Thursday, October 14, 2010

A few more pics

Just a few more pictures, because I can't help but share them...I love them



While I'm here...I thought I would add, I have came to the conclusion my finger just might smell like Desitin until the triplets grow ALL of their teeth.  Hand soap is no help. Even scented (expensive/Bath&Body) hand soap does not get rid of the antiseptic smell.  I am half way to soaking my fingertips in bleach water!  Might need to start buying diaper rash cream by the case! Mia and Jevin have had horrible diapers for two days...poor little butts!  Did I mention I am tired of poop?  I am not positive of the cause...could be teeth, could be milk, but they were pretty constipated when they started whole milk, so I am guessing it is teething.  Their diet has not really changed.  It's weird too... it hardly smells...I have to discern poop from the legs or back of the diaper. So little baby butts...

Mia's foot/leg seems to be improving.  I caught her many times today putting her heel down.  She has mostly been walking on her tippy toe with a slight limp (well "cruising", none of them "walk" unattended yet).  What a relief!  How could I live with being the cause of her pain....momma's little Mia....I beat myself up enough about that...add Deuce's little accident to that, which we won't talk about...we'll just say I must be the mom of the week...yeah right!!!!! I told everyone, being a mom of multiples, I am obviously dangerous to my own children.  All their ouchies so far have been inflicted by my obvious lack of attention or foresight to the inevitable. Lessons learned...I can say that!  Trust your stupid intuition!!! Should have known better, and my gut told me otherwise each time.  No matter the inconvenience or the extra is usually worth it! Needless to say, you won't see any pictures (new pictures) of Deuce man until the scab on his forehead goes away.  I definitely don't need to be reminded of that! 

Well, I have spent way more time writing then I intended.  Enjoy the pics.  Write you soon...

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