Monday, October 11, 2010

Triplets first road trip...

My sister and I took our kids back to our home town for a visit with family and friends. I was a bit nervous about a 8 hour (usually 6 without kiddos) road trip with 5 kids 3 and under, but surprisingly enough it went pretty well. Many of my family members and friends had not met the triplets and and with them just turning a year old, I thought it appropriate to go and let those who hadn't ventured to Texas yet, meet the babies.

We rented a van (obviously none of us have a vehicle equipped for 5 car seats), loaded up and left out Friday morning. I took a blanket we could spread out and let the kiddos out for a little romp. We stopped twice for diaper changes and 20 minutes of frolicking in the grass. Much of my time on the stops was spent yanking babies away from dog turds. (Why....what happened to the pooper scooper?) Never the less, I found I will need to teach them what "No, stay on the blanket!" means, but the blanket idea was brilliant. There is no way they would have made an 8 hour trip without being able to get out of the vehicle for a little bit. Although this picture the blanket looks rather small, out next stop, we doubled the size...

We got to Kansas Friday evening, and the visiting started. We saw Great Grandma (NaNa) MeMaw & Papa. And time for bed! I stayed with one of my bestest friends. For the first time in the triplets life, we co-bedded. The first night was something horrible. Shaye Shaye has a big doberman that obviously was not used to little baby voices in his house so he barked they cried, they cried he barked, and we were up until after midnight. Ugh! The next morning the big doggy was a big baby and wanted to lick and play with the babies so bad he was ridiculous. He loved them to death. Each morning we woke up I could hear him whining, he wanted to see the babies. The following nights went pretty well...I remember thinking the bed looked like baby war grounds when they were all asleep; babies everywhere. If they woke in the middle of the night they would scoot across the bed until they hit one of my body parts (neck, knee, foot) and fall out as soon as their head touched me. Needless to say, they slept better then me.

Sunday evening, Mia fell off the bed...not while she was sleeping, but while my back was turned to get something out of my diaper bag (what a good Mommy I was)....I didn't know at the time that something was hurt. Monday morning she pulled herself up and started fussing. She wouldn't put any weight on her right leg...I let her go through Monday, hoping Tuesday would improve. Tuesday came, and she still wouldn't put her foot down so we spent 3 hours at the ER having ex-rays (said Mia, "Nice Mom...spent 3 hours in ER for a stupid contusion when I could have been eating or sleeping! stupid..."). Then how do you explain to a doctor that you weren't really paying attention, so you don't know how she landed. Then add a little black eye from hitting herself in the face with my keys, and a slight diaper rash...Lord, I just knew they were going to call child protective services on me. Luckily, they diagnosed a contusion...bruise...If she isn't putting any weight on it by Tuesday then she needs new ex-rays. Dr. said their bones regenerate so fast you can't really see a break until the calcium can build up in the fracture. However, it seems she is starting to at least put her foot on the floor now. Hopefully she is getting better. Only me....The rest of the ni-night times went pretty good. No fussing!

Trip went pretty well other than that, except for the fact that the boys were excessively needy. I guess there were just so many new faces and places, they just weren't all that comfortable. They wanted to be held most of the day and fussed the rest. I decided that I would not take them on another trip, without Marcus (or the Granny), until they can walk, feed, and pee by themselves. Poor might have been tougher on me then them. I haven't been alone with them for a full week since they were three months old, and they slept 19 out of 24 hours a day back then. Never the less, it was a good time with family and friends. Good to see everyone I love so much, and want them to love so much.


Took the kids to the park for the first time Monday. Dad has an awesome camera and we/he got some good pics. They had a blast other than the small chill in the air.

We got home could just tell they were so glad to see Daddy and super thankful to be back in their own home. They played like crazy in the play's as if they had brand new toys they forgot about. They went to bed very nicely...sure they were happy to sleep in something with bumpers and rails again.

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