able to still do the things I used to. It is hard accepting that I shouldn't be doing dishes or housework. It makes me feel bad even having Marcus be the primary person responsible for making sure all the things around the house get done. He doesn't complain a bit, but I wish I could be of some assistance. As I get further along, it really sets in that I have to do everything in my power to protect the babies, and it just isn't in my best interest to be up and around. Things can change at any moment. Instead of being excited for my Dr. Appointments, I am now nervous. I think, as I am approaching 28 weeks, these babies can come at anytime, and as I have learned, a great visit last time, doesn't mean the next visit will be the same. I do a pretty good job of laying on the couch all day though. Marcus and CeCe have tried to come up with things to keep me occupied. I still have my sanity. I have had a day here and there where I have been slightly emotional about being so confined, but it passes quickly.

I have been thinking quite a bit lately about how I really need to take the time to cherish this time of my life. I will never experience pregnancy again, and I am certainly blessed that I have been given the opportunity to experience it now. Some friends of our asked me if the pregnancy has been enjoyable, and I responded, "Not really." Aside from getting to feel the babies move and the early excitement of seeing the little people on the sonograms, I haven't really sat back and "enjoyed" the pregnancy. I have had an easy pregnancy until recently, and truly it hasn't been a bad pregnancy as of recent. I have had minor aches, pains, and struggled a bit to get around for some time, but I guess I just haven't stopped to realize how precious this really is. So my goal for the next 5-7 weeks is to focus on all the special things about being blessed with this pregnancy. I used to pray for Jesus to allow me this experience, and I am afraid I will forget what it was like after this is all over with.

Talk to you later this week.
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