Thursday, October 28, 2010

ChooOOOooo ChooOOoooOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! the choo choo post...I have seen the Cox Quads walking the boys and girls several times in their choo choo, and I finally decided that I had to have one.  I went to  and low and behold...the beloved choo choo had been discontinued!  They had the trailer....a lot of good that would do me with out the engine!!! Okay, Now What!??! Next best thing...EBay!  I check EBay and they were selling them for over $100 a car.  So fine, maybe I don't need it that bad. Thankfully, Step 2 was busy working on a new version to come out in I patiently waited.  Finally, courtesy of Nana! We got our choo choo.  I tracked that package like there was a million dollars in it. I checked the front door no less than 4 times the day it was to arrive.  FedEx delivered it at about 5:30, and of course I had to open it immediately and put it together (Never mind my husband had just arrived home after a week long business trip).  Then...I even let the triplets stay up late (7:30pm) for their very first ride. After all is said and done, I absolutely love the Choo Choo more than they do.  Don't get me wrong, they LOVE it too, but it is absolutely Mommy's favorite thing since the Pampered Chef pitcher. It is much easier to maneuver than the triplet stroller.  It turns corners like a race car.  The seat belts are great, and it has under-seat storage in the front car.  Love Love Love it!  Each time I take them for a walk I say "Choo Choo" and they know we are getting ready to leave.  They even try to say "Choo Choo" too, but it could be mistaken as "Cookie" if you don't know the difference in their phonics.

So, I set up my own "Pimp my Ride" shop and pimped out each baby's car.

Cousin Hayden and the boys

Well, coming up, we are hitting the pumpkin patch this Saturday....then Halloween # 2...I haven't been this excited since I was 7, Can't wait till Sunday... the triplets were only a month old last Halloween & we were so blessed to have them home with us already!!!! We will see how it goes this weekend...costumes are so cute!  
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