Sunday, October 4, 2009

Getting closer!

****I wrote this yesterday and saved it with the intention of posting it with some pics once I got time to transfer them from my camera*** Then things changed a bit...

Well, like nearly every post since I have started this blog, everything is going well. The trio is doing awesome. They are all gaining weight. As of today, everyone is 4 pounds or better. Mia is at 4lb. 6oz. Deuce weighs 4lb on the dot (Yay for little man!!) Jevin is weighing 4lb. 10oz. He is gaining a little slower then the rest, but he did drop to under 4 pounds after he was born, so he had some making up to do. They were born weighing 3lb 14oz. for Mia, Deuce @ 3lb 7oz, and Jevin was 4lb 4oz.

They are doing well with their bottle feedings. Mia was increased to 6 a few days ago, but when we went Thursday, I think it was, they were only giving her 5. Now she has really been given doctors orders to bottle feed 5-6 times daily, but for some reason yesterday they only gave her 5 in the 24 hours. 2 of which Marcus and I fed her. I was kind of upset. If she has the opportunity to feed 6 times, I would want her to be bottle fed 6 times instead of tube fed, but I am just the mom...I also know that if she doesn't do 6 a day, then she can't move to 7 a day. Until they can take all eight feedings for 2-3 days without trouble, they can't come home. Ugh!! Am I being impatient again? (First, I just wanted them to be born...I got my wish. Now, I just want them to come home...)

We fed them today and they all did extremely well. All of them finished their bottles in under 15 minutes. If they continue at this pace, they should be able to be increased. If they are taking a full 30 minutes to finish a bottle then they are struggling a bit, and the bottles will not be increased. They want the babies to not view the bottle feeding time as a negative.

Then Jevin pulled his feeding tube out. Poor thing, to hear his cry when the nurse had to put it back in was HORRIBLE! I almost lost it. Mia and Jevin, both, pulled their tubes out yesterday. I am glad we left before the nurse fixed them. Man...

We also gave baths yesterday. Talk about fussy babies! They weren't really into bathing, but they will love it in a few months I am sure. We should have taken pics. It is too funny. They bathe in these little storage tub thingies. It is hard telling the temp of the water. You want it to be between 99 degrees and 101 on the little temperature strip. Too hot, then too cold...back and forth, back and forth... Finally! When they bathe, they are swaddled to keep them from loosing too much body heat, and you have to go quickly. You want to anyways because you feel so bad for their little crying shaky selves.

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  1. I have not put a comment on here in a long time! I just want to say how proud I am of both of you! You guys are going to be great parents! I am so happy for both of you and the babies! Yet sad cuz I lose a little part of my sister! lol...but i am be okay because I gain 3 babies to love like I do hayden!!! I love you guys so much! and cant wait till they come home and I can show them all the bad things kim has shown hayden!! payback sister!!! jk cuz then I wont be able to be around them! I know better!!! I love you guys!!


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