Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sticks & Stones....and big people beds...

Well, this is definitely not a post I was hoping to have to make anytime soon.  Well, probably ever, but it will be part of our life for the next two weeks so I might as well share.  I was hoping this would be a happy blog!  I have been hoarding "choo choo" pictures for four days, then Mia has to go and break her leg!!!!

I think I mentioned in my last post, or two, that we had a visit to the ER while we were on our trip to Kansas. I was told she had a bruise.  If she wasn't putting weight on her leg in 7-10 days to take her back to the doctor for new x-rays. She started bearing weight on it after about 4 days, but she was walking on her tippy toe.  We watched for a few days hoping she would start putting her heel down.  Well, the day I went to make an appointment I look over and she is walking (cruising) heel down.  Whew!! No worries.  She went about 4 days, getting around like normal.  Monday, I notice she is fussing and when I picked her up she wasn't wanting to straighten her leg.  As I also mentioned in a previous post, Mia had diaper rash from the 8 poopy diapers a day (I might be exaggerating), so I thought, "Hmm, it must irritate the diaper rash when she moves her leg."  Went to change her diaper and the diaper rash is nearly gone.  So I grab her leg to put the new diaper on and she cries.  I move her leg around, she cries.  I move her foot around, she cries.  First thing Tuesday, we went to see Dr. Reyes.  Doc sent us for x-rays.  I get a call at about 2:30 saying it is fractured and I need to take her to a specialist.

After calling the specialist, making Mia and appointment through my sobbing, I rushed to pick up her x-rays for our 8:15am appointment this morning.  Yep, buckle fracture in her lower right tibia.  So, we headed out early, dropped the boys off at the Granny's, and off to Dr. Barry's

So there we sit.  Dr. Barry asking what had happened.
 I explained what a great mommy I had been 2 weeks prior, the ER visit, the diagnosis, and then the accident on Monday; thought maybe big boy Jev had fell on sissy's leg, but through a few conversations, it seems she may have fallen off of the bed again.  He explained the fracture was new.  If she had broken it 2 weeks prior they would be able to see the healing in the fracture, and the x-rays showed a new fracture. This was a bit of relief as I had sat and pondered all day yesterday about how I felt like such a bad mommy for possibly letting my lil' Mia run around with a broken leg for two weeks. I just felt so bad for her having to have that pain and not being able to fix it. So I doped her up with Ibuprofen and carried her around for 5 hours.  Needless to say, her night was pretty sleepless (as was mine).  She woke ever 45 minutes or so from about 2:30 am on.  Poor baby!

Mia was casted.  She did so well.  Dr. Barry says she will wear it for 2 weeks.  The break was high enough it will not affect her growth and she should be just fine.  She shouldn't have any long term effects. And the best part!!!!  I can bathe her in it!!! Thank goodness!  I was picturing sponge baths for 2 weeks...or what kind of tape should I buy/use....or grocery bag or trash bag... You just have to blow-dry it afterwards.

I suppose everyone should stay tuned for a happy choo choo post soon...

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